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Blog Wars 9: Top 5 Mic Workers

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Welcome back to another episode of Blog Wars. The last match ended in a tie so Dr. Death retains because he is the champion. However Deadly can compete in 10 if wants to because he did not lose. But for this week Dr. Death will defend against fellow Feature Blogger Rick Starr. Here is the list

Top 5 Mic Workers

Anyone from any company counts past and present so let's see what they came up with.

Rick Starr

Hey guys I'm back for a second round in the Blog Wars, and I'm lad to be a part of it.

For any wrestler to get over with the fans, not only does he have to be a great wrestler, he has to be great with the mic. Over the decades we have seen some of the best wrestlers who have picked up the mic, and sell us some of the best promos.

Top 5 Mic workers

5. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has always been a performer, both in and out of the ring. And despite Jericho has not much to say lately, he was never really one who was lost for words. In His WCW days he used to call himself “The Itatola of Rock and Rolla”. Then when he moved to the WWE he called himself “Y2J”, and finally years later he coined the phrase… “I’m the best at what I to today.” And if anyone had ever seen him in the ring, very few would argue that fact. Jericho always knew what to say on the mic. He might have pissed off a lot of people in the process, but he has some of the best mic in the WWE. Now all he needs to do is start using it again, or people will start to get pissed off at him for an entirely different reason.

4. Triple H

Triple H is “The Game”, he is the “Cerebral Assassin”, and he is “That dammed good!”. Every time that Triple H’s music starts, my first thought is, “What is he going to do…What is he going to say?” Triple H is just as fun and entertaining as his long time DX member, and personal friend Shawn Michaels (Who also has some incredible mic skills). One of his funnier promos was when Triple H and HBK were trying to go PG-13 during the Attitude Era…but didn’t get very far. Warning the video up above is uncensored.

3. CM Punk

While CM Punk was only dubbed “The pipe bomb expert” in 2011, he has not been shy with the mic during his career with the WWE. In Punk’s earlier career, he had no problems preaching to the WWE Universe, with his “Straight Edge” character. However I thought it was the infamous 6/27/11 “shoot”, where C.M. Punk raised the bar, and became more than just another “Spoke on the Wheel”.

This was one of the first shoots in a long time that I wasn’t sure if it was a story-line when I first heard it. Punk did a lot of “don’t do’s” in that shoot, like mention names who were long gone from the WWE. He also mentioned other companies like Ring of honor, and New Japan Pro Wrestling. He also complained about not being on 7-11 cups, in movies, or not being guest on television shows. But one of the lower blows he was about to hit was attacking the bully campaign, when they finally pulled the mic, and RAW went off the air.

Over the past 6 months Punk has done everything in his power, to be one of the most controversial wrestlers in the WWE. He has become more of a wannabe Stone-Cold Steve Austin, now that he is feuding with John Laurinitis. However I’m hoping it’s just a passing storyline.

2. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

With Jake Roberts, it was never really what he said, but more HOW he said it to you. Jake could tell you the most boring story, yet he would have your undivided attention. Jake never really had any catch phrases, but all of his interviews were flawless. In fact, I can’t ever remember Jake saying the same thing twice, in his interviews, aside from the names of his snakes. One of his more rememberable interviews was the one at WrestleMania VI where he fought “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. The talked about how DiBiase would humble and humiliate people by doing his bidding. Jake finished off by saying tonight he would be the one who would be humbled, and humiliated, and the money he would be groveling for, would be his very own.

1. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

If there is anyone who was savvier on the microphone, it has to be none other than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Some of Austin’s best catch phrases were “And that’s the Bottom line… Cause Stone Cold Said So” or “Give Me A Hell Yeah”. One of his biggest catch phrases (or gimmick words if you will), that is still popular to this very day is the word “What?” A very simply word that he got the WWE Universe, uses to haggle other wrestlers, rather effectively. People like Kurt Angle, R-Truth, and even Vincent McMahon, have all been haggled by the notorious “What?” chant.

Well that's it for my top 5, I think the names pretty much speak for themselves. Thanks for reading and I'll see you when I see you -Rick Starr

Dr. Death

So here we are again with Blog Wars 9, Top 5 Mic Workers in all of wrestling history. This is a tough call as there have been many great mic workers since the inception of pro wrestling, and making a top 5 list is almost impossible. I'm going to try to be fair and unbiased here as we follow some simple yet direct criteria for our list which are;

1. Must be able to captivate and draw the attention of the audience
2. Great mic work as both a face, and a heel
3. Consistency in their ability to work the mic

I know, it's a short criteria list. Well I said it would be a simple yet direct criteria list especially since we're not examining the whole package and just focusing on their ability to talk, cut a good promo, and above all captivate and entertain us via the microphone.

Counting Down
The Top 5 Mic Workers

5. Rowdy Roddy Piper: The Hot Rod has entertained us for decades hosting The Piper's Pit, sounding off about Hulk Hogan, Vince Russo, John Cena, Jimmy Snuka and many more. His ability to be face or heel, and to make everything either be a joke or very serious is what has kept us captivated with his character for all these years.

Man, I never get tired of listening to The Hot Rod!!! There will never be another Rowdy Roddy Piper, and for good reason - They simply broke the mold after Piper was made. Nobody will ever forget his outlandish style, his ability to make a kilt look good, and his outspokenness even on controversial issues.

4. CM Punk: The voice of the voiceless himself. Why at number 4 and not in the top 2 you ask? One word - consistency. Although one of the best if not the best workers on the mic today, his ability to captivate and entertain us wasn't widely acknowledged until his famous Pipe Bomb promo before MITB 2011.

While this promo or shoot if you will is definitely good for a look at the number 1 slot, it all came back to consistency here. After this promo he slipped a couple times, but has since came back to the top of the heap in today's pro wrestling history.

3. Chris Jericho: Y2J has it all, he is the best in the world at what he does, and what he does is make people hate him. I love it. His promos and shoots have always been consistent and entertaining. His ability to captivate the audience is indeed why this list must include him.

Whether you like him or hate him, you are captivated by him and there is nothing you can do about it. He's simply must see TV and any wrestling fan alive will always remember the name Y2J - Chris Jericho.

2. The Rock: This is killing me to have to include this bozo. But there is no denying the fact that the Rock knows his mic work. He knows his mic and acting role so well it has led to him transferring his career from wrestling to being an actor.

Whether heel or face, the Rock has electrified generations in his career. From Rocky Miavia to "The Great One", the Rock captivates the audience, and is consistent always, like it or not. There's a reason why Rock is the self proclaimed "Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment", and that reason is because of his phenomenal mic work.

1. Ric Flair: The Nature Boy himself WOOOOOO!!!!! He took a gimmick from Buddy Landell who used it from Gorgeous George, and ran with it. Nobody ever out talked Ric Flair, from great promos that captivated the world to on the spot shoots that shook the pro wrestling foundation, Ric Flair was and is the Man.

Never at a lack of something to say, always consistent and entertaining, Flair ruled wrestling. Forget about the Hogans and the Macho Mans, and the Rocks, and everyone else, when we're talking about mic work you have to talk about Ric Flair. So get off your treadmills and girlfriends and take a good hard look at Flair, the styling and profiling wonder that is THE MAN!!

Well, that's my list of the top 5 mic workers of all time. Agree or disagree, learn to love it because it's the best thing going today. Woooooo!

That's it for this episode and don't forget to tune in to the 10th episode next week!

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  1. Joonny's Avatar
    Dr Death gets my vote.

    But seriously... No SCSA?
  2. akbar's Avatar
    Rick Starr....
  3. Cross's Avatar
    What in the world? How did Dr.Death win the blog wars where to bring matches back. He didn't follow the rules considering two of his matches have been used in the past year. Gosh. Rick Starr for the win and its not just cause Dr.Death got a steel vicotry. Stone Cold has better mic skills then Ric Flair in my opinion.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Both the lists lack Rick's list there is no The Rock n Dr.Death's list there is no SCSA...

    but when we see Dr.Death's following criterion...

    2. Great mic work as both a face, and a heel
    SCSA in his second heel turn, he was not at his full form.....

    So I go with Dr.Death...
  5. chrismaster1's Avatar
    gotta go with Rick Starr on this one.
  6. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    I would vote neither if I could, honestly. Leaving Mick Foley off both lists is a travesty, but I have to vote for someone. It all comes down to personal preferences, and I'd give it to Rick Starr, because he rightfully recognized Jake the Snake and SCSA. Also, Ric Flair isn't Top 1 material for me, but to each their own.
  7. Ravsta's Avatar
    rick starr how can you have punk but no ROCK. unbelievable.
    Have to go Dr.Death, however Flair #1 instead of rock and no austin. Still he at least had the rock.
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