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The 7 Quick Steps on How to Bring Back a Legitimate Divas Division

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This is my first blog, although I've been a member for years. Tell me what you think...7 Steps to bringing back a legitimate divas division

1. Gimmick
When the division was ruled by the likes of Sable and Sunny (often considered when the females became the 'divas'), they garnered attention because of their personality. Sable's seductive hellcat gimmick made her a household name and Debra's seduction was the sole reason for Jeff Jarrett winning matches & titles a few times. They weren't the best physical competitors, but they got by with a working gimmick, which was the same reason that the crowd got behind Ashley. She wasn't a good wrestler either (even when she started working and improving) but her charisma and gimmick worked well. With the exception of Beth & Natalya, all heal divas today have no gimmick other than being generically bitchy and all face divas are just a happy go lucky smiling girl. Bring back gimmicks so there's something to distinguish the girls from one another.

2. Array of Physicality
Trish kept evolving her moveset. Lita did top rope attacks and suicide dives. How many divas today would do a suicide dive? The divas of the past had been put through tables, power moved by men (see Eddie Guerrero powerbombing Lita or Kane chokeslamming Trish), and had a vast array of moves that kept them interesting. Molly Holly was a legit heal for years and she did it all without showing her body just because she could actually wrestle. When was the last time a diva did a move that impressed you (outside of Beth or Natalya of course)? The girls need more training, simply put.

3. Flow of Match
This is partially tied to #2, but there is no flow in the matches anymore. The girls seem very twitchy (Alicia Fox epitomizes this) and can't keep a simple flow of the match. Even a reversal of an irish whip seems stop and go for most of the divas. The Bella Twins and Eve debuted new looks this week. Trish had the same look for years until she was recognized as a legitimate diva. Focus on the actual match instead of how you prance out to the ring or how good your hair looks.

4. Lose the Attitudes
The Bellas have recently been posting on social networks replying to their 'haters.' Rosa Mendes has been running her mouth saying A.J. doesn't have the look of the diva. Melina was notorious for having a bad attitude, and even Mickie James reportedly got a big head towards the end of her WWE run. Being a 'Diva' doesn't mean you get to be a bitch. Lose the attitude, listen to criticism, and try to improve yourself so that your 'haters' don't have anything to say next time around.

5. Storylines
Kharma was a great idea. Divas of Doom is a great idea. Unfortunately, they've both gone south. While the Kharma situation is understandable, what in the world is going on w/ the Divas of Doom? They're supposed to be this team that's all about wrestling and getting rid of barbies, yet they start wearing dresses more often and wear more makeup? On top of that, they can't put together a streak of wins until when of the barbies beats them. It's just not believable for Kelly to keep on beating these girls. What would have been great was for these girls to dominate and have them face one another a few months down the line or have them dominate and then have a renegade come in to cause an overthrow (Gail Kim against Awesome Kong, Taylor Wilde vs. Kong). Have believable storylines.

6. Stop screaming
This....this is just annoying. Maybe it's even worse because there's no flow, but the girls try to be more dramatic by screaming with every move. The problem being is that when you do it for every move, you lose the effect and instead it becomes a shreiking match. Watch matches w/ Chyna, Lita, Trish, Ivory, Molly, etc. They didn't scream during their matches and makes for bad television. Just stop it. You're not making a bad adult film.

7. Push the Right Girls
Before the drama surrounding her release, can anyone tell me why Gail Kim was never pushed? Or how come it took them this long to push Beth and Natalya? Alicia Fox wins the title, the Bellas win the title, Kelly Kelly wins the title, but Gail Kim doesn't? They might be good in a few years, but let them develop themselves before pushing them, let alone giving them the title.

Please keep responses civil. I'd love to hear what you guys think!

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  1. Jags's Avatar
    You're absolutely right, that's what been missing. Lose the attitude and start with the basics, great blog.
  2. DarknessFalls's Avatar
    Great Blog. I hae to agree with all you said. I see a Divas match I start channel surfing. These Divas suck.
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    We have many of these blogs every week, but you have brought something different than the others. The one about shrieking in matches was bugging me for a while.
  4. jethro's Avatar
    The divas will never put a good wrestling match
  5. Sage's Avatar
    i think the division was best when it wasnt always in the spotlight as much

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