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Rick Starr

The Last Week of 2011: The Good, the Bad, and The Possibilities

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Happy New Year Splashers! This last year has been one hell of a ride in wrestling…no sports entertainment…whatever! We lost some great people like Randy “Macho Man” Savage, who was tragically killed in a car accident back in May of 2011. The WWE officially took the name “Wrestling” out of their company, while TNA made it clear that “Wrestling Matters”. We have seen Jeff Hardy begin to rebuild his career after hitting a hard rock bottom. What does the future hold for the enigma? That’s up to Jeff. Now that I have gotten the last year out of the way, let’s take a look into the last week of 2011.

The Last Week of 2011: The Good, the Bad, and SOME Possibilities for 2012.

The Good

“Cena Sucks” Segment
John Cena turning heel has been one of the biggest subjects in the IWC community in 2011. From his angles to Nexus to his so-called feud with Dwayne Johnson, everyone has wondered is Cena going to turn heel. Now Kane comes along, in the form of his original self, and throws himself right into the mix. For a long time I thought that they were going to hold out on the Cena heel turn for later on in his career. Yet now I’m not so sure. Kane is throwing the hate right in Cena’s face, and with the new “Cena Sucks” T-Shirt on the market a heel turn could be imminent.

Sting/Madison Rayne Segment
This had to be one of the funnier segments of the week, and it all surrounded around one single phrase: “NO! I GOT THE POWER!!” For those of you are lost on this, check the link above, it will explain everything. Now to be honest it was a very short segment, and it was the ending that made it so entertaining. The way Sting mocked Madison was just priceless, even Miss Tessmacher did everything she could from doubling over in laughter.

Orton/Barrett Match
Orton and Barrett have been tearing each other apart over the past few weeks. This war climaxed this past Friday on Smackdown, in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Both these guys have put on a great series of matches over the past few weeks, and this last match was no exception! The fight scene in the elevator, is one of the darndest things I’ve seen in a long time.
The match ended up going into the back, and into a stairwell, where Randy, “fell” down a set of stairs. Orton’s injury was not without controversy, as there were rumors that Orton was being suspended for up to 6 months due to failing wellness policies for the third time. Those rumors have since been killed off, and it appears Orton was working through a knee injury of some sort.

The Bad

The Bobby Roode Segment
When TNA threw us the curve ball and made Bobby Roode a heel, I liked it. I thought the “Leader of Selfish Generation” had some quirks, but it was getting away from the boyhood dream rip-off they were first reaching for that I hated. Now they brought the family angle back in a different fashion, where the family doesn’t like Roode because he’s a heel. Roode even brought a childhood friend in the ring, where he pleaded to come home, and of course Roode eventually beats the hell out of him. It was one of the worst segments I have seen in 2011, and it’s a shame.

The Possibilities

Brock Lesnar back in WWE
Ever since Brock Lesnar lost his last big fight and, declared he was done with UFC rumors and speculations have gone ramped…and here’s another one! I don’t think he has anything to do with the 1-2-11 promos. As far as a return to the WWE: It’s very possible, but Lesnar mentioned “demons” in his retirement speech. This could cause a problem as the WWE is a stickler for the rules. If Lesnar is going to return, it’s going to be under a legends contract where he will do a few special matches (Maybe that thing with the Undertaker last year did hold some water…), but for him to return on a full contract, for a long term basis? I just don’t see it.

Drew McIntyre: Can he make it in 2012?
For someone who was dubbed “The Chosen One”, Drew McIntyre has not had the best year. He went from Champion to Jobber, to nil existence. This past Friday, the WWE started a new angle with McIntyre: Start winning matches or you lose your job. This angle is either a push up the ranks, or a push out the door. I would not like to see McIntyre get the same fate as John Morrison, and get back on track with his WWE career.

Hornswoggle Claims to Win the Royal Rumble?
While my first pick on winning the Royal Rumble is Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus is a strong contender to win the big battle royal as well. Hornswoggle also came out on Smackdown and claimed he would win the Royal Rumble. Hornswoggle won a “Make a Wish” Battle Royal, back in December where he eliminated Sheamus. (Actually Sheamus eliminated himself.)

The WWE has always tried to have some kind of “first” at Royal Rumble to keep the battle royal original Could the WWE actually consider Hornswoggle to win the Rumble, then go on to face the champion at WrestleMania? Could this be why WreslteMania is bringing back MitB? Do I think it will happen? Not likely…but as the WWE says “Anything can happen.”

Hunico & Camacho:
It’s good to finally see Hunico to return to his aerial moves. When he dropped the Sin Cara character, he stopped using a lot of high flying moves that first brought him to the game. As far as ripping off the “Mexica-American” gimmick, I could care less. I like how this team is starting to shape up, and the truth is I think they are beginning to own it. It will get one of these men to the next stage of their careers. Which one? That’s the million dollar question.

I thought all 3 shows for this week were decent, with the exception of the Roode Segment. If I had to pick the best show of the week, I would honestly have to go with Smackdown. As far as who would get second place, I’d have to give it a tie for second place. Despite the “Roode setback” TNA did have some great matches, as well as some funny segments. While over on RAW the return of R-Truth and the Gauntlet matches made RAW a great show as well. The Bella Twins trying to move in on Alberto, was just tongue-in-cheek entertainment.

Well Splashers that’s it for the last week of 2011. With all the things that has happened this year, I cannot wait to see what TNA and the WWE brings in 2012. One thing is for sure, the 1-2-2012 will be an early measure of things to come in the new year. Until next time Splashers....See Ya!
-RickStarr @RickStarr

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