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Ace Lancaster

WWE Diva's Division is BAD!!!!!

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Here are some of my thoughts on the WWE Diva's Division.

First of all I have to say that the Diva’s Division is absolutely horrendous right now. In my opinion we as fans want to tune in and be entertained and we want to see quality wrestling matches and storylines. Don’t waste our time with a two minute Diva’s match with no back story. The best Diva’s wrestlers in the WWE today are Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and Tamina. Here’s the problem. The WWE is under utilizing them. Natalya is the best on the mic out of the three but it’s hard for her and the others to improve when they have no air time. Right now the WWE Universe is dying for Kharma and Laycool to comeback and save the Diva’s division and the fans from one more moment of irrelevance.
Kelly Kelly: She is completely overrated. Her in ring ability is terrible, her mic skills are non-existent and the fans are really getting tired of her. Her matches last no more than three minutes and I’m sure all the fans are relieved of that. Her move set is bad. The Hurricanrana she does could be the worst move she has assuming she didn’t use Rikishi’s Stink Face which is just plain stupid. I mean not only is it nasty but it doesn’t make any sense to use. She has not had one good storyline ever. Sadly, she was the most entertaining on ECW in Extreme Expose.
Alicia Fox: Pretty much the same bad stuff as Kelly Kelly. Not one good storyline ever, her attire is bad, and what the Hell is that thing she wears on her head to the ring. Her move set is basically Booker T’s. I swear if she adds the “Bookend” somebody should be fired. She needs to go.
Bella Twins: Please put them as managers because they have the same issues as Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox. I can definitely see them working better as managers.
Eve: Eve has come a long way but she’s just not interesting. It’s so hard to get behind any of the subpar Diva’s because they bring nothing to the table. I think she would get a bigger reaction if she was a heel. They just need to change her gimmick because it’s to stale.
AJ: Gimmick could be the worst in the Diva’s Division. Capable wrestler but she’s doing all the wrong things. Please for the love of God change your attire. Plaid is bad AJ. In my opinion she needs to go back to FCW or NXT because they brought her up way too soon.
Kaitlin: Serious potential here but creative has gotten lazy with her. I loved how she was going to join the Diva’s of Doom but they let it slide and that’s it apparently. She needs a monster heel turn and that could definitely happen. She’s super strong and with the right heel gimmick she could be gold.
Rosa Mendes: I love what they’ve done with her. Managing Epico and Primo is genius. It’s a perfect role for her because she sucked in the ring. Now add Hunico and Camacho and we have a kick-ass group all managed by Rosa. Serious potential here if creative does it right.
Tamina: Talk about talent. She’s got it but she’s going nowhere fast. She needs to be in the title picture. She’s got the in ring ability and her mic skills are improving. Change her attire and give her some material to work with and now we’re talking.
Natalya: By far the best women’s wrestler in the entire WWE. She’s got the in ring ability and her mic skills are very solid. The problem is that creative keeps making her lose to the likes of Kelly Kelly and Eve which really sets her back. Right now it should be her, Beth, and Tamina competing in Triple Threat matches for the Diva’s title.
Beth Phoenix: The current champion and well deserved. She shouldn’t be losing to anyone except Natalya and Tamina. She’s great in the ring and her mic skills are starting to improve. Please change back to pants or a different outfit. The skirt is just not working.
Kharma: She was super hyped up and deservedly so. She was making a statement every week and was destroying anyone who got in her way. I would love to see her feud with the Diva’s of Doom. She really didn’t get a chance to do much because she got pregnant. However, once she comes back probably around April or May look for her to be more brutal than ever. After what the Bella twins were saying when she was talking to the fans my hope is that she goes after them first.
Laycool: The only word to say is “Flawless”. Please, please, please come back soon. The WWE needs you really bad.
Maxine: Maxine who, sadly, is stuck in the sewer which has become NXT is a shame. I’ve seen her wrestle a few times and she’s great. She also has awesome mic skills and really brings in some major heat. She needs to be on Raw or Smackdown.

That concludes my first blog. Please feel free to leave comments and opinions.

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  1. Ace Lancaster's Avatar

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    You've presented me with an opportunity to say this, so I will.

    The WWE divas have been irrelevant since Trish and Lita left. Rather than being attractive and skilled in the ring as they were back then, today's divas are nothing but barbie dolls, a point proven by the fact that Kelly Kelly is the face of the division.

    I call for the entire division to be disbanded.
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