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TNA Genesis Predictions!

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TNA Genesis Predictions!

Hey guys, Shaz11 here, I'll be writing about my predictions for TNA Genisis!

Gail Kim (c) vs Mickie James - TNA Knockouts Champion match
After Bound for Glory, the Knockouts division has really been enjoyable to watch! I'm still abit pissed off how Gail Kim returned to TNA and defeated Velvet Sky to win the belt though! Well they both can wrestle for sure! But Gail Kim gets my vote and after the match the 'mystery' women comes out and attacks James! I would love it if it turned out to be Melina!

Who I want to win: Gail Kim
Who I think will win: Gail Kim

Gunner vs Rob Van Dam
I was impressed with their match at Thursday's Impact, Gunner's been piledriving guys onto the concrete so I can see him doing the same at Genesis, I think RVD should let Gunner go over as Gunner is the rising star! But It's probably RVD winning. But hopefully they have another match on Impact to settle the scores!

Who I want to win: Gunner
Who I think will win: RVD

'The Pope' D'Angelo Dinero vs Devon
Devon's past his time, Dinero should have got his World title chance in the early 2010 as he has got all the tools, but now he can build himself up! I can see Devon's sons, Terrence and Terrelle helping Pope win!

Who I want to win: D'Angelo Dinero

Who I think will win: D'Angelo Dinero

Austin Aries (c) vs Kid Kash vs Jesse Sorensen vs Zema Ion - TNA X Division Champion match
I'm very excited for this bout, I absolutely love the X Division! Aries has impressed me since his return, Kid Kash has played a good heel, Sorenson's has been the best rookie of TNA and Zema Ion has made a big impact coming since his TNA debut! But I want Aries to retain!

Who I want to win: Austin Aries

Who I think will win: Austin Aries

Bully Ray vs Abyss - Monster's Ball
Bully Ray has been very impressive since the Team 3D split and I take it he is the 2nd big heel of TNA after Bobby Roode. I like both of them and I think and want Bully Ray to win, purely because it will give his heel status a big boost and he's the one on the rise

Who I want to win: Bully Ray
Who I think will win: Bully Ray

Crimson and Matt Morgan (c) vs Samoa Joe and Magnus - TNA Tag Team Champion match
I really liked how the wildcard tournament went and how it has finished. Magnus and Samoa Joe can get more TV time and they both deserve the TV time! Matt Morgan has all the tools to become World Champion, but Crimson needs to improve his ring abilities. Crimson and Morgan should win, because there is nothing for them to do now, so they can carry on in the Tag team division.

Who I want to win: Crimson and Matt Morgan
Who I think will win: Crimson and Matt Morgan

Kurt Angle VS. "Cowboy" James Storm
I'm absolutely loving the build up to this feud, they have both been exchanging attacks and I found the Kurt Angle segmant in the bar quite funny. This is what James Storm deserves: A big push. Why? Well he can wrestle, good on the mic and he gets a fantastic reaction as a babyface! And I can also say the same thing about Kurt Angle, who agrees with the fact that young talent should be put over. I want this feud to carry on for longer, but I think that Storm would win, but I want Kurt Angle to win this bout, just to stretch the feud abit longer!

Who I want to win: Kurt Angle
Who I think will win: James Storm

Bobby Roode (c) vs Jeff Hardy - TNA World Heavyweight Champion
They both can wrestle, and I have been impressed with both wrestlers. Hardy has returned to TNA clean, while Roode has been that cocky heel, with no gimmick. I've been enjoying the feud and but I don't think Hardy is ready to be the World Champion, well not yet. But to be honest, I can see him winning the match at Genesis, but this match is very unpredictable!

Who I want to win: Bobby Roode
Who I think will win: Jeff Hardy

I hope you enjoyed my predictions, I'll try and do more before the other PPV's as well (WWE and TNA), I'm off for now!

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  1. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Kurt Angle win win
    Bobby Roode will retain

    For the rest, I agree
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Angle should win for them to be even and set up for a final match. Roode needs to retain, its hard to say because TNA is high on Hardy for his fan reaction but he shouldn't hold it til he proves himself later.
  3. Shaz11's Avatar
    @Wrestlingfan66513 and @PSOjedi - I agree with Angle winning, but I really do have a feeling that Storm will end up winning. Hardy vs Roode is an unpredictable match so I'm really impressed on TNA with this one!
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good Blog. Good predictions. What mystery woman? I must have missed something last week on Impact.

    I think Angle will win. I predicted Angle would win last PPV and was wrong. I'm going with him again.

    I also think Bobby Roode will retain. He's doing an phenomenal job as the heel champion. They gotta keep that going.

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