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Change in Impact Wrestling, Fires, Hires, and PPVs

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Using the money right
They have to use there money and use it right, They should get sponsor’s in I wouldn’t mind if they had some advert’s with there star’s in them. They can go back to having some logo’s in the ring of there sponsor’s, also start using the backstage interview again and have the background have more logo’s
Who to fire and hire
Christopher Daniel’s
Kurt Angle (a storyline to let him go to olimpic’s)
Hernandez tag partner (whatever his name is)
Angelina Love (doesn’t seem into it anymore)
Robbie T(rob terry)
Madison Rayne
Hire –
MVP (if he want’s to come)
Jay Lethal
Chris Hero(if wwe doesn’t get him)
The Arena
First of all the six sided ring won’t be back so I,m not gonna talk about it.Get Impact out of Universal studio’s. Take it on the road twice a month rest of the time have a arena to them self’s most likely about 3 fourth’s the size of wwe’s arena’s. Bring back the tunnel on the entrance stage. Use more pyro.
New show
Put a new name on Xpolsion and make it two hour’s with about 3 match’s mostly using knockout’s, the x division and jobbers because first two division’s are big and need more time and also jobber’s need time too. You can still have spin cycle and other sgement’s
Every single one of them need’s to be on the road and need to be the same size as a RAW Or Smackdown Live event
I will now address who will be in every divison
Main scene – Velvet, Mickie, Winter, Gail Kim and Sarita
Putting talent’s over - (Gail and Mickie will move here eventually) Tara, ODB Karen (as manger type thing ) and Traci
Young building talent – Rosita, Miss Tessmacher and Toxin (Maybe hire a indy star) (these girl’s will eventully replace gail and mickie in main scene)
Tag Division
(all of these are main scene)
Team 3D (Hopefully after Bully ray’s stop’s being as effective in main divison) Moter City Machine gun’s, British Invasion and make more tag team’s example Jeff Jarret and Eric Young or Jeff Hardy and RVD or even Kaz and RVD or AJ and any of those three
X divison and tv title
Now most of the X divison if not all will also appear in TV title scene w
X division – main scene – Austin Aries’,Shannon Moore, Kaz, Jay Lethal
Putting talent over – RVD, Kid Kash and Jay Lethal and Kaz will also do this at time’s
Young talent’s – jesse Sorreson, Zema Ion and Anthony nesse
TV title – Most of X divison excluding young guy’s, James storm, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarret, Gunner, EY, Robbie E, Chris Hero, MVP, Bully Ray, Pope
World title
Main scene – Jeff hardy, Bobby Rhode, Aj Styles, James storm, Bully Ray,
Working there way toward’s main scene – Pope, Mr Anderson, Jay Lethal, MVP

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Nice blog. Don't agree with all the firings, but most of them, like Madison Rayne and Anarquia I do agree with. As for the knockouts, if you could hire more of them, who would they be and why?
    Do agree with the fact that all PPVs need to be on the road, but start small and work your way up.
    Nice read man. Good job.
  2. lewism173's Avatar
    @t-Hughes35 well for hiring I think hiring one or two ex knockouts like roxi would be good and there's one or two good indi workers but I,m not so sure on all there names then there melina but u know her attitude is so bad. and on madison thinking over it now I am properly wrong on that
  3. monctonvike's Avatar
    Great blog , I don't agree with everything but great all the same. I kind of get the sense thats where they are going but then again you never really know. I didn't see him mentioned what are your thoughts on gunner?
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good write. I blogged something similar, but not with as many detailed examples. And I couldn't agree more. They're bogged down in the Impact Zone. They need to tour and a good start would be college campuses. Great demographic, and when something like that goes on at a college campus, it sells out big time. College kids are really into live events on campus. And they don't even have to go far. Go to like the University of Florida A&M or Georgia Southern to start. Gradually make your way to main stream. And get out from just being in the South. There's whole west coast that loves wrestling and really would love a serious competitor break onto the scene. Good job man. If only there were some people in the offices of TNA that thought the way we did.
  5. pab75's Avatar
    Very good points, and totally agree with taking PPV's on the road and some Impacts too. They need to get away from the Zone.
  6. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    You should have Morgan and Angle in the main title zone. Angle doesn't hog it
  7. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    I agree. It was what I was trying to say in: "If I Were To Run TNA Wrestling"
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