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Top 5 Internationally Recognizable Superstars

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After watching a recent Vince McMahon interview, I realised how much he values WWE’s ability to export in to different countries. So I’ve decided to make a list of who I think are the most RECOGNIZABLE superstars internationally and who has helped WWE become a real global enterprise. I grew up in Bangladesh (WWE are huge there) so I have experienced WWE from a different point of view compares to the one I experience now from England.

Top 5 most internationally recognizable superstars

5. John Cena

With WWE already having international status when he was passed on the torch, his job was to maintain it at that level. Being successors to ‘The Rock’ and ‘Stone cold’ was never going to be easy. With being governed by new rules and leading a new generation I think he has done well as the face of the company for 6 years and am certainly a fan of his work. With all the criticism he gets, no internet troll can deny his popularity around the world.

4. Steve ‘Stone cold’ Austin
The man who headed the Attitude Era, no more needs to be said but I will anyways. I have theory that for the people who don’t watch wrestling don’t remember actual superstars but remember moments and no one had at that time more memorable moments than Steve Austin. At the time WWE first started really going global and travelling internationally, he led with his pictures on the posters and it succeeded with the multicultural in a swell time at the WWE.

3. Hulk Hogan
I don’t really need to explain why he is popular I’m sure we’ve heard it all before by now, but I was thinking about his appeal and I realised he had the perfect formula in every aspect. It has been scientifically proven that red and yellow together is the most eye catching colour (FACT), and Hulk Hogan had those colours. The reason everyone around the world got him was because he was simple easy on the eye character who proudly represented America when America was viewed more of an innocent country.

2. Kane
A lot of people might not agree with this but hear me out…Kane gained popularity in WWE when I was about 4 years old and I just remember me and my friends just loved him for no actual reason, I assume we liked his scary mask and the whole red hell fire like gimmick which was awesome in the eyes of young kids. If there was any toy figure kids would want, it would be Kane’s. He was easily one of the most memorable superstars for a first timer watching wrestling. I can’t think of any other superstar known worldwide as much him just by their image alone...

1. The rock
The most recognisable wrestler of all time in my view .His worldwide popularity was already of the roof before he became a big Hollywood superstar. Everybody I knew would tune in just to watch him and his hilarious promos, even though none of us could understand English we didn’t care, it was just his charisma and the famous eye brow raising that caught all our attention, and I assume that’s why and other reason of course was why he was so marketable to the fans from different cultures. Now that his movies are easy cash cows for studios and coming back to face John Cena at Wrestlemania his popularity is only going to rise.

Little thought…
There’s a difference between a good wrestler and a marketable wrestler and in WWE the marketable wrestler is the one most likely to be given more of the opportunities. I didn’t even know who Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were, back when I was in my country but as I got in to wrestling more they became my favourite wrestlers.
I see lately people saying how someone like William Regal should be world champion for what his done in the business but I was never a fan of the guy and I don’t see it making sense for WWE to give him the championship, the mass target audience won’t really get him as a headliner or any wrestler like him (Daniel Bryan). So wrestlers wanting to make it in the business really have to work on who they are rather than just good technical wrestling. It’s nothing personal to the real professional wrestlers keeping to its roots but WWE wants performers for the crowd and frankly so do I.Getting guys like Jeff Hardy would really help WWE be interesting again.

(This isn’t a complaint by the way..Just something I hope they might want to look in to).

But yh feel free to disagree with my list above and…in a bit everyone

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    • One more thing...we as kids...hated all those wrestlers who defeated Kane..n when ever we see Kane lose cleanly...we call wwf is trash..n is fake n scripted....:d
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Of Rock..when as Rocky maivia...his persona was of a red Indian n many kids at that time took it as INDIAN...n they loved him thinking he's an Indian coz that same reaction is absent for Khali n Zinder who r actually Indians...the simple reason is The Rock's charishma is too HIGH!!

    We all love his Eyw brow raising...n we all used to try it..n make fun of each other...his entrance music..his hand movement when saying bring'em up..his victory standing posture, every thing abt him...he is by far the most popular wrestler of all time in India as well...
  3. AJ1981's Avatar
    I would say The Undertaker over Kane
  4. scottishboy's Avatar
    as a UK citizen i would have to disagree with a few on your list. no1 John Cena i wouldnt regard as internationally recogonised. He may well be a house hold name in the US but he would be nowhere regarded as the same level as a Hulk Hogan, Rock and Austin. who are so recogonisble outwith the wrestling community. i would say the undertaker well over Kane. as for a 5th person i would probably go for maybe some like Andre the giant who was know world wide
  5. AJ1981's Avatar
    Hogan, Austin, Rock, 'Taker, Flair
  6. Destruction's Avatar
    I would put Mysterio in there
  7. Theicon's Avatar
    I agree with the exception of Kane
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