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Johnny Ace snaps, JeriTrolled again, and Socko returns...

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Why hello again! As I did last week, I'm going to blog on this week's Raw. Let's get this started...

As it will be the talk of the IWC for the next week, I'm going to start with the last fifteen minutes or so of this week's show. The JeriTroll struck again and Mick Foley took his place in what was already a pretty decent main event. I for one thought that was the big moment this week and maybe next week we would find out that Foley was to be added to the Royal Rumble match.

In fact, we got the most epic ending to Raw since CM Punk's shoot promo last year. Once again Punk delivered an awesome promo, but the talking point will no doubt be Johnny Ace finally snapping and showing some of the fire and character he has claimed to have for months now. It was difficult to top Punk's outburst but somehow any kind of object to Mick Foley's skull is worth a thousand words. This WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble just got interesting, as did the long-running feud between Punk and Ace.

On another note, Jericho's hot tag/excitement/bail moment was pure gold and the funniest moment of the show, just going ahead of Foley simply reply "Yes" to Ziggler's questions in the opening segment. I won't dwell too much on that since anybody who read my entry last week knows I'm a huge Jericho fan and, according to one person, would love to have homosexual moments with him. For that person's benefit, I would lol.
In other Raw news from tonight, I did have some difficulty following for most of the first hour due to the major waste of time most of it was. I'm talking the Tag Team Championship match (it would have been a much better match had it been built to the Rumble) and the fact that Perez Hilton actually got to be on Raw (it's a programme aimed primarily at men for Jebus' sake! Who's bright idea was that? - the only saving grace is that, like the divas match he was involved in, it was a short-lived and forgettable moment).

I was surprised that Brodus Clay made me laugh with his entrance and in-ring antics this week, however. I know I knocked it last week but I genuinely think I could get to tolerating this gimmick as it has it's moments of hilarity. He will still be jobbing to Michael Cole once I download him on WWE 12 though.

That's all for me tonight, thank's for reading!

P.s. Last week I posted about downloading my uploaded content for WWE 12. Unfortunately the network ruined that idea, and I can only apologise.


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  1. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Just a heads up before I get slaughtered for it, but with the amount of things which happened on Raw tonight it somehow slipped my mind to include the Over-the-top-rope challenge and John Cena embracing the hate, two things I thought were also pretty sweet tonight. I actually backed Cena for the first time in years and Truth made a great comment on his Disney slideshow - "I'm not even sure if that's PG!", Lol.
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    I freaking loved RAW this week!
  3. littlewolf128's Avatar
    I was sure Jericho needed to talk to keep me entertained with his act tonight. But oh was I wrong! I really like where they are going with the Cena-Kane angle. Im just worried that the conclusion to Cena Kane will be over shadowed by Cena Rock. Too bad Johnny Ace couldn't grow a pair before Punk left the ring. Punks promo could of been even better! Raw is awesome. But most importantly Raw is Jeritroll.
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    great blog. that was by far the best raw I have seen in months. This week was by far Jericho's best work, hilarious and interesting character. And for the first time I truly felt that r truth's face run will be a big success
  5. Sydnister's Avatar
    Really good blog. RAW was better this week than it has been in a long while. The only thing I didn't care for was the Jericho walk out. He is not drawing heat from me. I am just bored with it. This is one of the crappiest returns I have ever seen. DULL!!!

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