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Rick Starr

Batista, RVD, and Lesnar: Are they coming back?

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Welcome back Splashers! I just want to take a quick second to give a shout-out, to the people who participated in my last blog: Jags, PSOJedi, Mattw705, Sully, TheLegendaryIcon, number13, and HCollins-TNA1. Thanks to all of you, for your great posts! Well enough of the small talk, let's get on with the Splash!

Batista, RVD, and Lesnar: Are they coming back?

There is some talk that some big names could be coming back to the WWE. Most of it is just speculation; some of it is by websites, while others are just teasers from magazines. So for right now, take all of this with a grain of salt.

WWE Magazine briefly talked about Batista’s career, and even teased a possible return. Batista is also a downloadable character in the latest THQ game: WWE 12, which only adds more speculation. Here is a following excerpt from that article: “Although he left the company in 2010, many see the departure as a temporary one, and it’s simply a matter of time before The Animal rises again.”

When Batista left the company, he stated he was not happy with the direction of the company. At the time Batista was a “heel”, and was rapidly losing the fan’s interest. This was mostly because his character came off as a crybaby, than the “Animal” he was once known for. Right now Batista is working on several movie deals. He just finished up “The Man with the Iron Fist”, and will soon be working on the Chronicles of Riddick sequel.

I personally would like to see Batista return to the WWE, but I don’t see him returning soon (Later on down the road…who knows.). Now that Chris Jericho has just returned, all it would do is steal his thunder, and that’s just bad for business. As for his MMA career, I haven’t read anything about Batista winning any big matches, let alone any championships.

Brock Lesnar:
Brock Lesnar, who has just recently retired from the UFC, claims that he will “never be seen in an octagon again”. This left quite a speculation, as he had a smirk on his face when he made that statement. Like Batista, Bock Lesnar is also a DLC for WWE 12. Many people in the IWC community thought that Lesnar was somehow involved with the 1-2-12 promos, which only kept the rumors of his return stirring like crazy.

Brock left the WWE on bad terms. Despite his raw power, he was pushed to the top too fast, and the success went to his head. Many people might disagree with me, but I feel that was Brock’s biggest problem at the time. Since then Brock has done quite a bit of growing up, although he admits he still has some “demons”. While I would not doubt the WWE would bring Brock back to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame, those “demons” that he spoke about could very well hinder that return.

Lastly Brock also said in his retirement speech, that he promised he would spend some extra time with his wife and daughter. Signing with the WWE, even as a Legend’s contract, means he would have to meet certain travel dates.

Even Jim Ross, the man who discovered Lesnar, doesn’t see him returning to the WWE. JR Stated in one of his blogs that Lesnar does not like to travel. JR also made it clear that IF Lesnar came back it would only be for a one time deal, and it wouldn’t be at this year’s WrestleMania.

With Rob Van Dam’s TNA contract coming to an end in March, and him just being injured by Gunner, there has been some speculation that “The Whole F’N Show” could be heading back to the WWE. According to a magazine RVD would get a “warm welcome” back in the WWE. RVD’s career in TNA has not exactly been the brightest, since he was stripped of the TNA World Title back in March of 2010.

With his TNA Contract possibly ending in March, and Money in the Bank returning at WrestleMania 28, it’s not too hard to put the pieces together. If you think about it, RVD would fit in with today’s roster. People like Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel, Hunico, and other high fliers. The WWE has slowly re-built their cruiser-weight division. I’m not saying the company is planning to re-open the division, but it’s clear they could do just that if they wanted to.

The only issue with RVD is his open desire to smoke weed. The WWE is a stickler for the rules, and I don’t see them overlooking just Rob, and not everyone else. I’m not saying Rob won’t quit smoking for the bigger paycheck, but after awhile he just might feel the need for weed.

Alundra “Medusa” Blaze:

While I though Blaze’s video blog was interesting, I don’t expect to see her back in the WWE any time soon, unless she eventually get’s inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Many may not have agreed with what she did when she went to WCW, but she was in a tough spot. Either drop the title in the trash barrel or lose your job. I would have done the same thing, if I was in her shoes. However I think enough time has passed and the Monday Night wars is long over, so there should be no reason to keep a grudge.

Well I think that’s it for this one Splashers, I’m not sure if anything really got solved here, but it was definitely an interesting look into things. If any of you have any extra thoughts on these people, or would like to see someone else return to the WWE, please feel free to post it below. Until next time Splashers…See you when I see you!
-Rick Starr @RickStarr
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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I read your title, and that's only comment is, WHO CARES? RVD is old, Batista always sucked, and Lesnar stopped taking it seriously like 7 years ago. Would having them come back matter at all?
  2. dbenavides777's Avatar
    I can see Brock Lesnar and Batista coming back but for a short run only, nothing long term.

    As far as RVD, well I don't think he likes the whole WWE Drug Wellness Policy, I think he'll stay put where he is at.

    As far as Madusa, I don't see why bringing her back would be of any help, again, maybe a short run.
  3. Slivon's Avatar
    Brock Lesnar is not going into the HOF anytime soon in my opinion because he has not truly done anything remarkable for the WWE

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