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Why Undertaker is Not Needed at WM 28

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WrestleMania is coming up very soon and inevitably talk will include the return of The Undertaker. In the last few years around WrestleMania time, a big part of the buzz for the show has been about The Undertaker's streak. It is the only thing in wrestling that is currently legendary. Sure legendary character's still remain like Ric Flair, Stong and Triple H, but the have all far gone past their peak years. The streak is also a legend but has not reached a definite peak.

WrestleMania 28 is going to be centered on one big event - Rock v Cena.

undertaker's streak has gotten so huge that it has deservedly been the most billed thing on the show for the last several years - Why stop that momentum?

The thing about next years WrestleMania is this - It can only really hold ONE historic moment - as the main event is set in stone, and they will have spent a whole year promoting it, it would be foolish to let all the publicity be overshadowed.

I don't know if Taker is scheduled to come back, but I hope it is a long long break. He is already semi-retired at this point and in my opinion he should really take another year off, at least from WrestleMania.

Why do I think this? Aside from the above Rock v Cena situation, the fact is that WWE really don't need Taker around this year. If your going to use him use him right.


In March or April of last year, WWE was in very bad shape. The whole of WrestleMania 27 revolved around The Rock, a guy who wasn't even wrestling, and Triple H and Undertaker, who are well into their 40's (maybe even early 50's in Taker's case)

The card as a whole looked like this, in order of matches.

Alberto Del Rio v Edge - Edge was truly main event calibre and could be trusted in any position on the card, even the opener. Del Rio though, was totally raw in terms of being a drawable character.

Cody Rhodes v Rey Mysterio - Like Edge, Rey is one of the big stars in the company. As for Cody, there was some buzz around him, as he had finally
just started to make his mark.

CM Punk v Randy Orton - A feud that was brilliant to me because of Punk being a master heel. Like the preceeding two matches, there was a massive star in Orton. Unfortunately, Punk had been long dicked around even before the run of consecutive losses to Orton.

Big Show, Kane, Kozlov & Santino v The Corre - A total throway of a match, I believe it lasted no more than 2 minutes of in ring action. Two dependable legends that were not very relevant at the time teaming with the comedy duo against a newly uprooted heel stable, that fans were not very into.

Michael Cole v Jerry Lawler - This said it all about the strength of the roster. Yes the boss always said that Lawler should get his Mania moment but to pair him with his pet project Michael Cole really showed faith in the superstars.

Undertaker v Triple H - The centerpiece of the whole card. With no streak on the line last year's Mania would have been a complete miss.

Snooki, Trish & John Morrison v Dolph Ziggler & Lay Cool - One C list celeb, legend, and one high point of the roster against the mega heel womens tag team and another high point of the roster. Really this was about getting exposure of Morrison and Ziggler to the audience, simple as.

The Miz v John Cena - The WWE's money man against the new hope. Say what you want about Cena, but he is credible for the main event. Miz was a desperate try to put some life in the main event, but was still the minimal point of the rock-cena-miz fiasco.

So this was two matches from the start that included mania rookies, one serious match in Punk-Orton, 8 man tag involving 6 WM rookies (Santina winning the divas battle royal doesn't count), a commentator bashing that was only saved by Stone Cold Steve Austin being present, a match involving two titans, a match revolved around a celeb and a lacklustre main event with the best there was to offer. How times have changed...

In the last year things have changed. Of the people on that card they are all pretty much more relevant now than they were then. Cena will be competing with Rock in the box office match of the event. Miz will surely be somewhere except the main event, which is not a bad thing (not a Miz hater, but he doesn't scream Main Event does he?). Orton will be back in time for Mania having just enjoyed his most entertaining year feud wise maybe, CM Punk is now HUGE compared to what he was. Edge is sadly gone but in his place Christian is a worthy substitute, if he remains fit.

Of the lower lights from WrestleMania 27, Alberto Del Rio has been through enough to be a more recognised persona, Rhodes has completely ran with his chances throughhout the year, of the 8 man tag, Big Show has been more intersting than he has in years, Kane is currently in a main event program, and Wade Barrett has surely done enough to warrant a place on the final card. As for Ziggler, wasting him in a meaningless 6 person tag is treatment that he definitely won't be receiving. And from the hijacked match, Sheamus has developed into a true WWE star while Daniel Bryan has come on leaps and bounds, and is currently a big deal in the WWE landscape.

And don't forget about Mark Henry, who is certainly WrestleMania worthy at this point in time, or the returning Chris Jericho, who is certainly capable of adding star power.

With a hugely promoted main event, WWE doesn't need to rely on Taker to save the show. Undertaker's longevity has been invaluable for 20 years, and never highlighted in a better way than when star attractions are at a minimum. He is WWE's et out of jail card. In my opinion, WWE have already gotten themselves out of any potential jail with the headlining match, so there is no need to cluster things.

Besides, though it was great I really don't need to see Triple H v Taker again. If they really insist on using Taker Triple H would certainly be worthy, but it has already happened twice. I would be happy seeing Taker fight Jericho, because it's not been done, or have a complete surprise and have Undertaker & Kane v Shawn Michaels and Triple H, as two haunted/obsessedfriends team together to end the streak. Having Kane in would be a perfect wildcard scenario too, and make the match very entertaining, though if Taker lost there would be a riot about backstage politics etc.

So if Taker needs to be used, I would be happy with the Jericho scenario, or teaming with Kane against DX (it would be a culminative story of sorts). But there have been other years where Taker was not need or could not appear.

Mark Calloway (Undertaker) has been away for nearly a full on year. He is at the end of his career and rpretty banged up. Maybe a year off would provide the perfect tonic but there may be a two year plan in force. If WWE are pressing ahead this then they already know what they are going to do. The story of Undertaker laying in the ring last year has endured. There is no need to do anything with it.

I would love to see Taker back soon, but others seem ready to shed the load with the main eventer's. If Taker only wrestles at Mania one more time, it should be centre stage and nothing less.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, I am pretty passionate about this particular subject and hope my wording was coherent enough, and hope you will share your opinions
in the comment section. Later chaps!

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  1. Razor's Avatar
    I couldn't agree more that 'Taker isn't needed at WM this year, but I also think you make the strongest points for why he SHOULD be there.

    1) The streak is the most legendary thing in the 'E right now. Arguable w/ Rock returning (not a huge fan, but can't deny his place) and rumors of Austin having a match, but I would tend to see the streak as surpassing any single performer. It'd be a shame to be soooo close, and not break out of the teens, it deserves to hit 20.

    2) 'Taker is only getting older and more beaten up. The longer they wait, even if only a year, the more it will affect his chances to put on a show worthy of the streak. The only good reason I can see not to have it would be that he's not in good enough shape to perform.

    As far as his opponent... I tend to favor the idea I saw someone posting a few weeks ago of HHH w/ HBK as a special guest ref. It'd be even better if HBK screwed Trips leading into a feud for a few weeks or months, maybe even with a 'one last match' from HBK if he could do it (unlikely I know).

    The other strong option, especially if they want 'Taker to lose his last match would be Kane. He's probably the most credible person to beat his 'brother', and a worthy opponent to end the streak both as a performer and story wise. Speaking of story, since Cena will probably overcome and 'Rise Above the Hate' in his current feud w/ Kane, a win over 'Taker could reinvigorate Kane and give him the mojo to go after Cena a second time, and hopefully win (and give us the Cena heel turn so many people feel needed for Cena).

    Jericho I feel would be a bad opponent, ignoring that he'll probably be in a match w/ Punk at WM, lets look at the options. Having him come back to lose to Taker makes him look week, and probably doesn't fit in at all with what they have in mind for him. While having CJ beat 'Taker would certainly make his return more 'epic', there would certainly be an uproar about the 'bs politics' of it all. That's not enough of a reason by itself not to do it, but I don't really see where they'd go with it. Maybe, maybe if they right away set him (CJ) up as a legend killer heel, and have him start going after big names as a way to take back / take over the company (w/ Steph?) it could work. Have him tear up a few big names before WM... it could work and give them somewhere to go after, but only if they start putting the pieces into place right away. All told, I think there are better things to do w/ the streak then inject CJ at the last minute just because he's back.

    All told a great blog man (just need to look at the spell checker closer, those word substitutions will kill ya!), very enjoyable read.
    Updated 01-08-2012 at 01:23 PM by Razor (spelling, d'oh!)
  2. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    wwe was in trouble around wrestlemania 27? Well what are they now? They are in worse shape in my opinion, they need undertaker to come back and have a feud with a younger guy to put him over, it's wrestling 101
  3. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Razor;bt52077]I couldn't agree more that 'Taker isn't needed at WM this year, but I also think you make the strongest points for why he SHOULD be there.

    1)I think he will definitely break the 20 mark, it's so close that they will have to do it. 19 isn't as special as 20...

    2)True, I have only read or listened to interviews about the riguors of professional wrestling, so I don't know his state right now. A year out sounds good on paper, 2 sounds even better but not everyone can just pick it up again.

    3) HBK as special ref is the biggest rumour going there but I don't think the streak should involve any overbooking myself, it's perfect the way it is. To see the streak be cheapened by a dodgy finish would be a waste in my opinion.

    4) I agree but again think this would be a waste. I thought year's ago that Batista would be the guy to end the streak before he was ever a main eventer. Alas, when he was the champ going into wm23 it would be surprising if batista ever won. If the streak ends, it should go to someone worthy, and the WWE's problem is that nobody on the roster looks remotely close to Taker level.

    5)I partly mentioned that because I always thought Jericho and Taker would be a great wm combo that never happened. If he got beaten by Taker it wouldn't really hurt him would it, as it hasnt hurt most of the other 17 adversaries. To have Jericho end the streak would be stupid, as I said it should go to the future if it ever happens.

    Thanks for the input man
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestlinfan608
    wwe was in trouble around wrestlemania 27? Well what are they now? They are in worse shape in my opinion, they need undertaker to come back and have a feud with a younger guy to put him over, it's wrestling 101
    Couldn't disagree more, I think WWE is in far better health than it has been for the last 2/3 years. Whatever criticism there is about the product this is clearly a period of transition on which youth is the primary focus. An important step in transition of these stars that wwe seems to be behind is letting them have the stage to display their skills. But everybody has their own opinions, and thanks for adding
  5. WrestlingNerd's Avatar
    Wrestlemania is supposed to be the best match card of the year. If you CAN include Taker, why the hell wouldn't you? You want to load as many great matches onto the card as possible. People don't wanna wait till next year's WM to see Taker.. they're gonna demand to see him at WM28. He DOES need to be on the card. It doesn't matter if Cena and Rock are already there, because I'm sure Taker's match will be better anyway. If you ask me, Cena vs. Rock is gonna be a terrible match.. so we need something epic from Taker once again.
  6. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I kinda agree with WrestlingNerd. Although what you call a terrible match I would call a match of bravado and smack talk. That match will be all about one-upping one another and will, sadly, end on a Cena win as having The Rock win would hurt Cena and the younger generation of superstars; you cannot culminate a year which has been based on developing younger stars by having a legend beat the current face of the company. A Cena loss would only be beneficial if one of the younger stars beat him.

    Undertaker's match would be about the spectacle as well as the fact that he and his opponent would be great technically; A completely different match to Rock v Cena.

    I can see why adding 'Taker to the card would hurt the importance of the main event, but would the fans really be that bothered? No. It is the biggest card of the year and right now they have the chance to make every match near enough main event calibre. It could truly be the best WrestleMania ever if they book it right and avoid killing the momentum of Ziggler, Rhodes and Barrett, to name a few.

    The only problem I can see in having 'Taker's 20th match this year would be that it is undoubtedly a main event match, and should end the show.

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