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Jericho, Cena's heel turn, and Brodus wants his mama...

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It's been a while...

I haven't posted on this, or any professional wrestling website, for about six months now, and I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I'm genuinely happy with the product.

Don't get me wrong, I've effectively cut SmackDown out of my WWE diet (unless I get bored and need something to watch), but Raw and the past year's PPVs have been decent in my eyes.

The reason I decided to write tonight is purely based on the fact that I haven't written anything in a while and I have a hankering to do so; I apologise if this becomes a nonsensical rant.

So Chris Jericho returned. We all knew he was coming back and based on the Memphis crowd from last week's Raw nobody noticed. That annoyed me to the core. The man loves the business (anybody who's read his books will vouch for me on that point, and if you haven't read them... you should! They're great books) and his return was beyond genius. At this point I'll admit I've been a Jerichoholic since his WWF debut in 1999, and have since looked back on his career beforehand. The term 'JeriTrolled' trended tonight on Twitter and last week the man dominated Twitter after he fooled everyone who watched. The only flaw in his return was that that crowd was far too quiet for such a big moment. They're clearly building for something huge and the crowd that night almost undersold it. I guess my main point on the return of Y2J is that those of you who are bitching and moaning that it wasn't good enough have fallen straight into what the twist was intended to do, and those of us who loved it have also fallen under its spell. When they say Raw is Jericho it's not just a catchphrase... it's a proven fact judging by the last two weeks.

John Cena turning heel? I honestly hope I'm surprised at some point before WrestleMania but I just can't see it happening. Using the return of Kane (in what is an awesome mask/s but lame attire) to keep us fans guessing is a great move for all involved, except maybe Zack Ryder. That guy has been pushed too far up the ladder too quickly and it shows. I couldn't be happier that he's been squashed tonight; not out of dislike, I actually grew fond of his character for a while and saw some wrestling ability in him. I just think he needs to stay in the mid-card for a while longer before he makes the jump into a John Cena storyline. Anyway, I'm going off track here. While I would love to see Cena turn heel and I am genuinely enjoying seeing Kane use his chloroform hand to knock him out every other week, the heel turn is unnecessary. The premise of The Rock versus John Cena is two generations of superstar taking on one another, and that in itself encompasses two different fan bases. The Rock represents the older fans who grew up on the risk and TV-14 'Attitude' era, while Cena represents the innocence of today's younger fans (no blood, head shots with chairs, and no climbing the Hell in a Cell - that one makes those matches almost boring for me, unless they're done with an unseen twist). As nice as it would be to see Cena turn heel, I can't see it myself.

And finally, Brodus Clay and his funky return. I cannot stress enough how little I cared about this debut/return (is it really a debut if he already appeared at WrestleMania?). It dragged on for months and months and all we got was a wasted ten-minute match which saw the doggiest ring attire and gimmick since the Gobbeldy Gooker. That being said, it made for one of the more bizarre moments in an otherwise storyline-heavy Raw. I guess they decided to make Brodus the new Santino since the Milan Miracle is actually being put into storyline heading into the Royal Rumble (as an accessory, but it counts). But seriously, who did Brodus annoy to deserve this?

Okay, that's about all from me for now. Once again, sorry for turning this into a rant and congratulations if you managed to get far enough to read this
. Thank's for reading, and as ever I love the comments.

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  1. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    I have a theory on what Brodus 'did'. A few weeks ago Ryan reported how creative had nothing for him, but gave him the option of creating a gimmick for himself. The gimmick he chose was an unstoppable monster heel who destroyed the competition. Instead of simply rejecting this idea they've completely blown it out of the water and 'punished' him with dropping him from Raw and giving him this weird gimmick.

    That being said, he ran with the gimmick extremely well and showed how charismatic he can be, I'm sold on it!

    Very sound blog CtC
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback CM_SUXX_NOT. I plan to give it a few weeks to sink in, but I think they could have done so much better for him. I fear for the person who came up with that gimmick though lol.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Wow. Bad blog. Do you dream of cuddling with Y2J at night time too?
  4. The Resh's Avatar
    As disappointed as I was with Jericho this week, I trust way too much in him to botch this return, so I'm giving it time.

    I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on John Cena.

    Good blog.
  5. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    @DK Wrestling Savior You know it

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