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The Smackdown Chamber: What No Orton means.

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Spoilers, spoilers: Randy Orton is out of the Chamber because of an injury suffered during/after his match with the Big Show on Monday Night Raw--and he's already been replaced via a Smackdown show. So the new roster is:

Daniel Bryan (C)
Wade Barrett
Cody Rhodes
Big Show
Great Khali

What a chamber, right? If you can't tell, the roster is listed in chances of making it out with the title. Let's go in reverse order in reason:

Great Khali - No chance in hell. He's been back for roughly a month, has no right to wear a title anytime soon.

- While it may be more of a joke entrant at this point, I like this a lot better than Mark Henry. Henry would've been the third big man--two too many. Santino has no real chance to win this. At all. Just slightly more likely than Khali.

Big Show - Rumored match with O'Neil, so this is a big no. Still more possible than Santino.

Cody Rhodes - My expected "MVP" of the PPV, I expect Cody to have a big, BIG impact. I honestly think he'll go from first two to last two. He's a great wrestler and this will be his final stepping stone to dropping the intercontinental title and arriving at the main event. Still, he's already holding a title and having him hold two of different value seems like a dumb idea heading to Wrestlemania.

Wade Barrett - If Bryan doesn't leave with the title, it'll be this man who takes it from him. While I'm a Wade Mark, I think this is the best option for Wrestlemania. I know no one will expect him to drop the title at 'Mania, which is why I think Bryan is the favorite, but I doubt anything is really in the works for Wade at 'Mania and a triple threat for the WHC would be GREAT! It'd be the best way for the "new guys" to show they're here to stay.

Daniel Bryan - The champion! Always favor the champion unless Cena is involved. Hopefully DB shows his mean streak, but don't count on that. I expect him to be #5 or #6 in this match, because Vince doesn't think he could enter in the top 2 and "realistically" retain. But the biggest reason for me thinking DB will walk away with the title still around his waist is simple: A title change here makes a Sheamus victory at Wrestlemania seem a lot less likely. Sheamus sure as hell won't take on the WWE champion, so DB retaining the title to drop it to Sheamus at Wrestlemania is the most likely option thinking from a creative perspective.

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  1. AJ1981's Avatar
    I'm hoping Christian returns, flattens Santino and takes his place in the chamber. Probably won't happen. I can dream though
  2. Marx's Avatar
    I agree with AJ1981, Christian replacing Santino would be good. Maybe Drew McIntyre could swap with Santino, if Christian can't make it. Drew's Smackdown too, and a win over Santino and decent outing in the chamber could give him a push back to being a legitimate wrestler. Both the inclusion of Khali and Santino shows how thin the Smackdown roster is.

    Nice blog, and I agree with you on Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan. A few months ago I read blogs in which they criticized his losing streak, remarking that they could never build him towards Wrestlemania, but him going in champ and favourite to come out champ proves he's legit.
  3. Halfbaht's Avatar
    i certainly agree with you here. personally i think bringing santino in is refreshing, unexpected, which makes for exciting. i personally would mind it coming down to the final two and having santino as one of them. although no chance of winning, (unlike in my universe mode on wwe '12 lol). but it does show the obvious weakness of the smackdown brand. another reason i think they should abandon the brand split, it's a bit dated now.

    as for wade and cody, i think either would work a good program with sheamus at mania. i personally consider cody one of the top heels in the company right now (ziggler being the other), another exposer of how weak wwe is roster wise at the moment and another reason i'd like to see cena turn heel, but that's a different topic for a different time.

    i currently don't like the current storyline with DB, so the sooner he loses the belt and returns to being himself the better in my opinion, push wade and cody as heels, they're far more convincing. as for who should take it out, in the long term, i would personally like to see cody win, as i think he is on the tip of superstardom and just needs that little push. he has the right amount of heat (winning the whc would make people hate him even more) and the idea of him with both belts is a winner for me. allows him to be even more arrogant and obnoxious, which in turn allows the audience to hate him even more. let's be honest, he's the best on the mic when it comes to smackdown and one of, if not, the best in the ring as well.

    barrett is also great with the mic and prob the more likely of the two, although i think he still lacks a bit in ring, but the heat he has gotten off his fued with orton has gotten him over none the less.

    either of these guys winning and then retaining at mania could easily build up to a program with orton, given the history between randy and both, either would be extremely entertaining. however, i think WWE will drop the ball with this one and regardless of who wins, the strap will be put on the great white at mania. after all, he is hunter's buddy and we all know hunter likes to look after his friends.
  4. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    I have been thinking about this since Tuesday that D-Bryan will drop the belt to Wade Barrett at EC. If Orton recovers in time for 'Mania it would make sense for him to feud with Bryan after what he did…right?

    This also sets us up for an ACE Barrett vs Sheamus world title match. Thoughts?

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