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WWE - Death of the Divas...

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We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of the WWE Divas and mourn our loss…

…This isn’t a funeral is it?

Well, not yet, at least…

I appreciate the title for this is somewhat obscure, but beating around the bush is something I’m not a big fan of. Bluntly, the Divas competition in the WWE is dead.

I’d like to point out how the whole issues surrounding the Women of the WWE is a bit like a re-write of Scrooge, facing certain extinction never to be remembered for anything good, but the question remains, will the WWE heed their warning of this Ghost of what is to come, and see the error of their ways? Or will they simply see the Divas of today buried and forgotten? A certainty it seems if they do not take the correct steps to resolve the issues at hand, and in turn, put the wrong things right.

Every single wrestling show I watch I can drink as much coke as I like, you know why? No, not because I have too much money for my own good, far from it, but simply put, I know I can go for a toilet break at some point in the show (between the adverts of course). Sound familiar? That’s right! You feel that way too? I’m hardly surprised.

Anyway, to get to our point, let’s discuss what the WWE has going in it’s favour FOR the WWE divas…

…Nope, can’t think of anything.

It’s not enough for Divas to look good in tight clothing anymore, in fact, it never really was enough. Let’s remember the Divas of yesteryear, and as always I hold no curtains over my bias, I’m going to go on the knowledge of divas I have, as opposed to pretending I know about what I don’t.
Remember Trish? Lita? Molly Holly? Jacqueline? Luna Vachon? Ivory? Torrie Wilson? Chyna? And who can forget Mae Young? What did these women have about them that made us tune in and sit through what has now become a chore to say the least? It wasn’t just looks (I know, Chyna may be a porn star, but have you ever seen her videos? Not something for the faint of heart), Hell, not all of them were that good looking…The secret ingredient that the WWE is missing is simple, and should be fairly obviously something that shouldn’t be lacked, given it’s the core focus of the WWE’s business…The ability to wrestle.

That’s right, you heard it! The Divas can’t wrestle! Well, if they can, they certainly aren’t showing us otherwise. This doesn’t ring true for all of the current crop, but it is a general rule, and unfortunately, it seems to be an issue with whoever the hell runs things backstage.

Let’s take for example, the stereotypical role of a Diva. Not so long ago, a Diva wasn’t so much of a wrestler, and were predominantly for Management and drooling over whenever there was a Bra and Panties match, of course. Notice the difference thus far? A starting point would be pushing the role of managers again. Not only would this give more of the divas a purpose (And hell, it doesn’t matter if they can’t wrestle then!), but it would also give more support for the talent in the Male/Tag team departments that don’t have the Mic skills (and with the scouting of worldwide talent in place, bringing in Foreigners with moderate English skills wouldn’t be an issue either). To boot, it would mean Divas would be integrated into bigger storylines and feuds…Remember Divas fighting over one superstar? Or even Superstars fighting over a diva? Remember how Chyna would often be the difference between Triple H winning an important match and not? Remember ‘Mamacita’ lying, cheating and stealing alongside the late great Eddie Guerrero? Remember Lita alongside the Hardy Boyz, Edge, Essa Rios…The list goes on.

Had it not been for these divas playing such a crucial role in such storylines, the depth of these storylines would have been as bland as what we have been seeing recently! Sure, this view may be a little overdramatic, but it’s not all too farfetched.

Let’s look further at the current talent in the WWE…We’ll start with Awesome Kong (I don’t like how she spells her new name, so I’m not going to bother spelling it at all), a fantastic move by the WWE and a step in the right direction – A Powerhouse contender, who lacks the looks, but makes up for it in pure wrestling talent. Kong certainly has my respect; she seems to be one of a dying breed of Females who have the ability to make us turn our heads for all the right reasons. Unfortunately, this is one of only a few positives with the Divas – And she’s out on Maternity leave!

Beth Phoenix seems to be one of the only Divas aside from Kong who can hold her own – She’s got a good ability about her, and doesn’t look to shabby either.

There are many things the WWE needs to reconsider – I’d be lying if I didn’t feel creative played a large part in the poor show we are given by the Divas. Another issue to consider is the lack of match time, some matches lasting about a minute, and I don’t remember watching anything lasting longer than 4 or 5 minutes. I’m made to believe the WWE wants to put more air-time into the Diva division, but wholeheartedly, whilst this would in some ways be a solution, it would take more time from the desperately weak product which they’re showing us already, and give more time to an even weaker part of that, and thus, a vicious cycle is created. WWE needs to invest in better trainers, and talent from some of the Indie promotions – most of the divas at Indie level can produce the goods in the ring, but may not be model material, and largely, that’s probably why we don’t see more of them being picked up. Once the WWE has invested more time in making the Divas more engaging and considerably more time and money into training them to have a high standard of athleticism, we may just be lucky enough to want to watch a Divas match in the near future.

PG Doesn’t have to mean the end of a decent Divas run, arguably some of the Divas are just as good on the eyes as the previous bunch, so the issue of looks isn’t one to complain about – not that it seems to be an issue if you consider the impact of Awesome Kong. It also doesn’t take a genius to evaluate the prestige of the Divas in the Wrestling world – take a look at how celebrated the Knockouts are by TNA Marks!

Furthermore, a deadly mistake would have been the proposed introduction of Divas tag team titles – the Divas roster is too slim firstly (due to the talent being spread across 2 brands), and is piss weak to boot – so all you’d be doing is devaluing the already deflated titles that the Women of the industry hold, and eventually, the title would merely be an accessory to their attire.
To conclude, I’d say it is fairly obvious what the WWE needs to do, and where it should go from here – invest some of that money you have so clearly removed from the dramatic Pyrotechnics and entrance styles, take some of the money you’ve made this year from John Cena’s endorsement deals, oh and don’t forget all that PG sponsor money…and invest it in what you’re best and quite frankly what your only product should be…Our dearly, beloved wrestling.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. KJ PUNK's Avatar
    I've got 2 problems with your blog.

    1. In the "Diva's that could wrestle of the past" section, you mentioned Torrie Wilson. Who could not wrestle at all.

    2. And in the "Diva's who can wrestle now" section, you forgot Natalya. There are a few others that actually aren't half bad if they would be given more than 2 minutes to wrestle.
  2. Ace Lancaster's Avatar
    I couldn't agree with you more. I posted a blog a couple of weeks ago going over how bad some of the divas have become. I agree that a bunch of them should be managers like how they put Rosa. It was perfect for her and look what happened. She brought a tag team from no where up to title contenders and now are the new Tag Team Champions.

    I really hope the WWE listens to the IWC and revamps the Diva's Division.
  3. Slivon's Avatar
    That is a lot of reading next time break it up into sections.
  4. Braathan's Avatar
    I actually think there is some talent in the Diva's Division. Beth Phoenix and Natalya can both wrestle, I actually think Tamina, Kaitlyn and AJ can also wrestle relatively well. I think the problem is the WWE just doesn't care anymore and therefore nor do we. The diva's are only there now so that the WWE doesn't appear sexist.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    U missed natie?? Man I think her abilities r better than that of Beth (not taking away anything from Beth though, she's incredible)....AJ can wrestle...n Tamina also can wrestle better than many in the roster...I want a Natie's face turn n want her to go against Beth at wrestlemania...
  6. dadon316's Avatar
    Guess I hit the nail right on the head didnt i!? Aw you big old bender!

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