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Where are they now?: PPV Main Event Winners

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Going from the Royal Rumble to TLC, I'm going to look at the Main Event Winners from each 2011 PPV and look in on where they are now and how I feel so far removed from the PPVs. Main Event means Last Match on the Card.

Royal Rumble: Alberto Del Rio (Royal Rumble Match)

Now: Wrestlemania loss, Money in the Bank winner, 2 WWE Title runs in the year--pretty good. But right now? Sidelined with a groin injury.

Elimination Chamber: John Cena (Elimination Chamber Match)
Then: Won the Raw WWE Championship #1 Contender Elimination Chamber Match for a shot at the title at Wrestlemania.

Now: WWE Title reigns in 2011 (although he lost at Wrestlemania), continued rivalry against the Rock, now feuding with Kane. Average year for Cena, really.

Wrestlemania: The Miz (WWE Title Defense over John Cena)
Then: BIG Win for the Miz at 'Mania.

Now: Feuding with R-Truth after a pretty good year for the Miz, just getting back into the WWE Title Race after a rivalry with A-Rye drug him through the mud.

Extreme Rules: John Cena (WWE Title Victory over Miz (c) and John Morrison)
Then: Goddamnit. Another Cena reign.

Now: Feuding with Kane and The Rock. Not as bad as it seemed when it first happened.

Over the Limit: John Cena (WWE Title Defense against the Miz--I Quit)

Now: What a terrible booking, even now. At least Cena is out of the title picture with Kane.

Capitol Punishment:
John Cena (WWE Title Defense against R-Truth)
Then: Lame, terrible match.

Now: Cena is out of the picture, but R-Truth is on the rise! Might actually be a better match now.

Money in the Bank:
CM Punk (WWE Title Victory over Cena)
Then: Holy Shit! What a match, what a moment!

Now: The current reigning champion, albeit with a break in the middle. Looks like he could defend his title successfully at Royal Rumble.

Summerslam: Alberto Del Rio (WWE Title Victory over Punk--Money in the Bank Cash-in)
Then: Del Rio finally fulfills his destiny!

Now: I don't like the decision to have him win it anymore. It was a terrible reign and did nothing for him--and now he's injured so he can think about it for weeks.

Night of Champions: HHH (No-DQ over CM Punk)
Then: What? So much lame in such a small finish.

Now: HHH isn't on TV much anymore, so I still don't understand the point of this match anymore.

Vengeance: Alberto Del Rio (WWE Title Victory over Cena--Last Man Standing)
Then: Super Cena goes down, Del Rio gets second shot.

Now: Again, a kinda shitty reign for Del Rio.

Hell in a Cell: Alberto Del Rio (WWE Title Defense over Cena/Punk--Hell in a Cell)
Then: Okay match--the post-match was the most important part.

Now: Forgettable match, Del Rio injured, Punk holding the title, Cena out of the title picture. Nothing good really came from the match itself.

Survivor Series: Rock and Cena (Over Miz and Truth)
Then: The Rock looked good!

Now: He hasn't been around since. I still think this took away some of the aura around Cena-Rock.

TLC: CM Punk (WWE Title Defense against Del Rio and Miz)
Then: Great match!

Now: Punk is still the champion, though that is to be expected since this was the last WWE PPV.

Total Main Event Wins:
Del Rio - 4
Cena - 5
CM Punk - 2
HHH - 1
Rock - 1
Miz - 1

6 men won a combined 14 PPV Main Events (1 tag match). Del Rio and Cena won 9 themselves, Punk only had 2 (although he beat Cena at Summerslam, but it wasn't the "last match").

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Decent read. No surprise to see Cena at the top of the list, but I bet you won't see ADR with that many main event scenes/wins this coming year
  2. knox's Avatar
    Wow just when I thought everyone used up all the good blog ideas....great blog bro. Very good concept. I have to disagree with Cena because yeah he's overbooked but he's still the to dog no matter what.

    Now I'm with you on the Miz & Del Rio. We begged for the WWE to push new stars but they picked the wrong ones and if your going to push new stars to such heights as winning the WWE championship and maineventing Wrestlemania, then you have to let it stick.

    After Wrestlemania they booked Miz to look like the weakest superstar ever which indeed took away the credibility from him maineventing WM. Also look at how they made Del Rio look after losing the WWE title and dont even make me bring up Jack Swagger lol.

    Great blog bro.
  3. Cross's Avatar
    Good blog. Its funny how CM Punk only won 2 main event pay per views but he is the WWE Champion. I don't see the point of the Rock and Cena as the main event of Survivor Series that year. The WWE Championship is more prestigious and should matter more then that tag team match. Plus it was the match of the night. Del Rio was a sper-pointless superstar. Boring on the mic and made the WWE Title look so easy to ge. It took waway the credibility of the title.

    Again, good blog.

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