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Blog Wars 7: Top 5 Match Types that need a Comeback

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Welcome back to Blog Wars. With the KOTR tournament over, Dr. Death has earned the right to challenge The Crippler for the title. Here is the list

Top 5 Match Types that Need a Comeback

Basically, both guys will list the 5 match types they think need to return. The only rule is no match type used in 2011 or 2012.

Dr. Death

There are many types of matches that take place inside a pro wrestling ring, some are common while others are not so common and used only once or twice in the development of storylines and feuds. To that extent, I will base my list of the top 5 match types I feel need a comeback on the following criteria;

  • Must be a match previously used in WWE or TNA
  • Must not have been used in at least 1 year
  • Must be an exciting/entertaining type of match
  • Must keep within the PG or TV-14 rating system now in place for WWE/TNA promotions

With these criteria in place, I feel we can come up with a list of matches that can be enjoyed by all regardless of age or gender in today's market for pro wrestling. So without further ado here's my list;

Top 5 Match Types Needing A Comeback

5. Buried Alive Match -
This is a
No Holds Barred type of match where a wrestler tries to bury an opponent in a 6' grave outside the ring. Anything goes in this match and you can expect to see just about anything happen.

There have only been 5 Buried Alive matches in the history of the WWE. A return of this match type say at WrestleMania with Undertakers streak on the line would definitively draw a huge amount of interest since Undertaker has lost all but 1 match of this type.

4. ‚Äč
3 Stages of Hell Match - This match type is a variation of the regular 2 out of 3 falls match, but with different contests instead of falls included in the match.

We have only seen 3 of these types of matches. The 'E could have really used this match to great effect in the Christian vs Randy Orton feud. Let's hope that they don't pass up the opportunity again as this match should definitely be used for settling those long drawn out feuds that never seem to have closure.

3. War Games - This match has not been used in either the WWE or the TNA promotions. However since the WWE bought out WCW and TNA uses a variation of War Games, I saw it only fitting to include this match.

War Games features 2 rings surrounded by an enclosed steel cage with 2 opposing teams of 5 wrestlers facing off against each other entering in a staggered format. I could see the 'E using this match type at say the Survivor Series PPV. Very entertaining to watch and with a huge drawing capacity, War Games is a must have match type for any promotion.

2. King of the Mountain Match - This match is a "reverse ladder match" in which the object of the match is for a wrestler to hang the title belt above the ring using a ladder.

Usually consisting of 5 competitors, this match is both entertaining and exciting and TNA should take a hard look at their ratings and bring this match back as it helped the company grow and decisively helped better their ratings. Come on TNA bring this match back at this years Slammiversary!!

1. Championship Scramble Match - ‚ÄčThis match made it's inception in 2008 where we saw the WWE, WHC, and ECW championships defended in the Championship Scramble match. The 'E no longer holds these exciting and entertaining matches. Shame on them for their lack of insight and creativity.

This match has usually a 20 minute time limit and starts out with 2 wrestlers in the ring and after 5 minutes another wrestler enters the ring and so on and so on until all 5 competitors are in the ring. Then there is a final 5 minute time limit. A wrestler is not eliminated at all in this match, instead if a wrestler scores a pinfall or submission against an opponent, he is considered the interim Champ until another wrestler has scored a pinfall or submission. At the end of the time limit the final wrestler to have scored the last pinfall or submission is declared the winner and the Champion. Although not in use currently today, the Championship Scramble should be brought back and used yearly in a PPV, say Night of Champions.

Well, that's my list and while it's debatable in their order maybe, it's highly unlikely that the matches themselves are debatable. These 5 matches are the epitome of match types that must be brought back above all other inside today's wrestling ring.

The Crippler
For my Second Title defense Iwill be facing the winner of the KOTR, I wasnt able to be apart of the King of The Ring cause of late entry

The Blog War today is Top 5 matches that Need to Comeback.... Matches that are rarly used in WWE or TNA

With WWE over using the Ladder match and actually having 2 PPVS dedicated to Ladder matches such as TLC and MITB, Sometimes you will even see one on a Extreme Rules PPV... Not to mention a I Quit match and Last man standing match done a few times a year.
Also the WWE Loves to use varations of a Hardcore match

TNA loves to use X Divison match types and Various items on a poll match. Not to mention Ladder matches

Elmination Chamber, Hell in a Cell and Cage matches are used alot also. So these matches will not be on the list.

Stupid matches such as Scaffold or Blind Fold match will also not be in the list.... so without further explanation I will now start my List of Top 5 Matches that need to come back.

As you see in the Match above, Tornado Tag matches and Hardcore tag matches can be very chaotic and unpredictable. Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne had a hell of a match with the Nasty boys at Spring Stampede 1994. The match was all over the arena and it wasn't a crap fest, it was a violent brawl. Cactus Jack and Kevin sullivan had another classic against the Nasty Boys in the same type of match

I never understood why the Tornado tag match never got a fair chance. It could be used not only for legit teams to end a feud but they could also put 2 faces and 2 heels thats been feuding in one match. Its a very entertaining concept that should be used more often and could be used for two singles feuds to further develop the rivalry.

I can not tell you how much I dislike the 30 min Iron Man matches we been seeing.... 30 minute Iron Man matches with multiple falls is just ridicules. To have 3 to 4 falls per wrestlers in a 30 minutes span, Means it be 7 falls in a half hour, so thats a decision every 4 minutes and How can you be considered a Iron man by going only a half hour when most matches last 20 mins or even 30 mins.

I miss the days of the 60 min Iron Man match... The reason why the 60 min Iron Man match is at number 4 is cause I think it should be used very seldom, maybe once a year or once every 2 years. Maybe for a TV match to spike interest. There is very few men that could make a Iron Man match work. Thats why I think it should be used very rarly and in the right situation.

This match is like a I Quit match but Whats different is that in a I Quit match it seems the microphone becomes more of the center piece of the match. Constantly the Heel stops the entire match to try to ask in a cool or heelish manner if the face wants to say I Quit and then the Face does a terrible fake cough and screams "NOOO". Also I Quit Matches have become more like "How much punishment can Cena take before making a 1 move comeback and winning".

Submission match uses actual ring psycholgy and wrestling. Its not like the ending of a B Level actions movie like The I Quit matches have become. Submission match is a match, you out wrestle your opponent and beat him till he has to submit.

2. WarGames.
I would make a few updates to the match, Such as a Higher roof, Get reid of the flip a coin rule and just let 2 wrestler get in at a time. The flip a coin rule always gives the heel the advantage and make its look fake.

There is alot classic WarGames matches and you be hard pressed to find a bad WarGames match. The 1992 is the best WarGames match.

1. 2/3 FALLS
The Thing about 2/3 Fall matches is that it doesnt have to only be used in a Main event level match, It be perfect fit for US and IC title matches also. There is so many Great matches that can be made out of the 2/3 fall match. People Like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton could strive in these type of matches, If given the time to tell a proper story. 2/3 Falls match could produce some Classic matches in todays wrestling.

Back in the Early NWA days all Title matches were decieded 2/3 falls so no match would be a fluke and the better man would win. I dont think All title matches should be decided by 2/3 falls. but it be a nice throw back to classic wrestling and there can be come excellent story telling in a 2/3 fall match.

Honoralbe mentions
3 Stages of Hell
Final Four

Thank you everyone who keeps up with Blog Wars and remember to vote.

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  1. rodrik's Avatar
    dr death because of the three stages of hell and the championshipscramble
  2. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    Dr. Death for me. Crippler has a good list but I can assure you today's wrestling public doesn't have the attention span to watch the top 3 of your list.
  3. toobeastly33's Avatar
    sry crip, im going to have to go with Dr. Death. it was close though
  4. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    Dr. Death for me. Crippler has a good list but I can assure you today's wrestling public doesn't have the attention span to watch the top 3 of your list.
  5. Razor's Avatar
    Gotta go with Dr. Death, agree with everything but the buried alive, for the same reasons at others mentioned (needs specific characters)... HOWEVER, it might not be a bad idea for Undertaker's 20th streak match, so it is applicable. Also 3 stages of hell > 2/3 falls (although I like both).

    Props to Crippler for including the 60 min Iron Man, I would replace Buried Alive with that for my 'ideal' top 5 list.

    final verdict - Dr. Death by submission.
  6. Joonny's Avatar
    Dr.Death gets my vote cuz of the scramble match.
    But the Tornado Tag Team/Street Fight should be on the list instead of The King of the mountain.

    Also, Dr.Death includes Three Stages of Hell, which is much better than the usual 2/3 falls.
  7. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Dr. Death gets my vote, though I do wish they'd bring back the 60 Minute Iron Man match. The only reason they shortened it is so the top talent would be more willing to do the "iron man" match. Kids these days don't have the same risk/reward like the guys in the old days had.
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