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WWE's Storylines: Cena/Kane, Jericho, Punk/Laurinitis/Ziggler...

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Hello everyone welcome to LoGik's Thoughts & Opinions! So many blogs are circulating at the moment about current storylines and I thought I would give my take on current storylines on both raw and smackdown. Lets get into it!



This current storyline was good to begin with. Now I feel that nothing will really come out of it although it is still very entertaining. Kane is definitely holding his weight in this feud. Cena is of course being the superman he's known to be. I really enjoyed Kane's promo last night and I think he is now a heel. His whole speech of hate and how we can't rise above it so embrace it was great. I am really enjoying the kane character and he is the most entertaining to watch IMO right now. I applaud that the wwe didn't just bring him back as a monster with only physical capability. It's great to see a villain with intellect and mind games. Kane is perfect for this role and he's doing a great job with it.


People are buzzing about Jericho's return. Some say it was genius or "gold",whilst others say it was pointless or dull. IMO there was no really compelling way for him to return. Everyone knew it was him people in the crowd were chanting Y2J before he appeared. So I guess this way of him not saying anything was a different way for him to return. As far as the promos for his return go I feel it was really pointless to build it up for so long. Although last night we saw him burst into tears(and no he's not pregnant lol). I think I saw him saying "why" and "why do I do this" or "why do you do this" while he was still crying in the ring. This added another dimension to his return. While I'm bot so amped on his whole return or this current storyline it is part of the show so I'll wait to see what happens next week.

CM Punk/Laurinitis/Ziggler:

It felt as though last night's raw was missing something and I think it was a CM Punk promo. I've read those reports that the wwe is worried about ratings dropping when punk is on but I don't feel that punk is to blame. They got him going against ace in a rebel/establishment feud and he's battling an up and comer Dolph Ziggler. I personally think Ziggler is great but I feel they need to give them more time for this feud. Great to see Ziggler battling for the top champion hopefully they don't give him a 30 minute screw job run like last year around this time.


Brodus Clay if finally here and he's dancing and smiling? ok I'll admit it was funny and not expected,plus those two dancers were damn hot! I was watching Raw with my brother and we predicted Clay's return during the commercial break. They announce him,he comes out to generic serious rock music,fights a jobber,quick squash,he leaves. Well he did have a quick squash match but he was funky about it! haha. I think this can be good for brodus in the long run. I mean if he starts as a funky player type he can always snap and go monster heel. If he came in as a monster heel where could he go from there? plus they need some comedy acts because santino is getting stale and hornswoggle is just ridiculous. Some people have said they made him into a joke but remember Mark Henry's sexual chocolate? He was involved in one of the most ridiculous relationships in the attitude era of not in television history! Look at him now. If this is wwe's attempt to bring back actual characters and personalities instead of generic cocky heel and generic monster heel then I'm all for it.



While I am a fan of sheamus he is beginning to bore me. I am no longer looking forward to his match when he shows up on the TV screen. They need to do something with him and quick. I get he may be playing the part of putting young talent over but this feud with Mahal is not working. Did anyone else notice him not get any reaction on Raw? I don't think him speaking in a foreign language works either. This guy needs to brush up on his skills because him and Sheamus are taking up parts of Smackdown and Raw now too. End this feud please.

Cody Rhodes/Goldust/Booker T:

Let me start by saying Cody Rhodes is great. His feud with booker t may not have had the best matches but they were ok. I think this feud with his brother could be great though. I know we've read reports on how they don't want this match at wrestlemania but I think it could hold wrestlemania standards. I think they are wasting a golden opportunity If they have Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes at the rumble. Imagine this feud it could work. You have the family feud which a lot of people can relate to. You have prestige brought back to the intercontinental title. They could even bring in dusty rhodes,hell put dusty,cody,and dustin in piper's pit that could build some real momentum. for the wrestlemania match promo they could use photos of their childhood with them standing side by side holding fake belts,you know real emotional stuff. Career vs. Title,Cody vs. Dustin,Wrestlemania,cody wins,make it happen wwe.

Bryan/Big Show/Mark Henry:

Bryan is beginning to show some heel actions which is what I think a lot of people on this site want. I am enjoying the promos and back and forth between these men and I think Bryan will turn heel. Not much else to say.

Thanks for reading. I am going to a house show this weekend and I am going to do a blog about the wwe live show experience vs. the wwe house show experience it should be pretty good. Until next time,Have a nice day!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good Blog Man. I enjoyed reading it. I'm actually getting ready to blog something similar, except with my speculations on the storylines. It should be up tomorrow so check it out if you get a chance.

    Keep up the good work and have fun at the house show.

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