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5 golden move's of 2012

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Hi All, this is my first blog on this site, I do have my own blog but didn't want to start linking back and forth so thought I'd post directly here.

I think with just a few simple changes WWE could change their downward fortunes in 2012 and here is what I think are five golden ideas that would help WWE break these misfortunes.

1. A Dominant Stable
We haven't had any really decent stables in a while now and I think a really good stable can help younger stars break through the middle card barrier. This needs to be a smaller stable as something too big like the Nexus tends to overshadow individuals in the group as there are too many, 4-5 wrestler tops with 2 main eventers and 3 mid/lower carders. Look at what DX did for HHH, Evolution did for Batista/Orton, and The Corporation did for The Rock.

2. A John Cena Heel/Semi Heel Turn
whether people love him or hate him one thing we can all agree on is that Cena is stale. What WWE needs to do is either completely change him or re-energise him. A hell turn would be ideal as he could be the leader of a new stable. If they did turn him heel for a year or two when he eventually turns face again he could become bigger than ever. If not a full heel turn then he could become semi heel, almost like The Rock originally did.

3. Improve the Tag Team Division
This is said everywhere and for good reason, currently there is no tag team division. In the late 90's early 00's we had brilliant tag teams: The Hardyz, Dudlyz, E+C, Too Cool and loads more, hell the tag team division was that hot that even the main eventers were getting in on the action, HHH & Austin, HHH & Angle etc. even current talent could be used and as with the stables, a decent tag team could help propel stars like Slater, Epico and Gabriel.

4. Better Entrance Themes
As silly as it sounds I believe a really good theme can make a star. Austin, Rock, Taker, Jericho, Chody Rhodes etc. As much as Daniel Bryan is a great talent his music does nothing to pump anyone up for the match. They have managed it with Barrett and got Punk some great music so it is possible, but they need to do this consistently.

5. Stop Looking Back and Start Looking Forward
As much as it’s good to see The Rock and Jericho back in ring WWE needs to stop relying on older talent to bring in the ratings and need to concentrate on younger talent. It annoys me when someone like Dibiase is stuck with WWE trying to turn him into his dad, NO, let him develop his own persona (which thankfully seems to be happening now) and not re use an old one. Hell they’ve even done it with Kane now, rather than developing his character further they have just rewound him to 1999.

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  1. Zekic's Avatar
    agree with everything but entrance themes,there are few guys who needs to change them(like daniel bryian you mentioned) most others superstars who are active on raw/smackdown have very fiting themes.
  2. jonod's Avatar
    I think D bryan's theme is one of the better one's (ALOT better than Barrets wishy washy song), it has the shrill first note and then hits with the electric version of flight of the valkyries for gods sake! its bloody epic, the way to get the crowd behind him (or against him as the case may be) is persistence. WWE keep pushing him and dropping him again, hopefully this current heel turn will garner some real heat. I think persistance will pay off as it seems to have done with Sheamus etc.

    Definitely agree with you about letting the new talent shine through above oldies
  3. Slivon's Avatar
    Once you really stop and think about it would Cena really be a heel. Because most of the world hates face Cena, so if or when Cena turns heel would we boo or cheer since we would have wanted it.
  4. masterzeke's Avatar
    it would all be nice 20 years from now..............
  5. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Slivon, that's exactly why Cena cannot and will not turn heel. It'd cause Stone Cold syndrome, and not the good kind where it changes the industry. All they can do now is completely revamp his character. In my opinion Cena is looked upon with the old theory of letting them be who they really are. The problem is that Cena is just plain boring. He needs the good/bad situation that Orton has in being injured so that he can come back a completely different character.

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