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My Wrestlemania 28 Card

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With the Royal Rumble only 2 weeks away, the focus will no doubt be the aim of building the matches for Wrestlemania 20 passing through the Elimination Chamber on the way.

I'm going to skip past the Chamber and go right to the grandest stage of them all and give my list of match that I think would make this year another fantastic Wrestlemania.

I’m going to go with an average 8 matches this Mania.

1. Tag Team Title Tornado Match - Airboom Vs. The USO’s Vs. Primo & Epico
WWE has been lacking in the Tag Team Division for a while now and what better way of bringing some excitement back to it then at Wrestlemania.

2. US Title Match - Jack Swagger Vs. Zach Ryder
After Defeating Ryder at the Rumble the two would engage in a rivalry that would lead to Mania.

3. IC Championship Match - Cody Rhodes Vs. Dolph Ziggler
After Ziggler parted ways with Vicky and Jack as he wasn't happy with Jack holding 'his' US title, the show off would covet the next title in his sights, slowly becoming anti-hero like in his battle against Rhodes.

4. Tag Team Match - Randy Orton/Sheamus Vs. Wade Barret/Jinder Mahal
With the Orton/Barret feud going through its nice slow build and Sheamus/Jinder taking off this could be a mid-card match to almost steal the show.

5. Divas Championship Battle Royal - AJ, Kelly Kelly, Alisha Fox, Beth Pheonix, Natalya and The Bella Twins
The usual over the top battle royal but rather than a pointless comedy battle royal lets showcase some of the Diva's talent and make this for the Divas title.

6. WWE Undisputed Title - CM Punk Vs. Chris Jericho w/Steph McMahon Vs. Daniel Bryan
My theory on this is that Steph is the little girl in the 'He shall return when she beckons him' bringing Y2J back to extract revenge on Punk for the things he said about her and her husband. While Y2J is doing this for Steph he also believes that he has returned to claim what is rightfully his..the undisputed championship, therefore after winning the Rumble Y2J not only challenges Punk but also Bryan to see who the 'real' champion is and unifying the titles.

7. Streak Match - The Undertaker Vs. Kane
Its only right that after returning and dominating the ring Kane could embrace 20 years of hate at the fact that Taker has defeated all that lay before him.

8. The Rock Vs. John Cena
Already booked is the generation Vs. generation match, last generations major star Vs. this generations biggest draw, will Cena turn heel, will Rock defeat Supercena. Will these two stars ever be the same again?

I hope we get something similar to the above rather than a string of singles matches.

Once again thanks for reading.


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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Not a good list dude. An interesting read. But I won't buy it. This is Wrestlemania we're talking about here! Last years was pure utter garbage! That is what this card is with the exception of Rock-Cena. I'll post a real card and you'll see my point. Keep in mind that I'm saying this with all due respect.
  2. masterzeke's Avatar
    its really not a good would be great except 4 the randy orton and sheamus match because that would be boring.
  3. Dazzaschofield's Avatar
    Well my theory behind this card is going with things that could potentially happen with the current WWE storylines, I agree it's far from a dream card but I reckon it's about the best that can happen while staying true to current story's.
  4. CenationRules1087's Avatar
    Chris Jericho Vs. C.M Punk Vs. Danial Bryan match for the undisputed title seems good & The Rock Vs. John Cena ( Already Booked) seems excellent but the other matches do not catch my attention that much. Anyway congrats on your second blog!!!
  5. Kerrastone's Avatar
    No Triple H? No Miz?

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