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Top 5 WWE Superstars That Will Breakout in 2012

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What's up IWC, I'll be writing about which WWE superstars will breakout in 2012 and why!

5. TedDiBiase
I definately think that Biase will breakout in 2012. The best time will be after Wrestlemania 28, where he can have a new feud with Cody Rhodes, this time a proper build up. He needs to improve his mic skills and he needs to drop his awful gimmick. You know, when his father had the same gimmick, he played it great but with Biase have the same one, I really can't stand it! It was also reported that Vince was going to give him a push for something he did (I can't remember what he did) so a long reign with the Intercontinental Champion (with Rhodes moving onto bigger things) would be good for him and he will hopefully breakout in 2012!

4. Brodus Clay
I really have been impressed with this beast in FCW, I think he done well there. I think he can wrestle, Vince McMahon pisses his pants off for big guys, and I think he can prove himself at WWE. He definately should return at the Royal Rumble, where he dominates and gets a decent amount of eliminations. This was mentioned in a thread ( I can't remember who it was) but John Laurinitis is on the phone to Brodus promising he wil have his debut but Clay kicks the office door open and attacks Laurinitis. But I think he should move into the tag team division, to give it a big boost and as a tag team I think he could breakout with his partner, and the partner is........................Look at Number 3

3. Ryback/Skip Sheffield
Ha, you really think I like this guy? Hey, don't bash me, like I said Vince pisses his pants for the big guys! I really got nothing to explain, but as I mention earlier, he could be in a monster tag team with Brodus Clay, just to see them in a program, to see them doing something before they move to big things. Crimson and Matt Morgan for example!

2. Drew McIntyre
I don't think there is a doubt that this guy will breakout, he is in Booker T's 'Fave 5' which I think Vince McMahon is trying to give us an idea that he is getting pushed. He has also been moved to Smackdown: Another idea. He has the tools to become a World Champion: Charisma, mic skills, a good Scottish accent, and great in the ring. After Cody Rhodes is done with TedDiBiase, McIntyre could be a serious contender to the Intercontinental Champion, thus making a McIntyre/Biase feud. But I really would love to see Biase, McIntyre and Rhodes in a 3-Way!

1. David Otunga
This guy has awful and I mean AWFUL ring abilites! I'm actually enjoying his Lawyer gimmick though, I think he is excellent on the mic, he's only getting pushed because of his wife, cause she's famous! I think that he can be in a program with Zack Ryder for the US Champion! But for some reason I really like him, I don't know why, but I do like him (Before you mention it, it is NOT in a gay manner!).

Well you know, guys like Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett have already been breakout stars in 2011 (With Zack Ryder being the winner) so I didn't include them in!

I hope you enjoyed my blog, I'm off for now so bye!

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  1. zerosystem's Avatar
    I'm not so sure about Skip or Otunga, but I agree about the other guys. And Barrett was a breakout star in 2010, not last year.
  2. WrestlingNerd's Avatar
    Otunga is absolutely terrible on the mic. Mark my words, he will NEVER be world champion. Pro wrestling is just not his thing. He's awful in the ring and everything he says on the mic is awkward and clumsy and he doesn't deserve a push. I don't think Ted DiBiase is going very far either. He's still pretty green and he's a much better heel than face. I don't think Cody Rhodes should be feuding with someone like him and McIntyre after Wrestlemania.... he's way higher than those two and to have a feud with them after WM would be a big step backward for him. By that time, he should drop the Intercontinental Championship to a pretty big name, then move onto the World Championship picture. I am a fan of Brodus, Skip/Ryback and McIntyre though. I can see them going far.
  3. PSOjedi's Avatar
    I agree for Otunga, McIntyre and Dibiase. I hope 2012 will be a good year for them. For the others, I really don't care actually.
  4. Mr Punk's Avatar
    Good blog but I truely believe that Hunico will have a breakout year in the WWE. He just screams talented to me.
  5. Razor's Avatar
    I'd like to see Kelly Kelly, Aj and Kaitlyn in a 3-way, just sayin!

    Also, I wouldn't really mind seeing them wrestle, I guess...

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