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Monday Night Right 1/16/12

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Live from Anaheim, California
Segment 1-The show begins with Mick Foley coming out stating he wants to be in the Royal Rumble to show his sons that daddy still has it. This brings out Dolph Ziggler stating he shouldn't hog the spotlight from the wrestlers in the back who worked all year and Mick Foley keeps talking about how anything is possible, this brings out Punk who insults Ziggler some more until John Laurinaitis comes out and says Foley is not going to be in the rumble and this ends the segment. I liked the segment, showed Ziggler can be funny, Foley can still work a mic and Punk just being Punk..solid segment.

Tag Team Title Match- Primo and Epico (c) vs Air Boom- Solid matchup beteen 2 legit tag teams in the WWE. Primo and Epico obviously coming of their house show tag title win must defend against Air Boom in per their rematch clause. Good back and forth action as Evan Bourne shows off his great talents. The match ends with Evan attempting Airbourne but a distraction from Primo allows Epico to take control and hits a backstabber for the win. Solid match, could of been better if they had more time.

Backstage we see Johnny texting as usual and is delivered a note from David Bowtunga that he doesn't read and then Jericho walks in the room and is informed of the a six man later tonight with Him, Punk and Bryan vs Henry, Ziggler and Otunga. Segment ends with Jericho turning of the lights in the room to showcase his wonderful shiny jacket. Nothing spectacular here.

Zack Ryder is interviewed backstage alongside Eve, writhing in pain from Kane's brutal assault the week prior. He says he's going out to defend his title against The All American American....Amercian a Jack Swagger and Eve says she will join him...(Didn't she see what happened to AJ on Smackdown...some people never learn).

US Title Match Zack Ryder (c) vs Jack Swagger- Swagger comes out strong attacking Ryder's ribs, Ryder is able to mount a bit of offense. But after a third Gutwrench powebomb, Ryder is pinned and we have a new US Champion...Jack Swagger. I don't get why they would build up Ryder all this time to have him lose the title in a glorified squash to Swagger.

Perez Hilton comes out...the guest ring announcer for the match as Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox take on the Bella Twins and pick up the victory. Perez trys to pick a fight with the Bella's until he's saved by Kelly and Alicia....piss break match and segment..

Backstage Ryder is getting treatment and Laurinaitis walks in and apologizes for not reading the doctors note saying he wasn't medically cleared to compete..Eve tries to yell and call him out on his incompetence but she just gets a Shut Up from Laurinaitis.

R-Truth comes out but before he even get's a word out this brings out Wade Barrett who talks about winning the 2012 Royal Rumble, then R-Truth starts his usual Lil Jimmy speech, very funny as have all the R-Truth segments over the past few months have been. Shows Wade pictures of him at Disney world and one picture is him with Pinnochio, and Truth says Pinnochio told him Barrett is gonna win the Rumble and shows his nose grow out followed up by Truth saying " not sure that's even PG"...just I tell you. Then The Miz comes out and attack Truth and then Sheamus comes out to even the odds. This brings out Teddy Long who makes a 4 man over-the top rope battle royal with said competitors.

4 Man Over The Top Rope- Pretty entertaining all-around, Barrett is eliminated first, then Truth eliminates Miz and Sheamus to win the Battle royal and then a whining Miz takes a Brogue kick the face from Sheamus. Great segment all and all.

Johnny is shown texting..again and Cena walks in questioning Johnny and his actions for letting a not medically cleared Zack Ryder compete and Laurinaitis makes John Cena vs new US champion Jack Swagger next.

We're back from commercial, Swagger in the ring, out comes Cena and beats the holy hell out of Swagger, as he's about to go for the kill, Kane's music hits, he apppears on the Titantron and says he's impressed with Cena's actions and that before they face at the Rumble, Cena will embrace the hate. I liked the segment, showed a different side of Cena and teased a heel turn, based on what Kane had to say.

SOMEBODY CALL MY MOMMA. Brodus Clay comes out, does his thing. Brodus Clay vs JTG match is a squash as Brodus picks up the easy win. Did his usual moves and gyrations around the ring. I'm liking this new Funkasarus character. Interested to see where it goes.

Bryan comes out cuts a promo to update us on AJ and then rips the Big Show for his actions and dedicates his match vs Mark Henry this Friday to AJ. Good solid promo work from D-Bryan.

Six Man Tag Mainevent- Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Chris Jericho vs Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, David Otunga- Match starts of with Punk who does his usual routine. Bryan comes in and then gets dominated by the other comptetitors. Punk comes back in and same happens to him. Until a tag to Jericho is made, he runs in the ring, does his yelling and screaming, plays the crowd, tags Bryan and leaves. ARRIVE.TROLL.LEAVE. I can't wait to see where this angle goes. Bryan and Henry both leave as Henry manhandle's Bryan to the locker room area. Out comes Foley who says he's in the match. He tags in, goes to work on Otunga. Hit's hit double arm underhook DDT and then comes MR. SOCKO and he chokes out Otunga for the win. Great match

This brings out Laurinaitis, who says he never approved Foley for the match and is reversing his decision. Punk grabs the mic, starts yelling at Laurinaitis, how he hates his guts, tears Laurinaitis a new one on the mic. Punk disses Johnny's career, how he sucked as an in-ring competitor, his lack or charisma, only being relevant because of who his brother is, calling him a pathetic loser and if he screws Punk at the Rumble that he's gonna kick his ass. Punk leaves. Epic promo that kept me glued to my Television set.

Foley then grabs a mic and calls him a kiss-ass. Johnny being very upset cuts a promo of his own saying he's tired of getting disrespected by everyone and won't take it anymore and hit's Foley in the head with a microphone and leaves as the show goes of the air.

I thought this was a great show, Top to bottom and the ending was really a great thing with Punk showing us a flash of his pipebomb and Foley knows how to make a show better. True legend and much respect to he man. Give this show a solid 9/10...could of been a 10 without that loser Perez Hilton on the show.
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