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Cobra Commander

WWE: The Nintendo of Wrestling

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Greetings and thank you for reading my blog. I hope you all enjoy my perspective on things. If you like it I may even do one once a week or once a month. Anyway enjoy the first edition of THE SNAKE PIT!

Like many new people here I was going to rip the WWE a new one with another blog that did nothing but bash them but after cooling off I have decided not to do that. At first I thought the WWE was trying to kill itself or Vince McMahon had gone mad with power or maybe the WWE though it was so big it could do anything it wanted and people would not only watch it but they would enjoy it because they had no choice. Well after cooling off I have determined I was wrong on all accounts and here is why.

The WWE is like the Nintendo of wrestling. Vince made a lot of money with the attitude era and people loved it. I should know because I was one of them who loved the attitude era. I had all kinds of shirts, and still do, with all kinds of four letters words on them that made the WWF the show to watch. Now a new era has arrived and it is the PG era. The reason why is because Vince is many things, a husband, a father, a wrestling promoter but first and foremost he is a business man and the PG era makes sense when you look at it through the eyes of a business man.

During the attitude era the main focus of the WWE was men 16 - 40. Yes there were lots of kids and women who liked it also but the demographic it was looking for was young to middle aged men who love cussing, fighting, conflict, and beer and for a time it was good but Vince being the smart business man that he is decided he wanted to get more money. Now how do you get more money when you have tapped your target demographic? You evolve, experiment, and expand. That is what Vince concluded and the only people out their that has more money then young, single, men is, yes you guessed it, the family dollar.

Think of it this way. One unit counts as a household that watches wrestling. During the attitude era One unit was one guy or maybe a father and son so that go with that. It means they get two tickets to the show and buy two shirts at the event. If they are at home they buy two shirts online. When you upgrade to the family dollar a unit is about four people. So when the go to a show they buy four tickets, four shirts, and when they buy online they buy four shirts. In short by lowering the rating and getting the family dollar Vince can, in theory, double his money. Now it will not be exact but if you were presented with the option of doubling your money I think most people would at least try it for a while. That brings me to the best part of all of this. What Vince is doing is an experiment on making more money. Vince already knows he is going to lose money because he is making a lot of hardcore fans mad but he does not care if for every one hardcore fan he loses he gain two more people with the family dollar. On top of that if he does lose more then he gains he will go back to PG13+ because it is about making money in the long run. It is a win win for Vince because he will either get more money with the family dollar or he will bring back the PG13+ and the hardcore fans will come back with a vengeance. Kind of like when Coke did New Coke and then came back with Coke Classic. Their sales went through the roof and I think the same will happen here.

So yes I do not like where the WWE is going as far as my entertainment dollar is concerned but I do see where they are going as far as the big picture is concerned.

Now with all that said they did miss a great opportunity with Kane last night and yes it is still a PG idea. When Cena and Kane where in the back lot and Cena was about to knock Kain off of the dock they should of done it and here is why and how. Cena could of used all of his force in a last punch and you see Kane go over but you never here a bang when he hits the ground. The camera would go to Cena after that last punch who would be resting on a knee for a few seconds. Then you should see him get a worried look when he thinks of what he did and look over the edge but Kane is gone and the pallets below are untouched. So it looks like he disappeared before he hit the ground. Then Cena could look around a little freak out. I think that would of provided a bigger oh shit moment then his disappearing when he is winning the fight.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the first
SNAKE PIT and please feel free to comment. Thanks for the view.

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  1. Razor's Avatar
    Well thought out blog. I like your Kane idea at the end there, that would have worked quite well I think.
  2. LazinessDistrust&Villainy's Avatar
    I definitely can see your point of view about the Family Dollar. It works much the same way with other products that are on the market. Not only does appealing to a wider audience and to entire households help make money, but if you can get the new generation of young viewers loyal to the product and mom and dad are okay with it because it's Cena Approved, then you are breeding new loyal customers for years to come. Why do you think McDonalds had the clown for such a long time? If the WWE markets to children now then when they grow up they will take their kids because of the fond memories they had when they were young of Cena beating up all the "bad guys" and instilling values that helped shape their morality, fun, etc., and so on and so on. It is a brilliant, yet underhanded, but brilliant marketing scheme indeed.

    I do like your idea about Kane as well, that would add more mystery and suspense. Great job!
  3. Mikkaelson's Avatar
    I dismiss your Kane theory. The Babyface cannot have the upper hand on a heel going into a major pay per view match. It goes against basic wrestling psychology. I do not believe Kane simply disappearing would suspend my disbelief enough to make me think that Kane could of possibly come out of the scenario better off.
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mikkaelson
    I dismiss your Kane theory. The Babyface cannot have the upper hand on a heel going into a major pay per view match. It goes against basic wrestling psychology. I do not believe Kane simply disappearing would suspend my disbelief enough to make me think that Kane could of possibly come out of the scenario better off.
    I see Cobra Commanders point. Think about it, Cena punches Kane off the side and down to the crates, drops to a knee to recoup, looks over the edge and you don't see Kane nor do you see broken crates. You are like, "Wtf...where is Kane", and then throughout the rest of the night you see him in the shadows stalking Ryder, and at the end chokeslamming Ryder off and choking out Cena. I think it would have actually made Kane seem more...what is the word I am looking for...invincible? It's like, you toss this guy down to the ground and he just vanishes...damn. Good blog cobra commander.
  5. CobraNightviper's Avatar
    I get it too Kane is more like a murder in a horror flick then a human being good blog and COBRA!!!

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