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Current Events in WWE, Cena, Jericho, and Punk

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Hello guys, CaptainCharisma here. This is my first blog so I hope it turns out to be a good one. This is how I feel on the current hot issues and superstars in the WWE.

John Cena

It has been repeated over a million times, but everyone is tired of seeing Cena do the same exact thing every Monday night. Whether it be the 5 moves of doom Super Cena employs, his beaten to death Hustle, Loyalty, Respect nonsense or his inability to lose a match cleanly, everyone is tired of John Cena. With that being said, I respect the hell out of John Cena. The man has been putting asses in seats for years now and his work ethic is unparalleled. His current feud with Kane has interested me and I hope WWE doesn't drop the ball with this feud and have it play out the same way every Cena feud end as he "Rises Above Hate" once again. Most people see a heel turn as imminent for John. In one way I can see it happen, but in another way I don't think it will happen because of Jericho's return, which brings a mega heel presence back that was missing on Raw. If it did happen, WWE would have to be deadset that CM Punk could carry the show and bring in better ratings, which seems would be unlikely as John Cena is their biggest draw.

Chris Jericho

The return of Chris Jericho has been met with some mixed reviews. Personally, I saw it as a genius move as it was one of the best heel turns ever. To come back as a babyface soaking in all of the cheers and igniting the crowd in a way that very few can do, only to not say a word and leave the ring to booing. Chris Jericho will bring back a strong heel presence that Raw was missing, not to say that the Miz and Del Rio are bad heels, but they can't generate the heat that Jericho can. It will be interesting to see if they put Jericho in a feud with Punk. Whatever will happen, Jericho is back and will continue to do what he does best, make the audience hate him more and more each time.

CM Punk

Punk is easily my favorite wrestler of the past several years and I enjoy everything he does. His current feud with Johnny Ace though is very weak and has lost all traction since it's beginning. Punk does the best with what he is given and his matches with Dolph Ziggler as of lately have been nothing short of entertaining. I'm interested to see what these men could do with a solid 20-25 minute match at the Royal Rumble, although the fact of Johnny Ace being the guest referee absolutely annoys me. I see Punk continuing the push the borders of the WWE and eventually bring the change he speaks of to the company and be a household name for WWE for years for years to come.

Up and coming stars

The WWE has some immensely entertaining talent that are bursting at the seams and ready for their push into the main event picture. In my opinion, those wrestlers are Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Zack Ryder, and Wade Barrett. All 4 of these men have been putting on excellent matches and cutting great promos. Dolph is the closest out of all of these guys and WWE is very high on him. I hope they handle his push the right way and not drop the ball on him. His showoff gimmick is perfectly fit for him and he steps up his game with every match. Cody Rhodes has brought back prestige to the Intercontinental Title and now carries himself like he belongs in the main event picture(thank God he wears kneepads now) and seems poised to take the next leap this year. Look for Rhodes to hold the WHC strap by the end of the year. Zack Ryder is truly unique and something else. The man was on the brink of being cut by the WWE and saved himself with his own internet show and put himself so over with the fans that the WWE gave him something to work with and he ran with it. He holds the United States Title with such an exuberance and excitement that shows how hungry he is. Ryder will continue to put himself over and could be a factor for years to come. The Barrett Barrage has been coming on strong with his feud with Randy Orton. He has been a main event player once before with his strong debut of The Nexus but we saw how Super Cena absolutely buried him and sent him back to the mid card. Barrett has all the makings of the perfect heel. He can cut an amazing promo, has above average in ring skills, and he absolutely oozes charisma. Barrett will continue to be an amazing heel and hopefully can hold the strap like he deserves to one day.

WWE Commentary

By far WWE's weak point. Michael Cole is nothing but annoying as he continues to bury the likes of our World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder. At first, I found Cole's heel turn to be somewhat humorous and a little breath of fresh air, but I see it to be an absolute annoyance as all he does is put himself over and bury the babyfaces. If Michael Cole was to continue to be the heel commentator, he would need to take a step back and not be the lead commentator. Bring back JR to be the lead or let King do it, even though King has lost a step as a commentator and is much better suited as the heel comic relief at the booth. Either way, if Cole keeps on being the annoyance he is, people will continue to tune out and change the channel.

The Royal Rumble

It will be interesting to see who wins the Rumble this year . Could it be one of the 4 guys I mentioned earlier, or will it be someone well established like Orton to win it. Although Orton is injured, it seems the injury isn't as serious as once thought and he has been advertised for shows on the 16th. I believe the WWE will have someone established win it this year, as Del Rio won it last year . I believe Randy is the most likely candidate to win the Rumble and he will probably end up winning the title back at Wrestlemania. Even though I don't hate Orton, I don't see him as needing a belt to be over. We already know he is more over than any wretlter in the WWE right now and the belt is definitely unnecessary on him. I do like what Orton does, but he doesn't need the belt again.
Well, that is all I have for today. Feel free to leave feedback in the replies. I feel I share the same opinions as a lot of you on these subjects.

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  1. PipeBomb's Avatar
    Pretty good for your first blog.
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    Good Blog CaptainCharisma
  3. jonod's Avatar
    really liked your blog,good reasoning. I hope orton doesn't win this year, I like him and everything I'm just hoping for something more.

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