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The Announcer, The Match and The PPV of '11 WWE (Part 2 in this series)

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Hey Im back with part 2 ! If you wanna read part 1 of this blog go to

Now, in the last part, I talked about the jobbers, the breakout stars and the epic fails of 2011, and compared them to 2010, and looking at that, 2010 did better, leading 2-0 in my own little scoreboard. Now, lets take a look at our first topic in this blog...

The Announcers

The main difference from 2010 to 2011, was the fact that we went from 2 man announcing teams, to mainly having 3 man announcing teams. Personally I prefer 2 man announcing teams. Now lets take a look at the main announcers of 2011

Michael Cole - Last year Michael Cole, was being the usual play-by-play guy (except on NXT), but in the fall, he started his heel persona, which in my opinion, made him a bit more interesting, and it even came to the point, where he was taking part in on screen feuds. This guy changed for the better, but in my opinion still annoying as hell.

Jerry Lawler - He hasnt changed much .. I still miss heel Jerry Lawler, his face commentary is kinda meh ... But he didnt change much from 2010 to 2011, so not much to say

Booker T - Here is the main difference on the commentary in 2011 .. BOOKER T! While some people find him annoying (I did in the beginning), I find him hilarious at times. Booker T has definately improved the commentary on Smackdown in my opinion.

Jim Ross - One thing that WWE did in 2011, was to bring JR back on commentary for some time, which was great, Im still a huge fan of JR's commentary, and although we didnt see him much, he was good for the time he had!

Josh Matthews - He is doing a good job in my opinion, I dont pay much attention to him to be honest, but for what he does, he is doing good (definately better than Todd Grisham)

Now if we compare to 2010, on Smackdown we had Todd Grisham & Matt Striker, where we now have Cole, Matthews & Booker T. Grisham wasnt that good in my opinion, so its a plus to have Matthews + Striker was annoying, so Smackdown definately got better!

The RAW duo is the same people, but Cole has a whole new character, which is better than before in my opinion, so thats a plus. And .. They had JR back.

To be honest, the only thing im missing from 2010, is the NXT duo of Cole & Matthews (I dont watch NXT these days, so I dont know who is commentating), they were a lot of fun to watch. But overall, 2011 definately beats 2010, when it comes to announcers

2010 - 2
2011 - 1

The Matches

Now ... The announcers needs something to call, the matches! In this part I will take a look at the four best matches from 2011 and compare them to 2010, to see, if the level of matches has improved

CM Punk vs John Cena (Money in the Bank) - In my opinion, match of the year definately. It had everything it needed, the big match feel, a great feud going into it, the mystique of the fact that Punk could leave with the title, the possibility of interference, the crowd and the fact that it was a great match!

Undertaker vs Triple H (Wrestlemania) - Some people dont like this match, and while it wasnt the best of 2011, in my opinion it was still a great match. It had a lot of great spots, and at some points, it actually convinced me that the streak was over, the finish was a bit meh .. But the rest was great! And also the fact that Undertaker couldnt leave the ring by himself, proved how brutal the match was!

Randy Orton vs Christian (Over the Limit) - This match was fast paced, had a lot of great counters, and a good storyline going into it. Both guys did a great job in this match, and I guess thats all there is to say to it?

Smackdown Money in the Bank (Money in the Bank) - This match had a lot of potential winners (Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Wade Barrett), a lot of great spots in the match (which is all a Money in the Bank match needs) and it had a huge surprise at the end, with Daniel Bryan winning, which not a lot of people expected, overall this was a great match.

Now lets take a look at 2010, where match of the year (in my mind) was Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels, this was in my opinion definately better than Undertaker vs Triple H, which it is easy to compare to.

Another great great match from 2010 took place at Bragging Rights, where Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler faced off in a Champion vs Champion match. The pace of the match, I think could be compared to Orton vs Christian, the only thing this match lacked was a proper feud going into it, which Orton vs Christian had.

While this wasnt the longest match, CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio from Wrestlemania 26 was indeed a great match, if the match had had a little more time, it would have been awesome, but unfortunately it didnt get that time it needed. (And it doesnt even touch the Punk vs Cena match)

The last match I remember as a great match from 2010 was Randy Orton vs Edge vs Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat to determine the #1 contender on RAW. I think you can compare this match to the Smackdown Money in the Bank, a great match, but people probably wont remember it in a few years. It still had a lot of great spots and counters though.

Overall, Id say that 2011 had better matches than 2010 (other than these 4 matches, we can thank Dolph Ziggler) which makes it 2-2 between the years

The PPV's

Something that will tell us about the quality of the matches is also the PPV's. From both 2010 and 2011 there are two PPV's that I remember more than the others: Wrestlemania & Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank 2011 - I wanna talk a little bit about this PPV, because it was AWESOME and definately worth watching! It opened up with a great ladder match, which ive already talked about, the Smackdown MITB ladder match (then we went to some random diva crap, but who cares anyway), the next match was between Henry & Big Show, and while this wasnt great, I didnt mind it too much, but it furthered Henrys push and wasnt that long. Then we had the RAW MITB Match, and while it wasnt as great as Smackdowns, it was still really good! Orton vs Christian was also a great (although I was getting a little sick of it at this point), and I've already commented on the awesome main event!

If you compare this to the 2010 event (which was also great and the 2nd best PPV that year behind Mania) 2011 definately beats it.

Now .. Wrestlemania is a different story, Mania obviously always sticks out, because its the biggest PPV of them all. And the last two years Manias hasnt exactly been Wrestlemania 17 or 19, but they have been good. In my opinion, Mania 27 beats Mania 28 by a little bit, but not by much.

Overall, I gotta say that the PPV quality has been better this year than last year

So, thus far 2011 is leading 3-2 over 2010, remember to read the third and final part, where I will take a look at the Tag Team Division, The Feuds, The OMG / Mark Out Moments and last but not least, The Main Eventers!

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  1. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Great blog but I think you mean that WM 26 was better than 27?
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Great read. Enjoyed it.
  3. lykkekage's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by timfeyenoord
    Great blog but I think you mean that WM 26 was better than 27?
    Oh yea .. Messed that up
  4. MR Joke's Avatar
    When you were talking about the matches, and saying which matches beat which you picked random matches from 2010 and you also said ''we''.When basicly you picked it on you own.
  5. lykkekage's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MR Joke
    When you were talking about the matches, and saying which matches beat which you picked random matches from 2010 and you also said ''we''.When basicly you picked it on you own.
    Sorry, but I find that comment a bit stupid

    First of all, I picked what I thought was the best matches from both 2011 and 2010, as I say when I name the Edge vs Orton vs Jericho match "the last match in 2010 I remember as great ...". Actually I use the words I and "In my opinion" quite a few times

    And I dont use the word "we" one single time during the match part, if I used it in other parts, well, thats just a way of writing
  6. lykkekage's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MR Joke

    when comparing matches from 2010 to 2011, you picked random matches except for the shawn vs taker to compare to hhh vs taker.I will show you how to compare it the right way!

    Cena vs Punk 2011(money in the bank)-the WWE Championship match at 2010 (Money in the bank)

    Orton vs Christian(over the limit)-the World Title match at 2010 for the Over the limit PPV

    Smackdown Money in the Bank(Money in the Bank)-Smackdown Money in the Bank 2010(Money in the Bank)
    No, that would be very very unfair for 2010, since their matches were obviously badder. I compare the best matches from both years. There is no point in taking the best matches from 2011 and compare them to what was on the year before, the year before is obviously gonna be worse, makes no sense.

    I would rather compare the best matches from both years, since well ... Both years actually have a chance of being better.

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