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Here comes the Pain: Brock and the WWE

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When I first heard Brock lesner announced his retirement at the loss to Alistair Overeem, it was like sweet music to my ears, mainly because I knew he will be coming back to the WWE. He is 34, which is young for someone to retire at the UFC, I assume the only reason he retired is mma training is just way to hectic for someone like Brock lesner, who's probably been training his body since he was a teenager, and all that work just caught up with his body and seeing what current mma fighter are doing to prepare for fights and learning and learning to fight at a young age. He was never going to keep up. But all credits to him for making it to the top and for helping the UFC be as big it is today.
Now that his retired, I'm pretty sure his going to be back to WWE in the near future, he still has muscles, I’m sure he still can pull of good matches, and he’ll definitely be in the title contention as well as earn a lot money from it so It just makes sense on both sides for him to return.

Why WWE NEEDS Brock lesner:
First of all I would want Brock to go for the World Heavyweight Championship, it's no big secret that this area of WWE needs some credibility and someone who actually look like a menacing Scary guy that no one can beat. The current champion, Daniel Bryan...your joking me, I understand all that his done but it's about what you can do now and maybe it's just me but no, I'm not sold on him. Also the no1 contender Big Show, someone Brock lesner has had a great feud with has run out of steam. I'm just not a fan of either, don't enjoy watching his matches. Mark Henry is decent I guess, he looks more muscly than just fat (big show) so I didn't mind when he was champion. This title run is just screaming for someone like Brock lesner to come and save it.

What Brock lesner could offer:
What Lesner can offer? Well let's see, he was already a huge superstar before UFC, multiple WWE titles, king of the ring and the royal rumble under his belt. He pretty much has a huge following and every fan would accept him with open arms. We all know he can cut crazy promos if he is heel and he can cut funny promos if he is face, his backstage clips with Kurt angle and the divas are pretty funny.
Another huge plus is that he went to UFC and not only did he make it in UFC he was the face of their company, everyone loved him and he constantly drew interest from the outside world whenever he was fighting. I remember when his fights were on Facebook people that didn't care for UFC would talk about watching him fight. He is famous really famous, so if or when he goes back to the WWE his going to be bringing a whole bunch of new fans that he got from dominating UFC and give WWE much more publicity.

After they bring back Brock lesner, I want wwe to bring back the animal Batista and I want them two have a crazy feud, the thought of that feud is just crazy, this would bring Smackdown back to its best and to counter with raw keep punk, Cena and Miz in the WWE title contention, at that point WWE will be back to its best and of course it will all be depending on how smartly it is done but I’m sure that won't be hard to do. At that point if there is anyone still complaining about the state WWE, then those people are just impossible to impress just can't get any better. Raw has prestige, Smackdown has prestige...I see big things heading towards WWE.

WWE and Vince better be working hard to sign Brock Lesner right now or whenever his contract at UFC runs out. I’m a huge fan of Brock lesner as are a lot of people and I know he could realm a new but short dominance of WWE along with punk. I say short because in about 3 years I want a new generation of superstars like Cody Rhodes, Dolph, Wade, and Seth Rollins who I Saw recently and was impressed by but that's a blog for another day, soo a bit everyone

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  1. pjpjr6's Avatar
    Ugh, can people please just proof-read what they write? Check for grammar. Check for complete sentences. FFS, check spelling.
  2. lpierce30's Avatar
    Gotta agree with proofreading. On top of that, I'm pretty sure Lesnar's decision to retire probably stems from the fact that he's never really recovered from the diverticulitis, so if he does come back, I'm guessing (at least for a while) it would be purely in some sort of non-wrestling role. He left UFC because of his health, so I doubt getting into the ring would be something he'd be quick to do.

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