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Blog Wars: KOTR Edition Final: Top 5 RR PPVs

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Welcome to the final match in the tournament. The winner will face the champ in Blog Wars 7. I'd also like to thank everyone for doing the tournament and making top notch lists, without you guys this blog isn't possible. But now we see who will win, will it be Dr. Death the first Blog Wars Champ or The Hit Man who took the title from him.

Top 5
Royal Rumble PPVs

This week we will look at the top 5 RR PPVs. I asked both guys to look at the undercard but put more emphasis on the Rumble since that's the main draw.

Dr. Death
Top 5 Royal Rumble Matches:

This is a tough blog to write because you have the Rumble match itself and you have the spectacle surrounding the event of non-Rumble matches. However to keep with the theme of the Royal Rumble match, I wanted to focus specifically on Royal Rumble matches and look at lasting memories coming from the big event. This list is only for the Rumble matches themselves and not other matches that took place at Royal Rumble events. I used the following criteria in order to determine the actual top 5 Royal Rumble Matches;

• Historical Legacy of the Match
• Star Power of the Match
• Build Up of the Match
• Execution of the Match
• Match follow up
• Overall Royal Rumble PPV card

The match is based on the traditional Battle Royal match, in which a set number of participants aim at eliminating their competitors by tossing them over the top rope, with both feet touching the floor. The winner of the event is the last participant remaining after all others have been eliminated. Now that we have our criteria in place, it’s time to start the countdown.

Counting Down The Top 5 Royal Rumble Matches:

5. The 2005 Royal Rumble - The 2005 edition of the Royal Rumble was one of the best in recent memory. The Rumble match itself was great, and the undercard didn’t have a single weak spot.

The main event was one of the best Royal Rumble's in recent times, featuring some humorous moments, a lot of great wrestling but unfortunately a predictable ending. Overall, this was a very good event, there was a lot of excitement, and this is definitely worth the investment if you're a fan of the Royal Rumble.

4. The 2001 Royal Rumble - The 2001 Royal Rumble was the last good Rumble for a couple years, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at. Besides having a great main event, the undercard was excellent.

We got to see Kane go on a rampage and eliminate 11 contestants, followed by a Stone Cold Steve Austin win. Also this is one of the best Royal Rumble events to date. It was a great undercard, and a great Royal Rumble. The only weak spot on this card lasts about three minutes.

3. The 2004 Royal Rumble - The main event was the annual 30-man Royal Rumble match, which Chris Benoit won by last eliminating The Big Show. Benoit broke the longevity record last held by Bob Backlund staying in the match for 1 hour 1 minute and 30 seconds.

The undercard featured a Last Man Standing match between Triple H and Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship, Brock Lesnar versus Hardcore Holly for the WWE Championship, Eddie Guerrero versus Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio versus Jamie Noble for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and Evolution (Ric Flair and Batista) versus Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) in a Tables match for the World Tag Team Championship.

2. The 2000 Royal Rumble – The Rock wins in controversial fashion after eliminating the Big Show. While I’m not a fan of the Rock, this was one of the best Royal Rumbles in history.

Featured matches on the undercard included a street fight match between Triple H and Cactus Jack for the WWF Championship, a Triple Threat match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, and The New Age Outlaws versus The Acolytes for the WWF Tag Team Championship, a Tag Team Tables match between the Hardy Boys and the Dudley Boys. Combined, this PPV was exciting throughout, and most of the matches including the Rumble itself lived up to the hype and delivered on its promise to captivate the viewers.

1. The 1992 Royal Rumble – Ric Flair wins the Royal Rumble and the WWF world heavyweight title. The Royal Rumble Match in 1992 had the greatest lineup of talent ever assembled in a wrestling ring.

The reward for the 1992 Royal Rumble was the WWF Championship. The tradition of granting a WWE title match at Wrestlemania started in 1993. Held in the Knickerbocker Arena in Albany, NY on January 19th, 1992, Ric Flair set a record for the longest entrant in the Rumble match going 59 minutes and 36 seconds which would last until 1993 when Bob Backlund would go 1 hour 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Well, that's my list and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks to all who voted for me the last time, and thanks to all who voted period, it was a close call though and I would also like to thank Knox for giving me a run for my money. Special thanks to wrestlingfan66513 for hosting Blog Wars.

The Hit Man

5. 2011 Royal Rumble
This year’s Royal Rumble featured the first ever 40 man Royal Rumble match. People are split on whether the extra 10 men in the match made it better or not. All in all it was a good Rumble with some very high points including Punk and Bryan starting the match off, Punks domination, Morrison’s spot and the returns of Nash and Booker. This was one of the most open Rumbles in years so it was hard to pick a winner and Del Rio was certainly an interesting choice. I think just about everyone thought Santino was going to win the match for a second which added a bit of drama at the end. The only low point was the brief Hornswoggle/Cena partnership in the middle. Also I didn’t agree with the two number one contenders to the World Championships entering the Rumble. The Cena / Orton confrontation wasn’t as big a moment as the WWE were hoping for as it didn’t get much of a reaction. Ziggler and Edge had a great WHC match and Orton and Miz gave us a solid WWE Championship match. Both Miz and Ziggler looked as if they could hold their own in the main event. Divas match was decent but strange booking.

4. 2002 Royal Rumble
The first half of this PPV is pretty meh but it picks up in the second half. The Flair/McMahon street fight was better than I thought it would be. As far as two old men fighting each other, it was pretty good. The Rock/Jericho match is one of the best WWF Championship matches this PPV has seen with Jericho sneaking the win and cementing himself as a true main eventer. The 2002 Rumble match provided one of the biggest shocks in the history of the match. Tough Enough winner Maven eliminated the Phenom, Undertaker but was afterwards was treated to a class A beat down at the hands of the deadman. Kane single handedly lifted Show over the top rope was another feature of the match. The participants quickly whittled down to the final four where Austin was eliminated but came back in to hit the returning Perfect, HHH and Angle with a chair. Angle thought he won the match but HHH comes back in and eliminates him for the victory. This is also the longest 30 man Royal Rumble match but it didn’t feel it as the match flowed nicely. Another good aspect was all the main contenders to win the match were left to the end.

3. 2000 Royal Rumble
The reason why I placed this PPV so high up is because of two matches. The first was the tables match between the Hardyz and Dudleyz. These two teams put on a masterpiece with this ground breaking match. No one had ever seen a match like this and the crowd went crazy for some of the spots in this match especially at the end. The other is one of the greatest matches in WWE history. The street fight between Cactus Jack and Triple H was incredible and is definitely a must watch. It had everything you could want in a Street Fight and more! The tag team and IC matches were pretty decent and we also had the infamous Miss Royal Rumble contest with Mae Young. The actual Royal Rumble match isn’t the greatest but it was still fun to watch. You had the too cool dance off and there were plenty of times where the ring really filled up which is what I like to see in these matches. The problem with this one was that there was only really 3 legitimate contenders for the win so it was pretty predictable that Rock was going to win it but the fans seemed to be happy with the outcome anyway!

2. 1990 Royal Rumble
The 1990 Royal Rumble gave us some decent matches on the undercard. The Valentine/Garvin submission was the standout of them with both men putting on a great showing. This PPV was all about the Rumble match though. For me this is probably the second best Rumble match there is. It will be noted for the epic confrontation between Hogan and Warrior where both men were the only participants in the ring at the time. It was such a rare occasion to see two mega faces square off against one another that the crowd went wild over it! Hogan’s controversial elimination of Warrior eventually led to their epic match at WrestleMania 6. Another unusual part of this match was that the start of the match featured big names such as DiBiase, Roberts, Piper, Savage, Rhodes and Andre. This probably affected the end of the match as when it came down to the final 5, everyone expected Hogan to win with Rude and Perfect having outside chances. The ending was your typical Hogan finish – a ‘hulk up’ then a quick elimination afterwards. At the time it was the favoured way to finish a Hogan match so can’t really complain.

1. 2001 Royal Rumble
This is just a great PPV overall. There weren’t any bad matches at all. Triple H and Angle had a great match especially considering it was heel vs heel. Jericho and Benoit put on a classic with their Ladder match. Two of the best technical wrestlers ever were able to show that they could perform with a ladder and still show their great technical abilities as well – excellent match! The Rumble match, for me, is the best one out the lot! It really had everything. You started off with some tag team wrestlers, followed by a little comedy skit with Drew Carey and Kane. We then got a Hardcore portion of the match, something that’s never happened any other Rumble. Kane’s domination begins to show and eliminates all the Hardcore division wrestlers. We get a surprise appearance from the Honky Tonk Man which was done well with Kane. The Rock comes out and Kane meets his match. The Big Show made his return and went after The Rock, only to be eliminated by his old foe, leading to Rock being chokeslammed through the announce table. Undertaker came in to help Kane and both men eliminated everyone in the ring. Triple H attacked Austin preventing him from entering the ring. Austin and Rock eventually came back into the match and were part of the final 3 along with Kane. After a brief exchange between Rock and Austin, Kane eliminated Rock for a record breaking eleventh elimination in one match. After 3 chair shots to the head, Austin eliminated Kane for the win!

That's it and please vote!

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  1. Destruction's Avatar
    Sorry Dr Death, but I'm voting for Hitman. I could tell he put more effort in this (hence the more text) and I marginally prefer his matches
  2. No_1eddiefan's Avatar
    Gonna go with Hit Man. The 2001 RR is my favourite so the fact he put it first gives him the edge for me.
  3. knox's Avatar
    great lists by both men lol I hate when the competition is this stiff. Its hard to pick a winner but I gotta go with Dr. Death.
  4. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    I'm going with ​Dr Death
  5. deadly56's Avatar
    I chose The Hitman.
  6. DBrocks's Avatar
    I have to go with Dr. Death, I don't think the 2000 Rumble should be in the top 5.

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