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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts. The Good, Bad, and the Impartial

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So another monday has come and passed. Raw is over, and I thought I would share my thoughts.

The Good

CM Punk vs Jack Swagger
I really enjoyed this match. I think for the time they gave it, it was a good match compared to what we have seen on Raw recently. I especially like the ending of the match, with Swagger getting his shoulder up and the ref still counting 3. I am looking forward to see where they go next with this Ziggler/Punk/Lauranitus feud. The one thing I wanted to mention, I believe I read it on here that the WWE is wanting to recreate the Austin/McMahon moment between Johnny and Punk. This won't happen. A lot of people don't like Lauranitus, but he is no where near as hated as McMahon was. I think they need to stop putting a focus on Johnny and Punk, and let Punk shine in a feud with a wrestler without some kind of authority figure involved.

Dolph Ziggler v John Cena
So when this matched was announced, I was looking forward to it. For the short time they gave it in the ring, I really enjoyed it. My prediction, is by the end of 2012 Ziggler will be WHC or WWE champion. I would like to see Cena and Ziggler go at it more. I know a lot of people don't think Cena is good in the ring, but I think a feud between these two and some full length matches could be great. The only thing I could say negative about this match, was that it didn't really end

Kane Stalking Ryder
I was wondering after last weeks Raw, where they would go next. I liked this. Having Ryder worried and paranoid about Kane, and having Kane get to Cena through Ryder. I think they are going in the right direction with this feud, and am really looking forward to what happens next week.

Michael Cole
Now some of you might be like, "Why are you putting Cole in the good?" In my blog last week about Raw, I brought up Cole burying talents. This week, you didn't really hear that. Heck, you didn't even hear the forcing of twitter down our throats. Yeah it was on the show, but you can't honestly expect it not to come up. Maybe Vinnie Mac is taking notice, and making sure Cole doesn't trash talents that need built up

R Truth/The Miz/Ricardo Rodriguez
I must say I am really starting to enjoy this feud, and R Truth just cracks me up. I was glad to see they did something with Ricardo, even though Alberto is out. I liked how Miz got the upperhand for a moment, and then Truth sending Miz into running with his tail between his legs. I hope creative keeps booking this right and not turn it into garbage.

Now...some people may wonder why I have this in the good. Hear me out. I for one am not happy that twice now Jericho has come out, not said anything, and the second time, did his little cry schpeel. But, with that said, look at it this way. Jericho is one of those people who likes to get the internet community going. He likes to do things never done before. Whether you hate what he is doing, or you think it's brilliant, everyone is talking about Jericho. He is smart, and I think it's just a matter of time before Jericho finally cuts an awesome promo.

The Bad

Sheamus/Santino v Jinder/Wade
Here is why I say this is bad. It was a squash match. There was really no point to this match. If they wanted to help put a focus on the rumble and peopled involved, they could have done this another way. The only redeeming thing about this, was that Barrett wasn't really involved(i know he was the legal man for a very short bit), and that saved him from losing heat and momentum in my opinion.

Daniel Bryan v Kofi Kingston
Two weeks now, Bryan has basically squashed someone on Raw. First it was the current IC Champion Cody, and then one half of the tag champs Kofi. This bugs me. I get they are wanting to put Daniel over, and I can see from what they are doing with him we are going to get a heel turn sooner rather than later, but i think it's a waste of talent to have Bryan squash someone like Cody or Kofi. I was honestly hoping for a good back and forth match between the two, but then it ended so abruptly that it left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

The Impartial

Kanes Promo
Ok, I get Kanes whole schpeel, and I listened to his promo. I didn't hate it or dislike it, but nothing from it really caught my eye and made me go, dang he just said that.

Brodus "Funkasaurus" Clay
I think this is probably the thing most people are going to remember about this Raw. After weeks and weeks of build up, of promoting Brodus as this monster who just destroys everyone in his path, he comes a grooving funk master. At first I was like..."seriously?" I called my cousin in, showed him a promo the WWE used to promote the debut of Clay on Raw, and then showed him the portion from tonight. His exact response was, "wow they really just did that?" But then I got to thinking about it, and read some posts on the forum from others, and saw things in a different path. Why bill Brodus as this unstoppable monster, when on Raw you have Kane, and on SD you have Mark Henry. Will i ever take Brodus serious enough to consider him as a viable candidate for a World or WWE title shot? Heck no. For the IC or US titles? Possibly. As long as they do what they did tonight in the ring with him, a mix up of his silliness of a gimmick, and his power in the ring, I could see him being between ok and decent. Time will only tell the fate of Clay. Either this is going to be a character that flops big, or a character that people remember.

Overall Raw Rating:

Was this one of the best Raws of all time? No. Was it one of the worst? By no means. Was it better than last week? You betcha. I would give this Raw 3 out of 5 stars. It had a few decent memorable moments, and nothing so dull or boring or dreadful that makes me question why i watch the show.

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    Nice review. I was really surprised by Cole. Usually I have a small headache throughout Raw because Cole buries all the faces and plugs Twitter. But this time I actually heard him call the match, and he was good! Especially during the Swagger - Punk match. Cole even knew the names of the moves, which really needed.
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    Very average.
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    This week was a leap forward from previous months, nice blog
  4. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Sorry but one thing I don't understand is : How, for you, a match with a guy who does nothing in the ring but being completely dominated during almost the entire match, is something entertaining, especially as this is how Cena is in 99.9999% of his matches since 2005 and The Marine Gimmick ? I have nothing against Cena, I have just a problem with his character. For me he is just unwatchable anymore without fast forward the matches. He does a good job in doing nothing, but only to make his opponent look great, but in my opinion, this ruin the entire match as we already know how it will be.
  5. -TxCxL-'s Avatar
    somebody call his momma!
    anyway, good blog, good Raw, up from the past couple months

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