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Current Storylines and Where They're Going...

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Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here. I really need to change that name. Any suggestions? Nevermind. I'm just opening the floodgates of immaturity with that request.

I'm going to do something a little different on this post. I won't be posting this weekend with Smackdown and TNA thoughts so I wanted to touch on the current storylines in the WWE. I will also be speculating on how I think they will unfold. And I promise, no complaining or displaying my likes or dislikes about any storyline. This will be just pure objective speculation.

Cena/Kane Feud +/- Ryder

The Cena vs Kane feud is really heating up. They haven't had many high emotional spots like they did two weeks ago, that had the viewers wondering if this was going to be the one that breaks Cena, but now it's getting physical. And Kane has made it known that those close to Cena will suffer the same fate.

I don't mind the Zack Ryder addition to these segments. They give it an added dimension. Just having Kane beating on Cena week in and week out would get old. I still stick by how I think this will all go down. A match at Royal Rumble that will end in a no-contest. It won't even be a match, but pretty much just an entertaining brawl. That's my prediction.

Punk/Laurenaitis + Company Feud

In my opinion, they're sort of duplicating the McMahon/StoneCold feud. I know, obvious. But here's where it's going to be different. Somewhere in the middle of all this, Laurenaitis is still only the INTERIM, General Manager of Raw. So, something is going to happen where he is replaced. I know, obvious again. This one is pretty hard to judge. But since reports of Jericho feuding with CM Punk have splashed all over the net, it's only logical to think that this will culminate sometime soon. I'm thinking Royal Rumble. Why? Read my next one as it ties in.

Chris Jericho's Return

Okay. So far, Chris Jericho has returned and said nothing. The crowd loves that he's back and it has rendered him speechless. Or has it? Think about the videos. The girl in the videos. It's already been speculated that she represents Stephanie McMahon. And Jericho's second appearance had him breaking into tears and mouthing something to himself. Whatever it is he's saying, one thing is evident. He's saying "Why?" followed by something else. Meaning he's back and it's not how he wanted to be. *storyline*. So, take the Stephanie McMahon speculation, and Jericho, who was never the biggest Stephanie fan, and you have someone being under the control of someone, though unhappy about it. And Stephanie wants the company back from HHH and Laurenaitis. So, Johnny Ace screws up the match at Royal Rumble. CM Punk is still the champ. In comes Jericho on the attack, taking out Laurenaitis and Punk. Out comes Stephanie. Jericho's doing her bidding. He's unhappy but it keeps him as a quasi-face figure. The feud with Punk begins. Remember, Punk insulted Stephanie quite a bit during his re-emergence. It's only fitting.

I'm very curious about these three storylines. I've voiced my dissatisfaction with Jericho's return, but there has to be more to it, which is why it's time to speculate. If he pulls the silent treatment again on Raw next week, with no new clues, then I might rant about how it sucks again. But for now, I'm keeping an open mind. I'm also curious how the Cena/Kane feud is going to end. The Rock will be returning soon. Will he be playing a part in the feud? Would they dare teeter with the Rock/Cena build by adding dimensions to it? I don't know. It would be hard to just explain away the Kane factor. This is a deep, emotional feud. It would be difficult to just end it upon The Rock's return. Finally, I do wanna see how CM Punk is going to defy the odds with Laurenaitis. I know there are Dolph lovers out there, but in this whole thing, he's just an afterthought. A filler. He'll have his time in the spot light. But for now, he's just a small piece to the bigger puzzle in this feud.

That's all I got. Right now, the remaining storylines are just the back drop to these three. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week. Feel free to comment with your ideas.

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Gotta say, I'm intrigued by your take on the above storylines. I'm not as big on the Kane/Cena feud because my gut tells me that somehow, Super Cena will triumph (as usual) and what have you, but I am glad to see Kane get back to his roots as a monster and hope that it will carry on further. The Cena/Johnny Ace feud... while it smacks of Attitude Era, I love seeing Punk just get to show his @$$ whenever he can (the shot he took on Johnny where he was willing to catch a charge = AWESOME!) And I'm quite invested to see what's in store for Jericho - your prediction got my attention, because I didn't think back to all of the backstory you mentioned above with him. Here's hoping these storylines get awesome - and soon. Great write!

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