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Ideas for the WWE Network: Talk Show, Reality, More

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I don't know about you lots but I’m Excited about the wwe network, I'm curious to see how it’s going to look and how the scheduling will be.
Anyways I'm going to be giving out some example of programmes they can have to make it enjoyable.


In terms of wrestling shows I want to see maybe wwe superstars and nxt on that channel, I think making a new wrestling show just for the network seems a bit too much hard work for the wrestlers who are constantly wrestling and doing house shows along with live shows. Maybe develop superstars for like the mid carders and high flyers and make about pure wrestling with amazing matches forget if they can cut a promo or not.
For me the main thing they need to have is classic WWE shows and matches. So basically 'raw classic' and just show great raw episodes, you could start from episode one and go up to like 2001.
Rinse out literally all of the wcw and ecw tapes to make up for air time.

Top 10...
Have like a special show called top 10, and show a countdown of great matches in various categories, e.g. Top high flying matches, top 10 upsets etc...Basically if wwe are smart they would take note from various YouTube videos where it has ideas which they can take on board that are actually really great.
One type of show I will always watch is if they have repeats of classic ppv, every wrestling w
enjoys watching those ppv's and the memory of those times come flooding back to us...happy days

Talk show
What I'm thinking of is like a Larry king style talk show with no studio audience and asking questions with a more serious tone. Getting current wwe superstars to talk about their life experiences and how they feel about various issues on the wrestling world today. Every other episode have a superstar like cena or punk talking about how they got in the business and talk about their current feud or all sorts, it would be a good way for them to add more heat on their feud...whatever the style and format a regular chat show would be interesting to watch and could be like their flagship show, could be hosted by someone like josh Mathews or Jim Ross, in fact Jim Ross sounds perfect for the show.

Life stories
this would be a show like I guess in the style of 60 minutes or something, mainly for the legends to talk about their time at the wwe through their thighs and lows. This show could do well for the older viewers who would have grown up watching these stars and maybe younger fans like me that don't know much about legends like steamboat or rude and learn about the history of wrestling.

Debate Shows
I find these kinds of shows fucking interesting, especially when you have someone like Jim cornette tearing apart or complementing a issue and topic. But I just enjoy hearing exerts and veterans talk about wrestling and their opinion just interest me .but this show might not work because it is in the wwe network and I only see a one sided argument ever taking place. But never know...Vince is a genius and could pull something out the bag.

I think this show has already been confirmed and I guess it'll be interesting to see old grumpy wrestling arguing while living under one roof, jersey shore and reality shows are really huge at the moment so no surprise a show like has been confirmed.

Now when I heard they might have ppv's on the channel live I was thinking the really insignificant ones like bragging rights but I'm sceptical if they will have the big 4 on the network as it just seems too good to be true.

Overall I really hope this is a success for WWE, it's definitely a bold move for the company and how this venture turns out might be crucial to the future of WWE.

In a bit everyone

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Updated 01-06-2012 at 03:54 PM by Frank

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. straightedge916's Avatar
    one show they were rumored to have was a reality show for the WWE road crew, the guys who set up the stage and ring and stuff. i would like to see that. that would be pretty interesting
  2. mp34everdb's Avatar
    I'm a long-time WWF/E fan but I hope that the WWE Network fails, and maybe finally Mr. Delusional McMahon will realize that his company is really a wrestling company no matter what he likes to call it.
  3. cloverstone82's Avatar
    I cant wait to see the legends house, i love that stuff, like the sureal life
  4. Tall's Avatar
    I think they should show the tapings from FCW on there. If they are going to be the future up-and-comers it would be a great chance to make a name for themselves before they enter the big leagues. I like the talk show idea and it would have to be Ross hosting it. I really hope it is used as a way for the young kids and the talented low carders to get exposure and gain a following rather than just being reserved for the legends and the main eventers.
  5. CactusJackBangBang!'s Avatar
    So whats the go with the PPVs on the WWE Network.... will it cost more or are they included in the subscribtion price of the network?
  6. B-ri's Avatar
    The PPV's are included in the subscription for the network, I just hope they offer it to the UK at some point...
  7. mattw705's Avatar
    I wonder if we'll see a weekly countdown show that fits in with the Power 25 on WWE's website. It would be a good flashback show to remind viewers of what happened over the previous weeks.

    I'd love to see WCW Nitro shown in succession every Tuesday night at 8 or something like that. This was you could follow along with the old school plots every Tuesday and it wouldn't compete with RAW.

    That talk show idea is great! Interviews with Jim the recent WWE Greatest Rivalries: Shawn vs. Bret DVD.

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