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WWE to TNA: Who could Benefit from Switching Sides

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Been reading blogs on this site for a while now so it's really about time I added to the array of opinions! (Be nice its my first blog ^^)

Moving on, this blog is going to be a list of wrestlers I believe would benefit from moving from WWE to TNA or vice-versa. Would just like to say before we start that I'm aware that many of the switches I am stating are pretty much 99.99% never going to happen, however, there is always fun in speculating!

Here we go:


-The Pope D'angelo Dinero.

Recently the Pope has been tremendously underused and booked in TERRIBLE storylines, namely the current feud with Devon and his kids which quite frankly is utterly awful. His fueds have chopped and changed direction countless times so that the casual viewer would have no clue what is going on.

That being said, IMO the Pope is a solid in ring worker and reasonable on the mic, if sometimes a little bit over the top.

If he were to move back to WWE I would like to see him keep certain aspects of his current character, particular the street wise aspect. I believe that with the correct building of his character he could be a good mid-carder in the WWE as a heel perhaps challenging Zack Ryder for the US title or even giving Ted DiBiase someone who can actually provide a real challenge.

-Matt Morgan
Currently one half of the TNA Tag Champs with Crimson after TNA seemed to lose faith in him to push into the main event card. Morgan is a decent worker in the ring particularly for his size, I'm not saying he is the greatest but he does much more work in ring than his giant counterparts in the WWE (Big Show, Khali, Kane, Henry). He is also capable on the mic but could perhaps have a mouthpiece as sometimes he does look a bit uncomfortable in promos. That being said I believe TNA could push this guy much more than they are currently willing to and I believe that instead of babysitting Crimson and being in the worst tag division TNA has had since its conception he could be being build up as a monster heel to challenge a babyface such James Storm. However, I really can't see TNA doing ANYTHING like this.

Thus, if Morgan were to re-debut in WWE as a monster heel (seeing as Brodus Clay is never going to debut =P) I feel he could fill a gap of a monster heel that CAN actually work in ring! I would be interested to see a Sheamus v Morgan fued as this would not only help build Morgan in WWE but would also give something for Sheamus to do other than bury Jinder Mahal every..single..week.


Aside from his initial run as TNA World Champ RVD has had a rather uneventful run in TNA and particularly of late has really seemed to not give a toss about his matches. Not great to see from a guy who is getting on a little bit and should be looking to go out with a bang! RVD is a well known figure in WWE and would be welcomed with open arms (by the fans) back into the company.

I believe that RVD should go back to WWE for one last run to put the cherry on the icing of his career. It would be nice to see him have some motivation again as recently he seems to be lacking in this department. If he were to go back I would like to see him in a feud with someone like Dolph Ziggler or Daniel Bryan who would get the best out of RVD and allow him to be the whole F'in show once again.


- Alex Riley

Remember the days when this guy was in upper-mid card events at the PPV's challenging the Miz? Considering the Miz put him over, what happened? Yes he was a rather green in the ring but he was moderately over with the fans and could put on a half decent match. Completely burying him on the main shows is a bit drastic. Granted he needs a bit more dimension to his character but he does appear to have the full package. WWE needs to being him back into the main shows and could perhaps put him up against Brodus Clay or something when he debuts in 2099 (j/k. we all know he will NEVER debut lol).

Moving on, if he made the switch to TNA I believe he could do wonders for their Mid-card and would be a good choice to challenge (or just bury) Robbie E for the Television Title which really needs a boost to make it a legitimate title. It would also allow him to hone his in ring and promo work so that if he ever were to return to WWE in the future he would have the skills to make a legitimate claim to the upper-mid card position again in WWE.

-Evan Bourne

I will admit that I am a bit torn on this decision as he is currently doing okay as one half of the WWE tag champs. However that being said, the word on the dirt sheets is that he really is in the bad books with the WWE higher ups, in particular HHH. Also lets be honest the WWE tag division isn't exactly the greatest place to be right now EVEN has the champions seeing there is very little legitimate threat.

The X Division in TNA. That is where Bourne would be awesome. Could you imagine Austin Aries vs Bourne, I would LOVE to see that. Also it would also give someone for Aries to drop the title to who could carry the division while Aries moved up the card.


Of the the ones mentioned the most likely of them to actually happen is the return of RVD to WWE. Which would be nice to see, especially if RVD tweaked his character a bit.

Anyway that's me Done.


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  1. bearkg88's Avatar your blog and here are my thoughts. I enjoyed reading it. I could see your points on each wrestler, here is my opinion though. Evan and A-Ry to TNA i could see and agree with. Pope and RVD to WWE I could see and agree with. The one I don't is Morgan. I just feel like if Morgan went to the WWE he would be a semi push, but then just drift. I think he is good where he is at, and has real potential. The person I think that could benefit from going from TNA to WWE would be Chris Sabin. I've always liked what he is able to do in the ring, and with the WWE not putting as much focus on bigger guys, i think Sabin could really shine in the E
  2. AndyWonder's Avatar
    I think Matt Morgan has been in TNA too long. He had his chances at the TNA heavyweight title and has not had another shot in over a year so obviously he is not meant for it. A change in atmosphere and new opponents like Sheamus or even Wade Barrett can do him good. If Pope were to ever get back in WWE, I think he would be given a completely diferent character. RVD had his time there, and Vince never trusted him for shit when he was there. Alex Riley's "Varsity Villain" deal I'd say will succeed more in TNA. When he did that gig in WWE, he actually had a character and it was hated and it should have stayed that way. But then it was decided that he would just be a plain person. If he were allowed to do that "Varsity" gimmick in TNA, he should. If Evan Bourne were to go to TNA, his name would be changed to his given, Matt Sydal. All that guy had to do was not use drugs and he would not be in his predicament.

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