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The Next Big Thing

Making the most of WrestleMania 28

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Okay, stay with me folks. I have done many a WrestleMania card before and I'm sure I will again (I REALLY like making Mania cards). What I have here is a well thought out card that is unlikely to happen but would certainly make for an entertaining mania. The reason it is so hard to make a decent mania card is mainly because there are too too many heels in the organisation. so I have paired things up as best as i can to get a story behind each match, and the right people that WWE should give a spot to with someone that will compliment them. Here is my fantasy card, in match order, which you will see doesn't involve any divas match

1 epico & primo v air boom v uso brothers for tag titles

this would be the afterthought of the card obviously, but a decent opener to get the crowd into the show. story is the 3 teams have a rivalry, which has now involved epico & primo taking titles off one of the teams. Vince doesn't like tag teams but it would be a good idea.

2 MITB (Ziggler v Funkasaurus v r truth v miz v henry v rhodes v hunico v christian

Word on the street is that officials want to have MITB back at mania. The reason for this would be the special attraction that the match gives, which bodes well if true because it means that vince and co are looking to put on a decent ppv. And what better way to have this match if you really want to promote to new viewers what a decent show you can give them by including 4 real quality former world champs in this match (yes I'm including Ziggler in that, because even if his title reign was only an hour he damn sure looks like a champ now). Ziggler or Rhodes would be the clever play for winner.

3 Rey Mysterio v Alberto Del Rio - Retirement Match

If the stars align properly, I would have Alberto return around late Feb or March (when he is likely back), and after a couple of weeks have mysterio surprise everyone and return, attack the new aggressive del rio and challenge him to a showdown. These two have a storied rivalry, and Del Rio storyling put Rey out of action. I know they have fought a million times but the rivalry still has heat to it - a stipulation would be needed though as they have faced off several times, so use the classic and emotional Mania retirement storyline. Of course, have Mysterio win if he does plan on coming back full time.

4 Daniel Bryan v Wade Barrett v Randy Orton v Sheamus - 4 Way elimination for world title

After Elimination Chamber, the unlikely champ Daniel Bryan remains that way, with helps him with his ego acceleration. Teddy Long announces that His WrestleMania opponent will be decided tonight on Smackdown, in a beat the clock challenge. Have Barrett, Sheamus, and Orton win their respective matches, but make it so that they all win in the same time. It has never happened before but would logically set up such a scenario, even if it seems fake as fuck, but that shouldn't be a worry cause this is wrestling. The most compelling way they could make this match is an elimination match, a good pay moment would be Orton and Barrett going at it and settling their feud while Bryan and Sheamus take breathers after receiving bad bumps. It would be fun speculating who would win, and who the final two would be. I say keep the four of them in the match until there are quick successive pins and a winner is announced.

5 Undertaker v Triple H Hell In A Cell

Triple H would challenge Taker to one more match, but in a setting where both would feel comfortable in - Hell In A Cell. Apart from Mick Foley, nobody defines this match as much as these two, it would be fitting to have the encounter in the cell, let them go all out until there is a winner. I hope reports that HBK as ref are untrue, as I think even the possibility that Taker might be screwed is a needless angle going into a wrestlemania match. Or include HBK as special ref whatever.

6 Kane v Big show

I think that the two of them would be the sleeper match of the show, cause let's face it, it's not a bad idea so you don't burn out your audience by having another high octane match after the potential show stealer. Big Show & Kane are currently too involved in the big angles so close to wrestlemania time that it would be a waste to have them involved in mitb as they would just be 2 other guys. The two compliment each other well, have a history, and Kane needs to move onto someone else after Cena. I would say right now Show is the number 2 face in WWE, and his push in recent months has come off well. When Kane is done with Cena, logically he should go after Show. (I was thinking about Henry, but the last thing Kane needs after a main event heel run is a face turn and revenge match against Mark Henry, as it would completely destroy his new character)

7 CM Punk v Chris Jericho for WWE Title

As the winner of The Royal Rumble, Jericho has the designated title shot reserved for Raw. In his sights, is CM Punk. They have a ready made stroyline for each other already in the background, and the title would have a grand showing.

8 The Rock v John Cena

Do you know what I was thinking? Would The Rock winning the title against Cena really be a bad thing? It would probably get WWE alot of publicity but what would that do for CM Punk's credibility if he wasn't involved with a title match and Rock was? So I scheduled the title for the previous match as for one the title deserves to be competed involving Punk and two because a title being present for their match would make it much better. Rock v Cena needs no title, and is going to end the show anyway.

I think that's pretty good anyway, I'd pay to watch that myself. Hopefully you agree/disagree and leave comments.

Signing off...

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    So read your blog, and i have to say i agree with some of what you said, but whole heartingly disagree with some. I like the triple threat tag match, and kane vs big show which would seem likely after the Kane Cena feud ends, and I think the fatal fourway for the World title would be good, but doubt it will happen. the one that sticks out most to me that I disagree with is HHH vs Taker in HIAC. While it could be captivating to see, I doubt it will happen, and i seriously doubt Takers body is up for this kind of match. not a bad blog bro
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Not a bad blog, but I don't agree with all the competitors and match stipulations. Not the card I'd go with.
  3. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    Not a terrible card, but my biggest problem is the Kane/Show match. It is mid January, with the rumble coming up soon. The Cena/Kane feud will probably end at Royal Rumble, if not sometime shortly after. Kane is also, somewhat, feuding with Zack Ryder. Why not have Ryder vs. Kane at Wrestlemania, really show that you've got some trust in a guy like Ryder to face a star at Wrestlemania and build him up nicely. Maybe put Big Show in the 4 elimination and take Sheamus out.
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    thanks for the feedback fellas. to be honest i don't think of show / kane at all, I just put them together on the fact that they've both pretty much become very relevant again. I was having the hardest time thinking who Kane would feud with at Mania, and there just aren't enough faces. I didn't want to involve him with Taker, I don't see him being involved with Punk for the belt and I definitely think it would be bad business to have him involved in a full on feud with ryder, and anyone else against him would just be mid carders really.

    the great thing about wrestlemania though is the looking forward to it, until we have a royal rumble winner only then might we have a good idea of what to look forward to
  5. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Tbh don't really like your MITB match, I'm not a fan of big guys in that match, the only big guy who is credible in any MITB match is Kane. But Henry and the Funkasaurus would be good. The serious intense monster vs the fun loving dinosaur guy, lol. And definitely not another del rio vs Rey. I wanna see heel vs heel, Miz and Del Rio.

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