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WWE and Impact Wrestling Awards 2011 3/3

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Promo of the Year

Cm Punk shoot on Vince McMahon

The promo that shocked the WWE Universe by far! This promo was so unexpected, as Cm Punk proved he was the 'Voice of the Voiceless' by saying things like 'Vince is better off dead', so this is by far the best promo of the year!

Funniest Moment of the Year

Cm Punk's text message 'OMG, Kevin Nash, WTF, I thought he was dead, LOL!

This cracked me up so much, I nearly pissed my pants! Punk is one of the best on the superstar on the mic and he proved that he is also one of the funniest on the mic!

Stable of the Year


Nexus, a joke. Immortal, a joke. Fortune, real! Fortune was with the 5 young guns, Kaz - Veteran of the X Division, Beer Money, Inc - Best Tag Team of today, Daniels - Never got his moment, also an X Division veteran and AJ Styles - Also a veteran, all rounder, triple crown champion, grand slam champion, the best superstar of IW today!

Match of the Year

Randy Orton vs Christian - Summerslam 2011

I know people will bash me for this, at first I did think the Cena vs Punk - MITB match was match of the year, but this match had everything, it was excellent, especially both of the superstars using the weapons which I really enjoyed!

Superstar of the Year (Decided on Votes!)

Cm Punk

Mark Henry

Alberto Del Rio

Randy Orton

Bobby Roode

AJ Styles

Austin Aries

Kurt Angle!

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  1. Kidd smooth's Avatar
    Superstar of the year : cm punk hands down

    Match of the year cm punk vs john cena MITB

    Stable of the year doesnt matter cuz it all sucked and was all ruined by wwe or iw

    If i had to pick i would choose the united kingdom from wwe 12 the video game
  2. dondorian's Avatar
    WTF- you think double a should be superstar of the year? really? hes done nothing entertaining since hes back if he stayed with roh i would of agreed but not in tna

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