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The Funkasaurus - An alternative perspective

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I am currently writing a wrestling blog on the Nexus - or more specifically - Life after Nexus mainly focusing on the current flourishing career of David Otunga. However, this all had to be placed immediately on hold as soon as I saw the debut of 'The Funkasaurus'

After a genuine jaw to the floor moment in stunned silence and disbelief, I managed to pull myself together. From much reflection, I would like to retort as to why The Funkasaurus is a gimmick that is good for business. And it's not simply based on the notion that people genuinely get a kick out of watching fat people dance. This is a blog I would expect to garner much heat given that as soon as one Brodus Clay stepped through the curtain, Twitter apparently lit up with negative references of "Sexual Chocolate, Disco Inferno, Flash Funk, The God Father and The Red Rooster". The most amateur of wrestling fans will know that all these gimmicks booked themselves on a one way train to Sucksville.

Firstly, we must remember that The Funkasaurus is still Brodus Clay and Brodus Clay is still a terrific talent. And I'm not just talking terrific - I'm talking 'future hall of fame' terrific. Given the right guidance, Brodus Clay could have his name echoed alongside those of the great big men of the sport - Big Van Vader and Bam Bam Bigalow - both future hall of famers in their own right. Whilst on this, I'd like to refelct on a similar scenario to etch this point home. Just before the passing of Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero reinvented himself as Kerwin White. Everyone booed. Yet Kerwin White, for the short time he appeared on TV, was still a 15 year veteran of the squared circle and still producing grade A* quality matches. Something which became lost to the casual wrestling fans who filled the arena's with unflattering chants of "Keeeeerwin, Keeeeerwin". New gimmick, same great wrestler. The above mentioned names in Sucksville did not have the talent to dig their gimmicks out of the gutter and Brodus Clay does. See my previous post concerning Dolph Ziggler and know the future could still be very rosey despite the initial gasps.

Secondly, Anything that gets Brodus on TV is clearly a plus. I expect Brodus to make a big impact at this years Royal Rumble match like Kane in 2001, followed by a Bill Goldberg undefeated streak to give him a helping kick start in getting over. Lets have a look at the jobber he squashed - Oh, that would be Curt Hawkins. Currently destined for a life on Superstars before being wished well in his future endevours. I bet he'd give his left testicle to be The Funkasaurus right now.

Finally, we must give credit to Vince McMahon as he is the greatest wrestling promoter in the history of sports entertainment. He knows what he's doing and Brodus Clay clearly equals dollar signs. I place my faith fully in Vinne Mac knowing he would not send one of his prize assets straight to the slaughter house so early in his carer. No, there's a bigger picture here and we must not lose sight of this simply after watching Brodus shake his wobbly white bits for a mere 3 minutes. The gimmick will evolve with time sure - babyface or heel, it can swing either way. But be assured, Brodus will be mixing it up with the former rap master, The Dr of Thuganomics in no time. Remember that gimmick?? Word mother freekin' life!

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  1. KC_Kyng's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BlackFalcon
    Hey I just read on a Youtube comments that the girls who were dancing with Funkasaurus were Ariane and Christina off Tough Enough. Anyone able to confirm this for me?
    Ryan has already confirmed this
  2. KC_Kyng's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Slivon
    Lets put it this way Dolph Ziggler started off as a male cheerleader and now he has a title shot for the Greatest championship in professional wrestling, which proves that it is not about the gimmick but about the person using the gimmick
    100% agree with you... hell look at Zack Ryder.. A former Tag Champion with the Jobber that Clay Demolished on RAW... Nuff said
  3. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    darn internet is ruining wwe for me. I love this gimmick, in fact this pleases me because wwe is now not scared to make gimmicks anymore. for all the people that say brodus clay's career is now over obviously are the same negative folk who would go mad if randy savage was getting some over the top gimmick today and not being pushed as a "serious" competitor.

    some people need to grow up, because they're just childish and angry that what they think should happen doesnt happen i.e. brodus clay being the new mark henry
  4. Sondreg's Avatar
    brodus clay future hall of famer .. seriously?? The guy is a goof and this gimmick is clearly not something thats gonna stick. Id say its part of a story line with "the funkman" aka mr excitement himself. For all your braindead marks out there.
  5. pjpjr6's Avatar
    Great blog.

    What I was most impressed with was his charisma. This guy seems to be the equivalent of a 5-tool baseball player.
  6. Nick565's Avatar
    I think the debut was a little different than what I expected, but at the same time, they showed off his power, charisma, athleticism. That being said, at some point he will turn heel, and given all the things he shows off at this point in his career, he will become even better. Imagine Mark Henry's power with Clays Charisma? It's going to happen, later I'm assuming over soon, but when it does we will all still complain about it.
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