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Blog Wars 8: Top 5 Stars who need to be in the HOF

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Welcome to the 8th episode of Blog Wars! This week we have deadly56 taking on Dr. Death. With all this talk of the HOF I decided to base this weeks list around it so here is the list.

Top 5 Superstars who Deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame

Hi everyone I would like to thanks wrestlingfan66513 for having me, and I hope you like my blog.

5.Paul Heyman

The WWE tends to put a manager, commentator, and a promoter in the WWE Hall of Fame each year. I started wondering, why don’t they put someone in the Hall of Fame that falls into each one of those categories?There is no doubt that this man should be a Hall of Famer, without his contributions the WWF “attitude era” wouldn’t have happened,your next inductee is Paul Heyman!

4.Mic Foley

Mick Foley was the definition of a hardcore wrestler. His matches rank among the best in wrestling history and Mick Foley, Mankind, Dude Love, and Cactus Jack all deserve one, collaborative spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

3.Owen Hart

Why Owen Hart has not been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by now is something most fans don't understand. Owen Hart was an amazing wrestler, and he even died doing what he loved.
Not only out of respect, but because he was simply one of the best wrestlers to ever live, Owen Hart is more than worthy of a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

2.Bob Backlund

Why Bob Backlund is not in the WWE Hall of Fame yet has me stumped.
He was one the the most gifted wrestlers ever, and was the biggest box office draw of his day. Not to mention he is a 4-time WWE Champion, from a time when the title didn't change hands 4 times every month.

1.Macho man Randy Savage

He has accomplished more in the ring than most, and was one of the best talkers of his day. Savage should not only be inducted, but he should be at the top of his class.

Dr. Death

Every person who watches pro-wrestling has their own idea as to who should be in the Hall of Fame, and I'm no different. The question that keeps coming up most on this subject is - how do we decide who should enter the Hall of Fame? This is no easy question to answer and there is no way to make everyone happy with the decisions made. I do believe that making a top 5 list is possible though, as long as we follow certain criteria which are;
- They must be eligible for entry
- They must have contributed to the sport
- They must not have a negative impact upon the sport
- They must have captivated the audience and co-workers alike
We will now begin our countdown of the top 5 stars who need to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Top 5 Stars Who Need Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame

​5. Trish Stratus - Perhaps the greatest Diva to ever step inside a WWE ring, Trish Stratus captivated both audiences and co-workers alike. A seven time WWE Women’s Champion, and a pioneer for all women entering the sport of pro-wrestling.

Tough, beautiful and talented, Trish was stunning in front of cameras and dominating inside the ring. Aside from pro-wrestling, Stratus has contributed to numerous charities and has graced many magazine covers. Coaching on Tough Enough and constantly helping and training young women and stars to succeed in pro-wrestling.

4. Ravishing Rick Rude - ​Noted for his chiseled physique and one of the great talkers in pro-wrestling history, Rick Rude was a four time World Champion, a one time Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, and a World Tag Team Champion.

Wrestling history has proven that with each new generation of performer comes a few special men, who alter the sport and set the change from what it was to what it is to become. The talented and trend setting Ravishing Rick Rude certainly fell into that category of those who have truly reshaped the wrestling business and have influenced others.

3. Sycho Sid Vicious - One of the most brutal superstars to ever terrorize the WWE, or WCW, Sycho Sid brought an intensity to pro-wrestling that few were able to contain.

Sycho Sid captivated the world with his ticking time bomb persona. Claiming to be the master and ruler of the world, and with few to oppose him, Sid went on to claim the WWE and WCW Championship twice. His career came to a gruesome halt in 2001 when, in a four corners match, his leg snapped in half. Sid's leg injury is still one of the most gruesome injuries to have ever befallen a superstar.

2. Dr. Death Steve Williams - ​ Possessing an uncommon mix of intensity, intimidating size, brute strength, wrestling skills, and pure athletic ability, Dr. Death Steve Williams was a perfect fit for the pro-wrestling stage.

He was never a major star within the WWE even with all of his considerable talents, however he was considered a major star in every other promotion he wrestled in, especially in Japan. As strong and athletic as he was, Dr. Death had a heart of gold and a kind, gentle spirit. His ability in the ring made him a star, but his courage is what earned him the respect and admiration of his peers.

1. Macho Man Randy Savage - Few superstars were as dynamic as the Macho Man Randy Savage who's past performances in the ring still captivate the entire wrestling world.

All together Savage has held twenty championships throughout his illustrious career. Randy Savage became a WrestleMania staple early on in his career. The WWE has credited Randy Savage as the greatest champion of all time and also for bringing a higher level of prestige to the championship through his amazing in ring performances. After a ring career that spanned back to 1973, Savage left the squared circle and a staggering list of accomplishments and legacy that can only be summed up in two words - Oooh Yeah!

Really great lists from both guys and remember to vote and comment.

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  1. mattw705's Avatar
    Dr. Death. His list is stronger and I disagree with Paul Heyman as a possible inductee.
  2. Razor's Avatar
    Toguh call, Macho at the top of both lists where he belongs, and no Scott Hall on either (although Dr. D kind of gives us a reason with his no negative qualification, even if I disagree).

    I gotta say, Owen leans me towards Deadly, but Mick Foley knocks him out. NOT because I think Foley doesn't deserve it, Lord knows he does, but simply because they don't induct active members, and I'm pretty sure we'll see one or two more matches from Foley. Also, I don't think Heyman belongs in a top 5, arguably he deserves induction, but there are many more deserving in my opinion.

    Gotta give it to Dr. Death for both including his criteria, and a more solid list. Close call though.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    My Vote to Deadly56
  4. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Deadly56 just wins it for me
  5. Destruction's Avatar
    Deadly - I agree with all 5
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Vote's for Dr. Death, his list really is stronger.

    Owen Hart hasn't been inducted into the HoF because of issues with his estate. (IE: widow) -- On another note, Foley and Heyman should definitely be added. Though Foley has said on many an occasion, that they keep telling him to come back for the Legends Contract when he becomes a legend. Could see the same joke applying to the HoF, he can get in when he has some fame.
  7. MR Joke's Avatar
    My vote to deadly56
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