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Why I dislike John Cena

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I have been a wrestling fan all my life and I don't think I've ever disliked someone more than I do John Cena. Though The Miz takes a close second.

Why do I dislike John Cena?

Because he is exactly what Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson says he is. He is a phony. Cena used to rap and it was usually hilarious. His "thug" gimmick was the real Cena. Now he's a corporate piece of garbage sell out. He does what he's told when he's told. Yes, he busts his ass for the WWE and I do respect him for that, but he is just a fake asshole now.

Cena I believe would have thrived in the attitude era. If they would let him let loose on the mic he would be one of the best workers with a mic in his hand. Give him the leniency they give CM Punk and people like me will start to respect him more and actually cheer for him.

You know it eats Cena inside to hear all those Cena sucks chants. But he has to be the face of the company and just take it and prance around with his "rise above hate" nonsense. Cena I think could be like Austin. A beloved superstar who just tells it like it is and earns respect that way and backs it up with his hard work and passion for the business.

That's not who Cena is and he sold-out so he could become a champion. And he kisses ass like nobodies business. I wonder if they ever would have put the title on him more than once if he stuck to his more thug gimmick and kept rapping.

Also, lose the jean shorts and the salute. You're not a marine, you never were. It's a slap to the face of a real marine every time you do it. I admire the respect you have for the US Forces, but don't go around saluting like you're an actual marine. Until you suit up and go into war you aren't a marine, or any form of the US Military, clown.

Also learn some more moves in the ring man. He's been around for a long time and still has he same routine every time. Gets beat up for a bit and then just out of nowhere hits you with his flurry of moves and then the 5 knuckle shuffle followed by an AA or STF. It's almost as lame as when Hulk used to "Hulk Up". Don't get me wrong I loved Hogan as a child. And I probably would love Cena if I was a child. But I'm not a child. I don't want to see the same crap every time out there. Get a little technical. Watch some videos of Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit or Bret Hart and add some skill to your matches Cena.

That is why I dislike John Cena.

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar

    These are the same issues I have with Cena. I don't really hate him just to hate him; I hate the fact that he's allowed himself to be just... there. He no longer excites me - that's why I watch for CM Punk or Jericho or Orton or Rhodes. Cena wants to rise above hate? Try rising above mediocrity first.
  2. Razor's Avatar
    Speaking as a former Marine, I'm not at all offended by Cena's salute. It never occured to me to before, but now that I've thought about it, doesn't disturb me at all. If he came out in uniform, that would piss me right the fuck off.

    Also, pretty sure the stupid jorts have been gone for a month or two now... although they could have come back and I likely wouldn't have noticed. Last I paid attendtion, I recall him wearing desert camo shorts.

    Cena bores me a bit, and I'd love to see a heel turn. But I get he's for the kids, and I'm pretty much fine with that. I have Punk and Rhodes, Ziggler and Barrett, and now Jericho back as well. The kids can have their Superman, it gets a lot of merch sales for the 'E which brings in the kind of money to pay for the guys I love (and continues to make Vince even richer, and I'm fine with that too).
  3. Kerrastone's Avatar
    Nothing new then. What's the point posting this when you have the same opinion as about 90% of the people on here?
  4. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    i love how all the criticisms that people dirct towards Cena could also be said exact;y the same for Triple H or Orton
  5. markst2685's Avatar
    @BackYardWrestler umm no Triple H and Orton have got character behind their gimmick they have diffrent matches they change it up if you look at the last couple of times orton has faced barrett you'll see he's had diffrent matches ...cena is just one on one's all the same old stuff all the time or even in a tag he's the one who finishes he's gotta be the center of attention all the time and the thing is about cena is the truth cena stepped on ppl to get where he is today he didn't give two craps about stepping on them think of it this way ...shelton benjamin was stepped on he could of had the chance to be big ...he had it all just had to work on his mic skills is all... mr kennedy/anderson was who everyone was talkin about a while ago he could of had this chance there's so many many more ppl who could of been in the shoes as the next big guy but now because as the OP said cena has become the yes and no guy of the business and the cooperative brown noser he's vince mcmahon's puppet and cena is enjoying it ...he must go to sleep at night wondering where he went wrong ...but we all see through it the ani-cenation the army against cooperative garbage that's been fed to us he just ain't cutting it as the face of the biz ....and just because he works his ass off to be there early finish late i don't respect i don't care what anyone says the guy is the same guy who stepped on sooo many many more talented people who could of shone. he's worse on the mic than he was when his rapping didn't rhyme. and the wwe has it wrong can't RE-Define a generation on simple boo's. For most of his career he's been boo'ed by the REAL wrestling fans of the biz. Every where he goes its boo's new york hate the guy ...his return to the rumble at new york they boo'd him his other returns he got boo'ed if wwe don't change it up now it's gonna get worse those kids are gonna grow up and hate the guy so where would wwe be then. there's my shoutout about it lol i don't care what people say or if you wanna heckle me fine that's my opinion about him i don't like him i can't stand him i will never stand him and he doesn't deserve the spot he's got going against the rock for being a puppet on a string for vinnie mac that's the final thing i gotta say i'll shut up now.
  6. dondorian's Avatar
    i agree with this 100% and it is also why i dislike cena apart from the marine thing no offence but i dont really care about that
  7. HOTDwwwyki's Avatar
    I think i might be the only one who doesn't respect john cena for being a hard worker. I mean don't get me wrong i have great respect for the workin man, but if you were handed a billion dollar company on a silver plate wouldn't you work your ass off to keep it. The one and only thing i respect cena for is his work with kids.
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