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WWE '12: Pros and Cons

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Here a list of some PROS and CONS in WWE '12

[/B][/U][B]- Championship matches:[/B] I like how you can make a title match during any time.
[B]- Road to WrestleMania:[/B] A longer storyline in RTWM is something that makes this game great.
[B]- WWE Universe:[/B] A couple of things I like about this year's WWE Universe mode, tag teams are not created automatically, interference in WWE 12 is rarer than the interference in the previous game and you can choose to interfere in certain matches.
[B]- Championship Settings: [/B]I find it pretty fun how you can switch what title goes on a specific brand. i.e. (WWE Championship on Raw, you can switch it and put it on SmackDown, like they had in 2002-2005).
[B]- Brands/Shows: [/B]Another feature I like in WWE 12 is being able to create your own show and replace it with a current show. i.e. (Replacing Superstars with WCW, ECW or a created show and replacing a PPV, such as Fatal-4-Way and replacing it with Capitol Punishment, which of course you'll have to create.
[B]- Create-an-Arena:[/B] Creating your own arena could be one of the 3 things which makes WWE 12 a great game.
[B]- Limb targeting: [/B]One of the best features in the game. I hope it is in the next WWE game.
- [B]Predator Technology: [/B]The predator technology adds a very realistic turn to the game.
[/U][/I]-[/B] [B]Injuries: [/B]Some injuries in WWE 12 are okay, unless they are happening regularly, which they are. I dont think it was a good idea, especially when top superstars are being injured. I think to turn this into a PRO, they should of installed an option to turn injuries OFF.
[B]-[/B] [B]​Game play: [/B]Now I know the creators of WWE 12 wanted to make the game more challenging but in some parts of the game, they've made it nearly impossible to complete.
[B]-[/B] [B]Announcer Table: [/B]Even though there is only 1 announcers desk in the game, that's not what phases me. I think they should of let us fight on top of the announcers table and put them through it. It becomes more realistic and what makes it unrealistic is the fact that when you slam someone through the table, its only their legs that go through.
[B]-[/B] [B]Interference: [/B]Even though interference in matches has been reduced, I think the game makers should of installed an option to turn interferences OFF.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    they should add create a PPV to WWE 13
  2. CactusJackBangBang!'s Avatar
    one thing i would love to see in WWE 13 is actual matches in backstage areas rather than it being K.O only.
  3. ozfan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CactusJackBangBang!
    one thing i would love to see in WWE 13 is actual matches in backstage areas rather than it being K.O only.
    Yeah like they had in SD: Here Comes The Pain
  4. scottishboy's Avatar
    i think the game overall is very good though i am really disapointed in the road to wrestlemania part i dont think it has been good for years. i prefered the old system where u could go through it with whatever character you wanted. the current one it seems like you dont even get to actually have a match as there is to much in match cut scenes and far to much backstage Knock out scenarios. the universe section is much better and hopefully something they pay more attention to in the next version.
  5. cloverstone82's Avatar
    I Myself am not aware of any injuries that occur during gameplay? is it not on 360, or am i that blind?
  6. Trip_Fisk's Avatar
    I have a 360 and I was playing a match in WWE Universe where Kevin Nash injured his knee (Typical) and had to be stretchered out of the ring. Next to his name was a Red blotch and he wasn't an the card for a few game weeks. then a "???" was on the card and he returned
  7. Peter Kaymakcian's Avatar
    I wish they would bring back GM Mode or allow WWE Universe to be more creative friendly. Like it is so hard to maintain my created feuds in WWE Universe mode because they computer either never puts the right guys on the card, will change the number one contender, or will have one of the guys randomly attacked by someone else. Also my WWE Champion is never booked for Raw.
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