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John Cena - The Fans will Resent him soon

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Do I hate John Cena?

Not yet but it's getting close. I think what'll push me into that camp along with many other fans is if he wins at Wrestlemania. He's been pushed so hard and won and lost so many titles it doesn't matter a toss if he's carrying 'That Belt' at all. He's still the top man in The WWE. C.M Punk........Champion Yes. Superstar......I don't see it. Unfortunately Cena IS a Superstar. He likes to point out on a weekly basis he always gets a reaction, good or bad. Cena does the same promo every week.....after kiss assing the fans and the city that boo and taunt him, he tells them they paid their money to do so blah blah.


When he goes home at night what must he think?

Cena's lines are bad..........his promo's are beyond cringeworthy and were all supposed to think this guy is a No1 talent.

Vince and the WWE sitcom writers are equally to blame for how Cena's career has gone.

It's got to a point where most fans have become so jaded with where the companys been going for years that it couldn't get any worse. The writing is terrible and so are the storylines. Like someone said on this site, The current WWE is so corporate PG and as a product has ZERO edge anymore. It feels stale, lame, weak, boring and bland. Cena is THE FACE of all this. It's been years now but it has reached it's pinnicle. Everytime I see Cena I'm reminded of how bad it all is.

No one can question Cena's commitment to the company. He does what is asked when asked, even if it makes him look and sound a fool. After 5 years you'd think even he might think of changing, but no.

There he is, center stage. A man of 34/35 still dressing like a 10 year old.

Enough is enough.

It is being said that this will be Rock's last ever match. He already has a Legacy in this industry that only 2 other men can match. That is Austin and Hogan. These are The 3 Superstars that trancended the business.

The Rock doesn't need this match at all. He got in and got out with perfect timing. He was handed the torch by Hogan, He became The 1st 7 time Champion. He then handed the torch to Lesner. He has NO TORCH to hand to Cena if that's what people think. Vince and The WWE and Cena need The Rock, not vice versa.

I'm a Rock mark and an Attitude Man. Rock is a megastar and Cena isn't. I hope Rock has made it clear he's not back to lose to the abysmal 5 moves of doom. He's better than that. Rock was never the most technical wrestler but he's a fantastic athlete. He looks incredible and is even faster than before. He's simply on another level than Cena and the fans see this.

Cena's Legacy, when he retires will never be remembered with fondness. He's never had a truely memorable match despite winning the title 457839 times.

When he bastardized The Classic WWE Title Belt into that 5 year olds spinning toy he sealed his fate. The Belt still looks hideous today. For the sake of all wrestling Cena MUST LOSE. It'll be the biggest disgrace in history if Cena beats The Rock. Cena must lose and disappear for a while. Come back and let the fans have it.......FINALLY.

Can you just imagine the boo's on the night if Cena wins?!!
Can you imagine he heat on Raw the next night when he comes out and does his same routine. By then the fans will hate him and even worse than that..........they'll resent him

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  1. B-ri's Avatar
    Same as all the other Cena bashing articles, I say the same every time. Give Cena freedom to do what he wants, he'll be entertaining. The problem with WWE's storylines is the same problem they've had for a number of years now, too many writers and too many re-writes. Get a script and STICK to it. Also they wouldn't have the problem of storylines getting out nearly as often with fewer writers. All in all whilst I admittedly agree with you on Cena being stale and the product severely losing momentum. However Cena has had a number of truely fantastic matches. Money in the Bank 2011, many of his matches against Edge, his feuding with Shawn Michaels, he isn't talentless or incapable, he just doesn't replicate his PPV form on RAW, a point I make everytime I see one of these articles.
    A well written blog none the less, even though I don't agree with many of your points.
  2. allygoode's Avatar
    Nice post. I agree with you entirely

    In the words of John Cena , give the people what they want... but they don't seem to understand that it isnt a match TONIGHT we want.....we want change NOW!
  3. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    Exactly the same as every other Anti-Cena blog. We've heard it all before.
    You want to read an amazing blog? Scroll down and read 'Why John Cena is hated' by Wombat Attack.
  4. Murphdogg4's Avatar
    if you guys are tired of hearing peoples honest takes on things maybe your spending too much damn time on here.
  5. bearkg88's Avatar
    Read your blog...the thing that stuck out to me is your point of Hulk Hogan passing the torch to The Rock, and the Rock passing the torch to Brock so Rock doesn't have one to pass now. I disagree. I liked Lesnar, but the way he left the E, just pitiful, so if Lesnar had the "torch" he dropped it, and Cena picked it up. Is Cena the best? No. Is the worst. No. The truth of the matter is, Cena will probably win at WM. And there will be such a torrential backlash because of it, but guess what, it is good business. Does it make sense for The Rock to win, only to leave within the next week to go film another movie and not be seen for 3 to 6 months? Heck no. But you know what, the promos between Cena and Rock going into Mania, the build up, is going to make this something to remember.
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I must agree with bearkg88. I don't think Hogan passed the Torch to The Rock and The Rock certainly didn't pass it to Brock Lesnar. That's almost laughable. Brock Lesnar. Really? What did Brock Lesnar ever do to even be named in the same sentence as many others? Not even just Hogan, Rock and Austin. Then your blog turned into a personal vendetta against John Cena, like he came into your room and stole your favorite Spiderman doll.

    Thumbs down on this one. Though I do agree that Cena is a stale as they come. Oh, and if you really want The Rock to beat Cena, don't rent Wrestlemania...because there's no way Cena doesn't win this match.
  7. p.t's Avatar
    jealous much of john cena ??? yeah i can tell that ...........

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