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2012 state of wrestling

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This is my first time blogging on here, certainly won't be the last, I just like talking wrestling. I'm just gonna jump right into it.

So, being a fan of wrestling now for over 15 years, I would tend to think I know a good amount about wrestling and what makes it good. Obviously everyones taste is different so you can take anything and everything I say with a grain of salt. In America, it really boils down to 3 wrestling companies. WWE, TNA, ROH. I can't speak for other countries cause I unfortunately don't have access to their products, but I know Japan and Mexico among other countries are doing their thing.

I've been an avid fan of all 3 companies I mentioned, though at different times i've called each company the best. As the product changes, my list changes. For instance, at the moment, i'm not too big on TNA. Really haven't been too big on them since like 2009 or 2010. And while I still watch WWE, I certainly am not too big on their brand of wrestling either. It certainly has changed year by year. Right now, ROH is my favorite wrestling company, that's just me. I like the style and pace of wrestling they have going on.

I'd like to tell you what I think is right and wrong with all 3 companies, though i'll keep it short and sweet.

For WWE they've got somethings going. A lot of their younger talent is really starting to come along now. I can't help but think that guys like Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes are just destined to become world champs this year. They're giving shots to the lesser guys, having Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Zack Ryder get title belts this past year, after constantly being buried, it was a nice change. At the same time though, there is still a lot wrong with the product. I think the style of wrestling they have is pretty boring and stale. I'm not saying I wanna see blood and high flying all the time, but there seems to be no technicality in their style of wrestling. But yes, I would like to see some blood sometimes too. I'm also still not big on them keeping the same few people around the main title belts, which kind of got cured by the end of 2011, but I feel they'll trip right back into the same ol' stuff. Cena, Orton, Punk and etc. around the main belts. Whatever happened to big name guys going after the "lesser belts", because apparently that's what they have become. The IC title and US title seem to have no honor anymore, or really none of these titles have very little honor and value left to them. On one last note, I do like that WWE has a very good farm system in place in FCW (something I would prefer to watch over their main product sometimes) with a lot of great talent there.

I'll be honest, I haven't sat and watched a TNA episode in quite some time. I've read the results and all, but I haven't been truly enticed to watch TNA in a long time. My favorite wrestler is in TNA, AJ Styles, and even that isn't enough to get me to watch. Before Hogan and company got there, I was sure that TNA was headed to take over as the best brand of wrestling out there. Of course, that got screwed up when all the extra people arrived. But it goes deeper than just having Hogan and co. arrive. I mean, I use to think TNA had the best tag team division in all of wrestling. But....Chris Sabin gets hurt and MCMG are done for a while, Team 3D get split up, Beer Money gets split up, with Jesse Neal gone, Ink Inc is done and it just seems like the tag team division is pretty much dead. Now, they just together random wrestlers with nothing in common and no sense of chemistry and call that a tag division. I do like that they somewhat stressed the need for more X division/athletic wrestlers, even if they don't use them so much. I like guys like Zema Ion, Aries, Neese, Kash and etc. A little more use out of these guys and we'd have something. Finally, I don't like the complete burial of some of the guys who have helped the company grow over the years. Guys like Samoa Joe and Abyss just seem irrelevant now, and it's not their fault. These are guys who can really, and should be, be at the top of the heavyweight division and put on some tremendous matches with guys. I'm surprised neither of them have left, or have looked to get themselves fired or something. I know they cannot be content with what's going on.

Last, and never least, ROH. I may be a bit biased, but of course ROH has its problems. But let's name the good. I think they have the most athletic, technically sound group of wrestlers going. There is just a long list of talent here: Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Roderick Strong, Chris Hero, Future Shock, ANX, WGTT, Briscoes, Kevin Steen and etc. The list goes on. They have the best tag team division in wrestling, even with the departure of the Kings of Wrestling and their heavyweight and TV title divisions are very good. Though, a lot of these wrestlers aren't good on the mic, and feuds kind of go by the way side and there isn't much character and feud development going on. For someone whose grown up watching WWF and WCW, it is a change of pace for sure. But they seem to be all business, being all about the wrestling. Their roster is kind of short at the moment, so hopefully they can sign some more young athletic talent to go along with what they have. The variety in their matches can sometimes hurt them because the roster isn't as big as it could be.

Overall, ROH is still looking like the best brand out there, but it's still a good year to be a wrestling fan.

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