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Rick Starr

Some of the Four Horsemen Ride Again

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Hello Splashers! I’m not going to dilly dally on this one, as I know this topic might bring some heat on me. This past Monday The Four Horseman were inducted this past week, on what many believe to be, was a very dry Monday Night RAW. Although I had no doubt that the group deserved to be inducted into the HoF, I felt that it was not right to just induct just those men. Not only did they intentionally leave out the other formations of the Horsemen, but they just simply left out Ole Anderson who was a part of the original formation. As always the WWE likes to pick and choose, as well as sugar coat its history.

The WWE also acknowledged Barry Windham as part of the illustrious group, however Lex Luger and P.S. Michael Hayes was also in the group around the same time, and did not receive any credit. Arn Anderson, James Dillon, Tully Blanchard, and of course Ric Flair is all being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ric Flair is now the first person who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for the second time, despite the fact he is working for another company (TNA). Luger did state that he had no ill will towards the WWE for not recognizing him, as part of the Horsemen, and he even said He would be down in Florida, to celebrate.

If these names aren’t turning anyone’s heads how about The Icon Sting or Sid Vicious? Then you had several smaller members, like Paul Roma, Butch Reed, or Brian Pillman. While these men did not stay long in the stable (roughly a year give or take), they all helped continue the legacy of “The Horsemen”.

We’ve already talked about the majority of the power players that made the Horsemen Legendary, but there still more big names to talk about. They are some of the last members, and probably the more controversial ones.

Curt Henning
One great name is Hall of Famer:Curt Henning. Who was only in the stable for a month, but his role would play an important one. Arn Anderson had to retire due to neck injury, and The Horseman was down an Enforcer. They brought in Curt Henning to take Arn’s place. Several weeks later he double-crossed the stable, by jumping ship to the New World Order. Flair soon after disbanded the horsemen.

Steve “Mongo” McMichael & Debra McMichael
Now by himself “Mongo” was no super-star I’ll give you that. He was the typical, former football player, turned wrestler with bad mic skills. His best attribute is that he could play the heel to a “T”, which is why he fit in so well with the Horsemen. When the Horsemen were on their “face” turn, he wouldn’t say too much. Also a part of this group was Debra McMichael. Who was Mongo’s wife at the time. This is also the Same Debra who once married to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Dean Malenko
Dean Malenko was probably one of the quieter guys in the stable, but when he got in the ring, he was incredible! His nickname was “Man of a 1000 holds”. Although I doubt he knew 1000 holds, there was no doubt in my mind there was no move he did not know. Almost every match I watched with him, he would pull off new moves each week. He was one of the bigger reasons why I watched WCW over WWF, during the Monday Night Wars. Malenko was most certainly a Horsemen! When he was not noticed as horsemen last Monday, I was upset with the WWE and the HoF.

Chris & Nancy “Woman” Benoit
Chris Benoit is no doubt, the dark horse of the bunch. No one denies the heinous things he did to his family. But at the end of the day, he was more loyal to the horseman to some of the people that were inducted. Tully Blanchard had 2 years, and Barry Windham only had 2 years as well. Benoit had 3 years in the Horsemen. We know why Benoit will never get inducted, because a lot of people would not agree with it. I myself don’t think he should be inducted as a single person, but he was a Horseman..And one of the better ones at that!

While we are on the subject, let’s look at it from another angle. “Woman” was also in the Horseman for several years. First she played the role of Flair’s valet for a couple of years, which she eventually left for ECW with her then husband, Kevin Sullivan. Then in 1996 the couple returned to WCW, and Nancy once again joined the Horsemen. This is where Nancy met Chris Benoit, as he was also a Horseman. The two developed a “kayfabe” relationship, while Benoit and Kevin Sullivan started a “kayfabe” feud. However over time things started to turn real as Nancy and Chris developed real feelings for each other, and the rest is history…

Given all that, I have to ask a very hard question. Do you think Woman should be inducted into the WWe Hall of Fame? After all she didn’t kill anyone. Burying the past, only tells us it’s ok to forget about the victim, which she was. The WWE just wants to sweep the whole thing under the rug, killers, victims and all, and that’s just not right.

Final Thought:
If you look at all the members, valets, and managers that have been a part of that stable, there are 31 members. Do I think they all deserve to be recognized? Absolutely! I’m not saying give them all a ring, and all of them a check, but at least in their name on the plaque for Christ sake! You wouldn’t even have to put Chris or Nancy Benoit’s name, just leave it blank, maybe it will make you feel better. Until next time splashers..See you when I see you!
-Rick Starr @RickStarr

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    The Announcement that the Four Horsemen were going into the Hall Of Fame was the "Markout Moment Of The Month!"
    If the Horsemen go in, then they all should go in. All meaning all of the members.
    Look up my blog on the Horsemen going into the hall of fame.
    Nice read man.
  2. gpwrestling's Avatar
    You DO realize why Ole wasn't even mentioned, right? You mentioned Benoit and his 3 year stint with the Horsemen and compared him to the others like it's an issue of who was more loyal.

    Maybe the induction of the Horsemen will be a starting step for the induction of the others. Recognize the latter versions not for their lack of presence or merit, but merely because Blanchard, Flair, Double A, Windham and Dillon were the original members.

    All that being said, you make valid points and like you I too hope that the other members - ESPECIALLY Mongo are recognized and honored.
  3. stingfan73's Avatar
    Windham was NOT one of the original four.
  4. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by stingfan73
    Windham was NOT one of the original four.
    No one said he was. Windham was in the earlier carnations of the Horsemen. Many people believe Windham is getting the spot because of his health issues, and he was replacing Ole. Ole was being replaced, because of his personal feelings against the WWE and Flair.

    Despite his feelings, I still feel that Ole, should get some short of credit, along with everyone else. Even if he didn't show up, his name should at least be mentioned somewhere.
  5. dwizzane's Avatar
    Hey Rick Enjoyed your blog but a few small details were wrong Butch Reed And Michael PS Hayes were NEVER horsemen Hayes was a Fabulous Freebird and Butch Reed was part of a tag team with Ron Simmons called doom when he wasn't bouncing around the mid card in wwe.
  6. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    I disagree i think people like paul roma especially do not deserve to be in there i see it as after the windham version it was dead in wcw they brought it back for a short while but it was still dead would i have put ole anderson above windham? yes think they should have sticked to the original 5 but oh well.
  7. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dwizzane
    Hey Rick Enjoyed your blog but a few small details were wrong Butch Reed And Michael PS Hayes were NEVER horsemen Hayes was a Fabulous Freebird and Butch Reed was part of a tag team with Ron Simmons called doom when he wasn't bouncing around the mid card in wwe.
    Hmmm ok, I don't know the complete Horsemen history back to front. I was going by, and I know their reports can be off at times. According to thier site, Hayes was with the Horsemen for a small time, after Windham was injured, but they disbanded the horsemen shortly after that. Hayes then created the Fabulous Freebirds.
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