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The 10 Funniest Guys in Wrestling Today

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Hey guys Knox here. Just blogging for fun on the funniest guys in wrestling today. I think no matter how inconsistent the product is for TNA & WWE, the one thing that's present is humorous characters and that's always good news. I'm going to share my rank of the 10 funniest. This list is strictly WWE & TNA

10 Funniest Guys in Wrestling Today:

10. Cm Punk
His promos make me laugh whenever he's cracking on someone. I still laugh at the way he buried Del Rio & Nash on the mic. He's also pretty funny whenever he talks about those damn WWE Ice Cream bars lol. Not to mention the "John, my diet soda. You spilled my diet soda."

9. Triple H
I was skeptical on including him on the list because he disappears alot but none the less he's around every now & then. He actually ranks top 5 of all time of funny guys but currently he still makes me laugh. Recently his exchange in the ring with R-Truth was pretty much gold. Also when he was in the ring with Dolph Ziggler and told him he would be defending his U.S. title against Zack Ryder and then he said "Woo Woo Woo, You Know It" lol it made me laugh. We don't even need to mention his antics with D-Generation X.

8. John Laurinaitis
People complain about this guy but I think he's doing a hell of a job at drawing heat. He actually is a heel that makes many unbiased decisions that in most cases benefits the babyface. I think the funniest thing he's ever said was "Everyone knows I'm Mr. Excitement". I literally rolled off my bed in tears.

7. Sting
I always thought Sting had that natural funny. Now that he's in charge of Impact and no longer wrestling, he brings that out a little more. His antics with Bobby Roode & Madison Rayne are pretty funny. He's just always been A Class on the mic and knows how to make an audience laugh.

6. Booker T
I like his laugh on commentary, that's always funny. At first Booker was horrible on commentary and very shy but now he's sort of come into his own. What makes me laugh is the very rare times he actually gets mad at Cole and verbally lets him have it. Its funny because Cole spends 90% of Smackdown burying Booker but finally after the 58th comment Booker finally strikes back. First ballot Hall of Famer and I'd actually like to see Booker and Goldust go in this year.

5. R-Truth
This is an easy one right here. Ever since his heel turn he's been nothing comedic gold. Now he's a babyface again so I hope he still keeps his funny. Lol I have to post his promo from Survivor Series about pigeons.

4. Santino Marella
That's why he still has a job. He's one of the funniest characters in wrestling history to be honest. His new "power walk" to the ring is amazing. I'll post it below.

3. Michael Cole
I'm the only damn "Cole Miner" on this whole entire site so I know I'll get some heat from this but c'mon guys you can't deny how funny this guy is. When he stands on the table I literally pass out of laughter. I have to post the video below of him interrupting a divas match on Raw.

2. Eric Young
Guys please watch the Impact that aired on the 12th of this month and look at Eric Young outside the ring during ODB's match. This guy is one of the funniest individuals alive. When he was looking for television stars to defend his television title against back when he had that belt was just hilarious.

1. Ric Flair
Gotta go with Flair for the funniest guy in wrestling today. If Piper was around more it would go to him but since he's not its definitely Flair. I mean when he's on that mic he's cracks everyone up. He reminds me of a typical funny old man that you love to be around just so you can laugh. I would be a fool to not post his promo with Mick Foley on Impact from 9/30/10. Flair is gold. Please watch this video below pleaseeeee. And I have another one below where he tells Mick "You couldn't beat a hair on my ass".


Thanks guys for checking this one out. Please leave some feedback as well as your own list. Thanks guys and be safe. Until then.

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  1. freemonk's Avatar
    For me R-Truth has been hilarious over his career. The Pigeon rant at Survivor Series was hilarious.

    The Rock has always been solid as well on the mic as well...Cena's Lady Parts still makes me laugh.

    I think the 'Funkosauraus' Brodus Clay may need to be entered into that list if you update it in a few months.
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    I completely agree with every part of the blog, except Booker T, he's just annoying.
  3. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Gotta agree with most of the above wrestlers... especially Punk, Santino and EY. And definitely Sting (addressing Madison as to her perceived VP power: "You have no power. Zero, nada, goose egg, DONUT!" Madison in high screechy voice: "She gave me the power!" Sting in mocking screech voice: "Now I have the power!" Then jumps up and down to further mock Madison and Gail with a cat-eats-canary grin.)
  4. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Nice list. I like Cole sometimes also some people just him way to much crap.
  5. akbar's Avatar
    mostly good choices but I have no idea why you didn't put Cena in the top 10 at least...guy's number 1 in my view
  6. Irish Nature boy's Avatar
    I have to admit when i got to number 4 i started to worry, but of course the no.1 spot was sealed so ill leave on this note,

    "Learn to love it Fatboys, Wooooooooooooooooooooo cos he is the funniest tv star goin today"
  7. Irish Nature boy's Avatar
    At 3.50 in the last video, Mick: "let me be the solution."
    Ric: "the solution is kiss my ass"

    "When i die it'll be here or on top of a wet woman" ROF-FuckingL
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