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Chris Jericho's Wrestlemania Opponent?

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Hey guys Knox here. I figured I'd do some dream booking at the possibilities of Jericho's Wrestlemania opponents in which I narrowed it down to three. I'm going to rank these by what I'd much rather see as opposed to what's most likely to happen. Hope you all enjoy.

3. Cm Punk
This is what the people seem to wanna see except for me. Personally both Cm Punk & Jericho are too huge egomaniacs that find anyway possible to toot their own horns whenever they can. The difference between their egos and Hogan & Nash egos is that Punk & Jericho can actually wrestle and talk a crowd into a building so it makes sense.

These two would put on a hell of a match that I wouldn't mind seeing. The obvious scenario would be Jericho winning the Rumble and challenging Cm Punk for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania. Pretty cut & dry.

2. The Undertaker
This is what I wouldn't mind seeing. The chances are pretty high. I mean look at the Jericho return promos. They were very dark in an Undertaker type of way. Maybe this was a subliminal message to him. The chances of this is highly unlikely.

Personally Undertaker has feuded with every top star from the Attitude Era but Jericho. I don't know if back in the AE' the bookers were afraid to put Taker in a angle with such a little guy like Jericho but why the hell have they only wrestled each other twice on telelvision?

Taker has feuded with Mankind, Stone Cold, The Rock, Kurt Angle, The Big Show, Booker T, Triple H & Kane but for some reason he has not feuded with the true star of the Attitude Era and that's Mr. Jericho himself.

I find this unlikely to happen however because the rumors are flying around heavy about who Taker's opponent will be at Wrestlemania seeing as this very well can be his last. They've discussed Kane, Triple H & even Mick Foley. Honestly if this is truly Taker's last Wrestlemania then I truly feel he should retire against Kane keeping the streak intact at 20-0.

1. Triple H
By far this is my #1 decision of what I wanna see. I grew up a huge Jericho & Triple H fan so needless to say I was marking out back when they feuded and did battle at Wrestlemania X8. I just always loved these two guys for some reason.

Let me explain how I would book this. 10 years later they will square off again at Wrestlemania 28. Lets breakdown this Jericho return promo. In Jericho's last run he had a very corporate mentality not to mention his expensive suits he wore to the ring.

I would love for the girl in the promos to be revealed as Stephanie McMahon. Have her work some strings to screw Triple H and give his C.O.O. job to Jericho. This will be a huge angle if done right by having Stephanie turn on her own husband.

Triple H will come out super pissed and of course working the babyface role. Stephanie can say she didn't agree with Triple H pandering to the fans because that's the opposite of how the McMahon's have been known to run things. Have Vince McMahon the main one pulling the strings behind this and somehow have a return of the Corporation.

Vince McMahon, Stephanie, Shane & Chris Jericho can all be part of the Corporation. They weekly lead off in huge attacks on Triple H. Have Triple H cut a promo and have the Corporation come to the ring to attack him. Before they make a move, Kevin Nash music hits and he comes to save Triple H.

Nash grabs the mic and say's "I didn't come alone". Shawn Michaels music hits and he & X-Pac come to the rescue and takes out Jericho. The return of the "Kliq".

Next week, Triple H challenges Chris Jericho to a Lumberjack match with the Corporation as the Lumberjacks for Jericho and HBK & Nash as the Lumberjacks for Triple H. This will go over well once Nash really explains why he has HHH's back.

This would really captivate many of the older fans of 18 and up that grew up on the Attitude Era. The majority of Wrestlemania will be for the kids but damnit give us real fans just one match and I think this is the way to do it.

Thanks guys for checking this out. Please leave feedback and let me know what you all think as far as Jericho's opponent at the big dance. You guys be safe. Until then.

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  1. pjpjr6's Avatar
    Why do you always include that video at the end of your blogs?
  2. Dropdead's Avatar
    I'd like to see him vs Daniel Bryan, I think it would create an interesting dynamic and a great wrestling match (give them 20 mins minimum). failing that vs Taker, and put the streak under real threat.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Interesting Blog. I sort of like the way you would book the Jericho/HHH build up. However, that would take too much away from The Rock vs Cena and it won't happen. Good write though.

    Now if I were booking something like this for wrestlemania, where they do something ridiculous like that, with Nash, HHH, HBK, and others, I say they do it in an Undertaker match. Imagine HHH vs Undertaker. Nash comes out and helps HHH. So does, Kane, Mankind, and finally, HBK. However, HBK superkicks HHH instead and brings him into retirement along with the rest of the Kliq. Closing another chapter in the history of the Greats.

    Just a thought....keep up the good work.
  4. HCollins-TNA1's Avatar
    Almost everyone one of the IWC wants it to be Punk who Jericho faces.... either way I don't really care right now who he faces??? I guess it will all be known within the next 2 months....
  5. realwrestlingview's Avatar
    I know that Jericho is pushing for a match with Punk at WM, or so the backstage rumours go. He has had a go at him for stealing his stuff a couple of times on twitter already. 'The best in the world' quote is an obvious example. Personally i'd like to see him go unbeaten in the next couple of months and challenge the Undertaker for the streak at WM. Would be a great match as he is one of the few people who could legitimately beat the Taker.

    Also, why can i not post my blogs here? I've tried but it always just reloads the page??

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