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WWE can't make a tag team, A tag team has to make WWE

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Ladies & Jabroni's, CenationRules1087 here. I want to talk about the tag team division and how Wwe can make the tag team division come alive again. Back in 2000's tag teams were awesome. Wwe had teams such as The Dudleyz, The Hardyz, and E&C. This were amazing teams to watch and all these teams put on amazing matches such as one of my favorites, the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. It was one of my favorite matches because of the competitors that competed in this match. Slowly after eight years, the excitement of tag-teams started disappearing. Wwe didn't have any exciting tag-teams because they didn't have any single-competitors that were willing to become a tag-team with other superstars. The World Wrestling Entertainment hadn't have good tag-teams in a few years. How can Wwe reboot and Resurrected the excitement of tag teams Unfortunately, Wwe can't make a tag team, A tag team has to make Wwe.

Wwe can not make a tag-team without putting a big name in the tag-team. Unfortunately, Wwe can not use superstars that have that much popularity because they are scared that they will get low ratings. I believe we only have three tag teams that have no big names in it. These tag-teams are not on a Monday Night Raw card or Friday Night Smackdown card because of ratings. Instead, Wwe puts there tag -team division in Wwe Superstars or NXT. If unfortunately, Wwe can't do this they should vacant the titles from the current champions who are Primo & Epico. Wwe should fake an injury for on of the partners & for this Wwe has to take off the titles from this tag team because they would put the tag-team out of action for at least 60-Days & in the a title clause, you must defend your title every 30 days. Primo & Epico can not inherit this rule so the tag-team champions are taken off of Primo & Epico.
This is the perfect opportunity for Wwe to reboot the Tag-Team division. Wwe can announced a tournament for the titles. The tournament has tag-teams such as the John Cena & Zack Ryder, Kane ( By Himself), etc. The tag-team tournament is exciting for the Wwe universe and the main-events for each Raw & Smackdown are Tag-Team matches. The Wwe universe will continue to tune in & the finals take place at Elimination Chamber. The Finals is John Cena & Zack Ryder Vs. Kane ( Who manages to outlast many tag-teams). Kane before the match injury's Zack Ryder and the finals include John Cena & Kane. The match is going Cena's way. From behind, The Rock comes out of nowhere!!! The Rock does a Rock Bottom to John Cena. Kane goes for the pin and wins the match. The Rock & John Cena feuds goes further and it gets more interesting. Kane then reveals his tag-team partner and it is... The Undertaker!!! The fans go crazy. Then after Triple H music is heard and Triple H comes out. He says that The Undertaker & Kane should put their Tag-Team Championship on the line at Wrestlemania 28!!! Triple H says that he is not going to face The Undertaker & Kane alone. Shawn Micheal's comes out and sweet chin music The Undertaker and Kane. We have our Wrestlemania 28 streak match. The Undertaker and Kane Vs. Triple H & Shawn Micheal's for the Unified Tag-Team Championship!!! This would give hype to a match and hopefully restore the tag team division!

While I hope the Tag Team Divison will fix.
If you do not comment this size fifteen boot is going to go up your Candy-Ass!!!!

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  1. KC_Kyng's Avatar
    Your Delusional!
  2. bfogler's Avatar
    Your an idiot
  3. chickenfinger94's Avatar
    Like your enthusiasm .. but that is a horrible idea.
  4. CMhuw24's Avatar
    I like the idea of DX vs BOD but not for Takers last match

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