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Top 10 Funniest Matches in Wrestling History

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What makes wrestling so entertaining? Well, for me, it's how it can make me laugh. It's becoming rarer and rarer these days - but when wrestling is funny it's about the hardest I'll laugh at anything. What makes a match funny? It could be any number of things. Sometimes a match is meant to be funny, sometimes it's not. Perhaps the managers or commentators will add something. Ideally it's a mixture of more than one element - though it doesn't need to be. All that matters to me is how much you laugh. So here is a list of the 10 funniest matches in the history of pro-wrestling and why...

10. Bradshaw & Trish Stratus vs. Christopher Nowinski & Jackie Gayda "Monday Night Raw" @First Union Center, Philadelphia, 7/8/2002

Not a lot to say other than Jackie Gayda was clearly not ready for a prime-time match against Trish Stratus. Trish tried her best to carry Jackie, but Jackie was so bad she didn't even recognize that. She was completely lost and so it's one of those classic matches that are so bad they are funny. Jim Ross sums it up at the end when he said "Mercifully it's over."

9. Dick The Bruiser & Bobo Brazil vs. The Sheik & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan" Live Event @Comiskey Park, Chicago, Il., 1974

When you look at the names involved in this match three of them don't necessarily induce a lot of lolz. But whenever The Brain is involved you can be sure hilarity will ensue. This match was no different. Bobby's selling of some of the bumps he takes are vintage Heenan, turning this match into a classic chucklefest.

8. The Ultimate Warrior vs. The Honky Tonk Man
SummerSlam '88 @Madison Square Garden, NY, NY 8/29/1988

As short as it is (27 secs. officially) the match is pretty funny. Honky does a great job selling the whole runaway train thing the Warrior does on him. What makes it all the more hilarious is that Honky was the defending IC Title holder, a title it seemed like he was never going to lose. But in the blink of an eye it was over. What elevates the match into top 10 honors is the immediate post-match interview with a beleaguered Honky - classic stuff.

7. Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels
Wrestlemania X @Madison Square Garden, NY, NY, 3/20/1994

Arguably Shawn Michaels' greatest match and certainly Scott Hall's, the ladder match at Wrestlemania X was as funny as it was compelling. Michaels and Hall always had great chemistry. It enabled some terrific comedic story-telling in the form of their matches. The comic relief associated in this match were all calculated, hi-lighting the genius in showmanship both performers had. If you're a pro-wrestling fan there is no way you can watch this match without chuckling more than once.

6. "The Outsiders" Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. Wrath & Mortis
"Monday Nitro" @ Independene Arena, Charlotte, NC 9/15/1997

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall will go down as two of the more entertaining wrestling personalities ever. This Nitro match against Wrath & Mortis pretty much exemplified everything that encapsulated their careers and the whole NWO angle - which was at its absolute peak at this time. There were many elements to this seemingly insignificant mid-card match which help to make it as hilarious as it was entertaining. First and foremost, it's actually a pretty good tag match - Nash & Hall hadn't really had a match this back and forth on TV up until this point. Second, we really see how much fun Hall & Nash were having at this point in their careers. Third, you get the idea that Brian Clarke and Chris Kanyon really didn't care for either Nash or Hall. As for Hall & Nash they clearly don't take the match as serious as Wrath & Mortis' entrance might lead you to believe one should, and they enjoy mocking them when they can. At one point before the match begins Nash starts talking into the camera about the 'riddle of steel' (a clear jab at the Wrath gimmick) and the look and reaction Scott Hall gives is hilarious. Lastly we have the entertaining color commentary provided by Zybyszko and Bobby Heenan. This match is pro-wrestling at its very best at a time when the industry was at its best.

5. Tatanka vs. Rick Martel
Wrestlemania VIII @The Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, Ind., 4/5/1992

If you ever try to watch this match you will not be able to stop laughing. In this rare instance the reason for that has nothing to do with the work in or around the ring. What makes this a laugh-out-loud fest is the fact that this was the match which followed Flair dropping the title to Savage. Bobby Heenan, who was doing color for that event, was distraught and has a hilarious meltdown. The verbal exchanges between Gorilla and Heenan during the course of this match were classic even by Heenan standards.

4. Owen Hart vs. Brian Pillman
"Monday Night Raw," @Madison Square Garden, NY, NY, 9/22/1997

Both members of Bret Hart's Hart Foundation stable, Commissioner Slaughter forced these two to compete against each other. Reluctantly both men locked up, but neither was exactly going at full speed. Pillman and Hart were two of pro-wrestling's greatest characters and this match features exactly that.

3. Adorable Adrian Adonis vs. Uncle Elmer
Wrestlemania 2 @The Sports Arena, Los Angeles, Ca., 4/7/1986

When one thinks of Adrian Adonis of course you may think of a lot of things. One thing you don't ever think of however is the adorable one ever having to carry a match. But at Wrestlemania 2 he in fact had to do just that. This match may literally leave you gasping for air from laughter for so many reasons. For starters, Adrian's effeminate character angle was in full force , and he knew exactly how to work it. Then consider the action that took place in the ring was entirely oversold to the point of absurdity by Adonis due to the fact that he was wrestling someone who had no business being in the industry. At one point his opponent, Uncle Elmer, hits him with a punch and Elmer is the one who falls down. It even surprises Jesse The Body. All the kudos in the world should go to Adonis for this match, as he turned what could have been a nightmare situation into one of the more entertaining matches I've ever seen.

2. Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels
SummerSlam 2005 @The MCI Center, Washington DC, 8/21/2005

Talking about absurd - Shawn Michaels took it to another level in this match. Hogan was pretty much shot at this point in his career and everyone knew it - including Shawn. Shawn knew he had to carry the match and put Hogan over, something you get the idea he wasn't fond of. In silent protest of this Shawn turns the whole match into a joke by ridiculously overselling everything Hogan does to him - and doing so in a manner which made me spit out my beer the first time I saw this match. You literally have to catch your breath from the laughing when watching this match.

1. King Kong Bundy, Lord Littlebrook & Little Tokyo vs. Hillbilly Jim, Little Beaver & The Haiti Kid
Wrestlemania III @The Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Mi.

Maybe it's just my morbid sense of humor, but if anyone were to ask me what my favorite match in wrestling history is, this would be it. Not the greatest match, not the most important match, just my favorite match. The reason is the uproarious hilarity woven into the fabric of every conceivable element involved in this match. First of all you have a giant man dressed as a backwoods hillbilly paired with two dwarves pitted against another giant man who looked like an egg wearing tights paired with two other dwarves. Did I mention that one of the midget wrestler's names is Little Beaver? Hillbilly Jim will never be known for his work in the ring, but in the 3 minutes or so he's in the ring you can tell he's really doing his hardest to put on a show - and quite frankly, it's pretty funny. For this match Bob Uecker also joins Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse the Body in the broadcast booth - and if an outsider to the industry could ever add something to a wrestling match it was Mr. Baseball. Jesse and Uecker's dialogue exchanges during the match are very, very tongue in cheek. I always LOL when I hear Jesse say "I'm hoping to see Bundy put the big kabosh on one these little guys - you'll have to bring out Aunt Jemima's spatula." Jesse is at his dryly hilarious best. But Uecker's "I think there's a lot of beaver all over this place" comment takes the cake. You can almost hear Jesse chuckling under his breath. The coup d'grace of course is when Bundy actually does bodyslam Little Beaver - causing Gorilla Monsoon to exclaim the funniest line in the history of pro-wrestling commentary: "Bundy slamming Little Beaver!" There is no way that wasn't pre-planned.

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