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5 Great Future Wrestling Fueds!

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Hey guys I'm back again with my second blog! Here is my first blog in case you missed it.!

Dolph Ziggler v CM Punk-Two of the very best entertainers in the WWE at this moment in time! Dolph makes a great heel and reminds me so much of Jericho/Triple H back in the old days.Both wrestlers have the ability to put on a one awesome match just like we senn this Monday night,plus the in ring promo's have the potential to be Epic.

Rey Mysterio v Sin Cara-To Luchodores who could put on a show straling performance! only problem is that who could be the Heel? obviously it wouldn't be Rey well i couldnt see WWE doing it especially with the fact that he's one of the big names and the kids love him.

Chris Jericho v CM Punk-This is most probably going to happen leading up to wrestlemania this year but if it does i literally cant wait 2 of the best in ring performers in WWE history and the promo's would be literally amazing! and in my eyes Jericho is the greatest heel in WWE history and well CM Punk is the new Austin i think he's single handedly changing the PG era of wrestling pushing the boundries of what can be said and done nowadays.Believe me if this does happen for this years WM Vince can definatly have the money out of my back pocket just for that one match.

Daniel Bryan v Cody Rhodes or Ziggler-Daniel Bryan has the ability to be a main event wrestler and i cant wait to see him battling the likes of Ziggler and Rhodes.I've heard rumours that Bryan is about to take a Heel turn which would be a mistake in my eyes because with Ziggler,Rhodes and most probably Jericho as a heel we dont need another one especially someone who could be as big as Bryan.So i fues with Bryan and any of these 2 guys could be something.

Daniel Bryan v CM Punk-Well this is pretty much my number one choice for possibly one of the best fueds imaginable! but ONLY if Punk as the heel if this was to happen and CM Punk was the heel it could literally shoot Daniel Bryan into the eyes of WWE Universe! all us Adults love the talent he has but the younger kids dont seem to certain on him so if he was shown as 'The Good Guy' in a gritty fued were Punk goes Nuts on the WWE literally attacking officials,King,Cole,Jim Ross,ryder,Santino or even a Stooged WWE fan placed there by the company it could show him as kind of the Saviour of WWE.

So hope you enjoyed the read rate and comment and please speak your mind and criticize if you didn't like it!

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Good blog, I enjoyed the read. I think Ziggler v Punk is going to be big, but i get the feeling that it will culminate at Royal Rumble. I think we could see some real magic between these two if they gave it time and build it properly, instead of leading it to one PPV and ending it.

    I also like the thought of Bryan v Rhodes. Personally I think if this feud occured, it could Rhodes chance to shine and step into the main event scene and not leave.

    I think Punk v Bryan match quality wise would be good, but from what i've seen from Bryan promo wise, i think he would have to step it up a little for a war of words between Punk and Bryan to be really captivating.

    All in all, good blog. Enjoyed reading it
  2. Foxcat66's Avatar
    Bryan is turning heel now anyways, he'll be feuding with the likes of sheamus and big show now
  3. Rehmix's Avatar
    I wonder who your favorite wrestlers are... But for real, these would be very interesting feuds indeed.

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