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5 Superstars WWE Shouldn't Of Let Go

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This is my third blog in 3 days and i was watching HHH v Shelton Benjamin on Youtube and it got me thinking just the amount of extrodinary talent the WWE has just let go! so the 5 i believe they should have kept are these guys!

Shelton Benjamin-If he was given the right push he could have been a big star,he totally dominated the Intercontinental scene and proved he's worth in a number of Money In The Bank matches in which he participated most of which he out shined every wrestler! he had the raw ability to be Huge but had mediocre Mic skills BUT that could have been easily worked on.

Mr Kennedy (Ken Anderson)-
I remember WWE giving him a pretty big push winning MITB and also allowing him to star in WWE film Behind Enemy Lines:Columbia.As i remeber before his Injury he was used alot and was bulding a name for himself but just 10 days after returning he was relieved of his duties.

Charlie Haas-He alongside Shelton had the sheer athletic ability to steal the show at any PPV,after a awesome tag title rain in the Worlds Greates Tag Team with Benjamin he went on to be what i call a filler fighter someone to just have on the card get beat and have the occasional win.

John Morrison-Alot of internet wrestling fans belive this was one of the biggest mistakes WWE made last year by letting him leave! his awesome Parkour skills,and athleticism made him a cut above most WWE superstars! he showed in many matches i.e. Elimination Chamber that he could hang with the big dogs and steal the show! he could have been very very BIG.

Chris Masters-He had the size,the power but didnt have a decent enough push to make it in the WWE! if used correctly his dominace could of been as Epic as Batista and Bobby Lashley! most people may not agree with this but i actually really liked him he could of brought something different to the brand! plus he's alot better than the likes of Mason Ryan yet he still got a minor push last year!

There it is guys comment,rate andgive your opinions! thanks for reading and have a awesome week!!

Who do you think i have missed?

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Personally, i only agree with 2 of these 5. Shelton and Anderson. I think they could cut decent promos and they were good in the ring. The WWE definitely should have kept them. If they had given Haas a manager as a means to do his promos, i could see that, but to me the only thing Haas was good at was wrestling, he wasn't any thing special or exciting on the mic. The person i think the WWE was wrong to let go was Angle. I can think of quite a few quality matches from Angle in his last few years in the WWE. I get that he was injured and probably burnt out from the road schedule, but still a major disappointment and loss
  2. Wrestledamus's Avatar
    The Dudleys

    and definitely, Kurt Angle
  3. Bfastuca92's Avatar
    I agree with some of the list. However, you can't make a list like this without including two names;

    Kevin Thorn and Elijah Burke.
  4. AXArchie's Avatar
    Kaval/low Ki would be my number 1 choice. That guy can out wrestle anyone in the wwe.
  5. dbenavides777's Avatar
    Ric Flair... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... old as hell but very entertaining and funny. I wonder if he'll be at the WWE HOF?
  6. 68wPayne's Avatar
    I agree with Mr. Kennedy and WGTT. Masters had no pizazz to me, there was nothing that made him stand out. Morrison could have been a major star but his backstage attitude would hinder him. This ain't the 80's anymore and if you have a bad attitude backstage you aren't going to go anywhere. I am sure we will see him again though and I'm sure he will have his mind straight and be the star he could be. To me, as good as Haas and Benjamin were as singles stars, they shined as a tag team but WWE doesn't really care for tag teams anymore. If they did I'm sure they would be resigned because they truly are the World's Greatest Tag Team

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