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WWE: We Want Entertainment!!!

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What does the 'E stand for in Wwe? Let's take a guess here, not to hard as an answer, but it means Entertainment!!! For months now, Wwe has been lacking that quality. Hey everyone, CenationRules1087 here. In this blog, I want to express the lack of entertainment Wwe has had for the following months. Wwe has lacked in entertainment in different variety's. While Ladies and Jabroni's, relax yourself because this will be a long blog. This is the blog of what Wwe lacks in. Enjoy!

World Wrestling Entertainment. Does anyone feel there's something wrong with this phrase. If you answered yes, you are absolutely positively correct. The World Wrestling Entertainment lacks on one thing Entertainment. Many of you reading might thing it is lacking Entertainment because it is not your regular more excitement, bone crushing, brawl fighting, Television-14 Entertainment. No, Wwe does not need excitement of blood, to riot the crowd ( Through I preferable believe that we should have more blood in the World Wrestling Entertainment). Wwe needs more sense of Entertainment. The World Wrestling Entertainment does not need the regular and dull Good Guy Vs. Bad Guy story line. Why can't we see the Wade Barrett joining allied forces with such good guys as Danial Bryan or The Big Show. It worked out in the Attitude Era when the likes of The Rock had to team with Stone Cold Steve Austin!!! Wwe I am not saying to go out of the story line and let guys randomly tag without having a clear reason of why they are teaming up. It is dull and boring having the same matches all the time without having no excitement. I can recall in a match between the Wwf and The Alliances

( Back in Survivor Series 2001) that Wwf superstar such as The Rock & Chris Jericho, who had bitter hate for each other teaming up to fight the alliances. Now this match actually had a story line that actually worked and carried out some good bucks for the Pay-Per-View!!! Recently, I believe that The Rock & John Cena teamed up against The Miz & R-Truth at Survivor Series. This match was interesting but I do not think it was no point to have this match, unless Wwe wanted to earn some more cash for the Pay-Per-View & give The Rock & John Cena match at Wrestlemania 28 more hype. When The Rock delivered the rock bottom to John Cena it was obvious that Wwe wanted to hype up their match at Wrestlemania 28. The Miz & R-Truth were in this match just to make John Cena & The Rock look good. This match was good, but still hadn't catch my attention as much as having Entertainment & a great story line. What should Wwe do to make a match entertaining & draw in some money- have a story line make sense. Here are some ideas of how to make a story line perfect!!!

Tag Teams: The World Wrestling Entertainment wants to restore tag-teams. At a house show in California, Epico & Primo won the Unified-Tag-Team championship. It was not very entertaining to see Epico & Primo winning the titles. I wanted to see AirBoom continue to hold on to the titles. Unfortunately, I believe that Wwe didn't have faith in AirBoom and that's the reason they lost the title. In my prospective, Epico & Primo are not going to be able to hold the titles for long. In order to fix the tag team division, why doesn't Wwe fake an injury for Primo or Epico and they are forced to give up the Wwe titles. That being said, Wwe can have a tournament on Raw & Smackdown to crown new champions. This can start excitement in Wwe and that being said, the tournament can end in a Pay-Per-View such as the Royal Rumble. The finalist can be such superstars as John Cena & Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger, & Kane by himself. C.M Punk Screws Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger and it could start more excitement in this story line. The finals can include John Cena & Zack Ryder and Kane. Kane injury's Zack Ryder. So Kane takes on John Cena in the finals!!! Kane tries to take down John Cena, and Cena reverses with a new submission hold. The Rock comes from behind and hits Cena from behind. Kane goes for a pin and wins the match!!! Kane the next week needs a tag-team partner and he picks The Undertaker. This can later lead to a feud when Triple H said if they are tag-team champions and Wrestlemania is around the corner, Triple H wants to Vs. The Undertaker & Kane for the champions. Triple H picks a tag-team partner and it is Shawn Micheal's!!! They have a interesting tag-team match and this would fix the tag-team division

Push Mid-Carders into Main-Eventers: Wade Barrett & Sheamus are interesting superstars. Unfortunately they have mid-card seats on the Smackdown card. They are amazing talents and they should get pushed more. If they want to hype up this rivalry, Wwe should promote this match more, and have some interesting matches that have helped other superstars express themselves & make themselves Main-Eventers. Edge was a excellent Mid-Carder that got pushed because the crowd actually liked the matches he put on. Wade Barrett and Sheamus are powerhouses in my opinion. They can put on great matches like Chair matches or Table Matches. If they cannot be pushed in this way let them invade the triple threat match that Big Show, Danial Bryan & Mark Henry are probably going to have at the Royal Rumble. That would be interesting. If Raw wants to push the C.M Punk and Dolph Ziggler feud they should make this a main-event feud. John Cena & Kane do not need to be Main-Eventers on Raw all the time to prove that there rivalry is amazing. In my prospective, C.M Punk & Dolph Ziggler feud has to improve!! These are some ideas of how to improve the Mid-Carders to Main-Eventers.

To not rely on your older guys to save the show: In Wrestlemania 27, The Undertaker Vs. Triple H match saved the Pay-Per-View barely. Wwe shouldn't rely on Triple H, The Rock, Chris Jericho to rely on good ratings! Use your younger guys to start a great show. Use Wwe superstars ( A show that is very bad) and boost up your ratings & make rivalries more exciting, Wwe should can improve there ratings and use make more younger guys interesting to watch. Unfortunately, Wwe is unable to do this. Wwe improve your younger guys & and make rivalries more interesting without relying on older guys from the business.
So what is Entertainment? Is it what Wwe lacks? Definitively and the only way Wwe can fix this is to hype up it's entertainment!!! Wwe: We want Entertainment!!!!

If you do not comment after this blog, this size fifteen boot is going to go up your Candy-Ass!!!!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good Blog. I like your idea for the Tag Team Titles. It would make them relevant again, if even for just a short time. Try to fix some of the typos though. One or two is fine but a lot of them tends to get annoying.

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