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Royal Rumble 2012: Who Is On The Road To Wrestlemania?

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In this blog, I wanted to take a look at this years royal rumble. I want to evaluate the likely candidates to win, and point out who I believe will walk away from the rumble with a guaranteed title shot. Let's get into it shall we?

This year the royal rumble is back down to only 30 men. Personally, I prefer that. I thought the concept was interesting last year at 40, but just seemed like too many people. 30 seems right. Now in the past we have seen surprise entrants, people who have suddenly returned to win the rumble, wrestlers who haven't been in the WWE for a while. So far, only 4 people have been announced for the rumble, Jindar Mahal, Santino Marella, Wade Barrett, and Sheamus. Obviously more will be announced as time draws near. I remember reading on here a while back that Randy Orton was the favorite to win, as it was in his home town. Then he was injured. Now, correct me if I am wrong, there are rumblings he will be back in time, and even if he isn't fully healed that might have him show up as a last entrance or whatever to win. Personally, I hope not. I like Randy Orton and all, but I've enjoyed him out of the title picture, and I don't think it's time he comes back into it yet. So, here are the following people I consider the possible winners of this years Rumble.

Randy Orton
Obviously I've already covered why he is a possibility

Chris Jericho
There have been rumblings that it will be Jericho v Punk at WM. My guess is, if Jericho doesn't win the rumble, he will get into a program with Punk right after the rumble that will go through Elimination Chamber and into Wrestlemania.

The Miz
I like the Miz. I think from a year ago when he was champion, he has come along way. His promos have gotten better, his ring work has gotten better, all around he has his improved.

Now I am not sure if Christian is close to recovery or not, I don't remember reading anything. If the WWE had a desire for him to win it, and knew he would be back in time for Wrestlemania, he could do last entrant winning thing.I highly doubt he will win, let alone appear in the rumble, but still a possibility.

Cody Rhodes
I know JR blogged about Rhodes becoming a main title champion in 2012, and I am sure the people in the WWE are high on Rhodes, but I don't see Rhodes losing the IC title within the next month. I see him losing it at either Elimination Chamber, or, more likely, Wrestlemania. My guess is, Rhodes will be one of the last few in the ring during the Rumble, but he won't pull off the big win.

Wade Barrett
I've really liked what I've seen from Barrett lately. I said before, 2012 will be the year of Barrett. With there being the likelyhood of Daniel Bryan turning heel, it would be impossible to sell a heel v heel World title match at Wrestlemania, but still, from seeing how Barrett has been booked lately, my guess is the E is high on Wade.

Who will likely win
Randy Orton

Who do I want to win
Wade Barrett

Now, what I could see happening, is Wade Barrett or Randy Orton winning the rumble, we get through the Elimination Chamber, and then we get into a 3 person feud between Barrett, Orton, and Bryan, with whoever not winning the rumble, getting thrown into the mix to make it a triple threat match. I would really enjoy seeing that. Could that match steal the show from Rock v Cena? No way, but...could it be entertaining if booked right, I would definitely think so.

Well that is it. Hope you enjoyed reading. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas of what they'd like to see in a future blog, let me know and i will take it into consideration.

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  1. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    you didn't count Sheamus, I don't he will win but is good choice, I say instead giving Randy a second RR win give it to someone who haven't won it like Y2J or Miz
  2. keatsmeister's Avatar
    Bearing in mind his Rumble record, I think Kane is due a Rumble win, and I can't think of a better time for him to finally do it. Only problem is how that'd work with the angle he's working with Cena at the moment.

    Sheamus is a definite favourite, along with Wade Barrett. I can see Jericho winning it, but personally I'd rather see any of the 3 above win it. I'd be happy watching Punk/Jericho at WM with Punk dropping the title before then. As a dark horse, I would probably also take a punt at Ziggler for the Rumble match win - the guy has made a point of pulling double duty at a number of PPVs over recent months, wouldn't be too far-fetched for him to bag a late entry into the Rumble match
  3. Cross's Avatar
    I enjoyed reading your blog. I especially would want Wade Barret to win but other people I would want to win are Kofi Kingston(I know he wont, he is just one of my favs) and Sheamus cause he is so dominate.
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