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The Comedy of Wrestling, Christian/Edge, Video

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I haven't written one of these in a long time, but something as been really bothering me in the last few months. The Cena Haters. OMG every time, same schpill, not a good wrestler, not a good entertainer, can't cut a decent promo, same shit. Ok, I get it, you have your opinion about what makes wrestling entertaining, but you forget one aspect, the children. (this is a whole other argument, for a different blog). I kept thinking, there must be something deeper than just hate for Cena, there has to be something wrong with the whole product, not just WWE, but wrestling in general (ROH and Japanese wrestling won't be touch, cause I don't watch them regularly). There's no comedy in wrestling anymore.

What do I mean?
Think about it, think back to the IWC's glorious "Attitude Era" and remember the funny. The backstage segments, the goofballs, the unpredictability, the things that just made you laugh on your ass while watching wrestling. The comedy was what made wrestling, not just wrestling, but entertainment. Its what gave us the break between two or more guys beating the holy hell out of each other. Back then you had guys like edge and christian in the backstage area, making us laugh with funny stuff.
DX, coming out and making fun of the establishment. The Rock as a face and a heel, making people laugh, Stone Cold Steve Austin's wild shenanigans. It was all there and it made for a hell of an experience. Even take it back a generation and you had piper's pitt, interviews with Bobby the Brain Heenan, back then it wasn't just about the wrestling it was about entertainment. And when WWE switched to this whole "entertainment" thing, killing wrestling, I think they actually did the opposite. They brought in guys from the Indy's, guys who are technical, but no mic skills what so ever.

So What Have We Now?

"I'm the Miz and I'm AWESOME" that's what pro-wrestling as turn to. It seems as if the comedy is left to the commentators and don't get me wrong BOOKER T and Michael Cole are hilarious (Cole is another matter), but we don't have wrestlers who are funny anymore. Its all too serious, that's why I like guys like Zack Ryder and Santino, they are the last two comics left. Think about the Rock, why people cheer him even though he hasn't been in a wrestling ring (prior to Summerslam) since '04 is because he's funny. Let's go to TNA, cause I seem to skip them, if the 'E has little comedy, TNA just fluxes with comedy, they go from serious to funny to bizzare. CASE IN POINT ODB AND EY. Can someone please tell me the point of this? CASE IN POINT ORLANDO JORDAN AND EY. Just EY in general, wtf?


Comedy relaxes the audience, if you make sleeping and having nice dreams sleep, then comedy is like the sex beforehand. See for a while wrestling gave us a good mix, sex then sleep, sometimes great, sometimes hit and miss, but it was there and it was constant. Then the comedy left and we were left with masturbating before we sleep, and has a frequent masturbator, I can tell you, not as good as sex. I think that's why people hate Cena, he went from this funny champ, to the serious champ and we lost him in the shuffle. You can't just have sex and the cut people off, its an awful thing, and that's what Cena is, A TEASE. Anyway, I ranted, haven't actually written a blog in a while, but hope you enjoyed it, and hopefully we see some comedy back in wrestling soon.

As always, leave comments, hates, likes general things I missed, spelling errors, etc.

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  1. kcg87's Avatar
    THIS BLOG RULES!!!!!!!!
  2. mywine5's Avatar
    those edge and christian moments rule!!!
  3. f408m's Avatar
    P.S. Santino and the cobra are too funny
  4. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Angle had some great comedy moments also. He had the milk truck and his guitar playing.

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