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Top 5 WWE Moment of Surprise in the 2000s

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For this blog, I am only going from the time frame from 2002 to now. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion of the top 5 most surprising moments I saw.

5: The Rock Returns As Host of Wrestlemania
the-Rock_320 (1).jpg
When i started watching wrestling in the summer of 2002, I remember seeing The Rock lose to Lesnar at Summerslam, and then go away until the following February. Watching the Rock in the ring, and then looking at his stuff from the attitude era, i became a huge fan. I remember reading a post saying Bob Barker was in talks to host WM, and to me that just seemed ludicrous. Watching the night of Raw when The Rock came out to surprise everyone, I was like a kid in the candy store. Definitely was not expecting The Great One back, but glad he is. Let's just hope he is here longer than Wrestlemania.

4: Matt Hardy/Edge/Lita
Up to this point in Edges career, he had never won the big one. He had been in involved in World title matches, but the title always eluded him. The year this all went down, Edge was on the way of a big push, winning the first ever money in the bank, and then in real life being involved with Lita. I know when Matt Hardy was released, and this all came out, there was such a surge to bring Hardy back, and I honestly think this is when Edge had one of his best heel runs during his career. Watching Hardy come back to attack Edge, and then these two go into a feud was great. Everything leading up to Hardy returning, including Hardy returning, was a good surprise.

3. HHH Drafted to Smackdown
I remember when the draft was first announced, I was intrigued by this idea, and excited to see what would happen. When HHH who was the top guy on Raw at the time, was drafted to Smackdown, it was a huge surprise. Granted it wasn't surprising when he was drafted back to Raw in the next few days, it was memorable for the moment when he was announced to go to Smackdown.

2. Shelton Benjamin pins HHH
Another moment from the first draft, when Benjamin was brought to Raw. I remember watching when Benjamin pinned HHH, I was not expecting it. Granted at the time Benjamin was decent, but all he was known for was being a tag team partner. I think this moment really helped Benjamin in the long run, giving him that moment a lot of people would remember.


I remember watching Raw for the first time, it was the night when HHH turned on HBK. I will always remember that moment, because that was when I became hooked to wrestling, and a die hard HBK fan. I think this whole feud had all kinds of surprises throughout their feud from the summer of 02, to Armegeddon of that year, it was one of those fueds that still stick out, and the moments inside of this feud, is why I made it the #1 surprising moment

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  1. dondorian's Avatar
    hhh did have a time on smackdown i remember it quite well i think it was 2010 or 09
  2. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    I feel sorry for you if the first RAW you ever watched was in 2002 you missed the best stuff
  3. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestlinfan608
    I feel sorry for you if the first RAW you ever watched was in 2002 you missed the best stuff
    Yup, he missed the main genesis of the current product, in the 80's and the Rock 'N' Wrestling Connection!
  4. brooklynra's Avatar
    I was so upset when triple first was drafted to wen he was wit evolution which let to the shelton benjamin match cuz the whole locker room cheered at him being drafted away.then the same week they traded him back for booker t and the dudley boyz lol.
  5. JORtheCORRE's Avatar
    I think the original Nexus debut has to be in this. It was pretty surprising and a completely new concept when they first attacked Cena and destroyed the Raw set. Maybe its just me. I like your list though.
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    JORtheCORRE, thanks for reminding me. When i was thinking of this list, that one actually was one of the first ones that came to mind, i just forgot to add it. If i had to rethink my list, i would replace the hardy edge feud with the nexus angle.
  7. JORtheCORRE's Avatar
    Agreed. I was a big Nexus fan. Good blog though man. Keep it up.
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