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How WWE Should Have Resurrected Kane

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We’ve seen it time and time again; WWE introduces big guys presented as ‘monsters’ but somewhere down the line they lose their credibility. The Big Show debuted in the WWF as a dominant Giant. He went on to win the WWF Championship before becoming this comic-value character who came to the ring as ‘Showkishi’, ‘The Big Showbowski’ or ‘The Showster’. The Great Khali debuted as one of the tallest guys in WWE history but then went on to be known as another guy on the roster used for laughs, in the form of ‘The Punjabi Playboy.’ WWE has a habit of introducing guys with not a great deal of potential in terms of in-ring ability but they have size. The trouble is that WWE will take advantage of that attribute for the first few months but then get bored with the character all together. I can’t help but feel that Kane – who has had far more potential than the names listed above – is a victim of what happens to so many of WWE’s monsters.

A lot of people consider 2002 and the moment that Kane removed his mask as the moment that Kane lost his credibility as a monster. They’re not far wrong. I’ll always feel that moment was the most damaging thing to do to Kane. However, Kane’s character and credibility was damaged long before 2002. In 1999, whilst Kane was in a tag-team with X-Pac, he entered a relationship with Tori. The storyline ultimately ended in Tori turning on Kane and leaving him for X-Pac, exposing him as a man (not a monster) with feelings. As far as I’m concerned, this was damaging to Kane’s character too and he was no longer ‘The Big Red Machine.’ On his debut in the WWF, Kane was mute. He began to speak with the aid of an electrolarynx and I thought this benefited his character. It gave him personality and he no longer had to rely on the likes of Paul Bearer to speak for him but at the same time, the use of this device maintained his representation as a machine. In the end, Kane began speaking completely unaided and his transition from machine to man began. Other than his World Championship reign in 2010, the management haven’t invested a great deal in Kane. He even spent a while on the ECW roster; not what you’d expect for a guy that had been with the company for thirteen years by this point.

Kane promised not long before his injury sustained by Mark Henry that he planned to ‘kill his humanity’ and what an opportunity this was to truly resurrect that dominant character that we knew some time ago. I welcomed Kane’s return under the mask and never thought it was completely impossible to repair his loss of credibility and turn him into a monster once again. If Mark Henry has the ability to succeed in being a credible World Champion after his former days as ‘Sexual Chocolate’, then I was sure that Kane could once again be ‘The Big Red Machine.’

Indeed, it would have been predictable for Kane to return and come after Mark Henry; the man that injured him but I really think that this would have been the right thing to do. Granted, Kane has returned and targeted the face of the company and he’s holding his own against a guy who is known for never backing down. I don’t think that the problem with this ‘resurrection’ is John Cena or even Zack Ryder; it’s just the premise of Kane’s apparent motive. Kane’s focus on embracing hate has got quite boring already and half of the time, I’m not really sure what he’s talking about as it seems so trivial. I found his opening segment on Raw this week as quite dull and I don’t think WWE have gone the right way about introducing Kane as a monster once again. It is obvious that Kane has a reason for going after John Cena and Zack Ryder but I don’t think this was really the right time for this storyline, nor was it the right way to re-introduce Kane remasked. In my opinion, the best way to establish Kane as a monster leaving a path of destruction behind him would be to have him go after the man that put him on the sidelines in the first place. With Kane destroying Mark Henry, it not only shows that he now has the upper-hand in a feud in which he previously suffered but that he has truly ‘killed his humanity.’ Mark Henry has destroyed a plethora of the WWE’s top stars in recent months and in my opinion, Kane should have been the man that was able to put a stop to it.

This being said, this storyline is not anywhere near over and it may ultimately pay off, but so far I have lost a great deal of interest and I think it could have been managed much better. Nevertheless, I’m pleased to see Kane walking through hellfire and brimstone once again and I look forward to hopefully seeing him used to his full potential in the near future.

This was my first blog so I hope you all enjoyed it. I may go on to make this a regular thing if I find that I have enough to talk about and if it generates enough interest. You can follow me on Twitter: if you’re interested in more of my opinions on the goings on inside the ring and at Titan Towers.

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Updated 01-11-2012 at 10:55 AM by Frank

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    Spot on blog bro, couldn't have said it better myself
  2. Pjsoul's Avatar
    I agree with you to a point. The fact he went after Cena was unexpected and I like this but also they wanted another heel and if he came after Henry he would have been an instant Face and would have been difficult to comprehend. I don't think that "monsters" should talk at all really and if they do they should keep it very minimal and not use words like "sucks". The use of language is key for a character like Kane as it conjurs images of the Old Testimant and the language should reflect that. Kane's impact, like the Undertaker's, came in the fact they were so big and intimidating they didn't have to say anything and they generally had the likes of Paul Bearer or Harvey Wippleman to do the talking for them, which made them all the more daunting. Kane's character is so obviously based on the likes of Michael Myers who didn't talk because they didn't have to.
    Having said that, Kane is actually quite good on the mic and should be allowed to talk but it should be of few words and he should not move around the ring so much, it makes him look more human which a "monster" like Kane should never look.

    Keep the blogs coming tho dude.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    hmm I feel Kane should talk..because he's very gud on mic...his going against Cena st away in his return is unexpected..n is gud...but, my only worry is...where can they take their rivalry from here??

    Will they make Cena look weak by losing to kane?? Will Kane don wanna see it..

    The best storyline would be..Kane coming destroying everyone..n in Royal Rumble he should win..n go against DB in Wrestlemania..that wud be gr8..because I seriously think..he should win a Royal Rumble Match...

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