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The Ultimate Wrestlemania line up!

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Hello im new to the Ewrestling universe but have been a avid reader for some time! the blogs are really what keeps coming back read some excellent stuff from Knox,Austin 3:16,Bearkg88 and many more! anyways i decided to do a blog in what would be my ultimate Wrestlemania line up!! with both Superstars from the present and superstars from the past! so here we go without further a do!

Match 1-Money In The Bank Ladder Match:Shelton Benjamin v Sin Cara v Jimmy Superfly v Razor Ramon v Kane v Rey Mysterio v Paul London v John Morrison..
With these superstars it would equal quite possibly the greatest Money In The Bank match ever with a great mixture of sheer athletic ability,power and high flying qualites!

Match 2-Street Brawl Fatal4Way For Hardcore Title-Mankind v Al Snow v Tommy Dreamer v Rob Van Dam..
It would be brutal literally ever star would put there lives on the line for this match!

Match 3-Triple Threat Submission Match-Chris Benoit v Brett 'The Hitman' Hart v Kurt Angle..
This would be by far my ultimate match up off all time! 3 of my greates fighters off all time would be truely epic!

Match 4-Womans Title Match-Chyna v Lita..
Not really intrested in this game but you need a time filler and in my eyes a Female fight is the best for this.

Match 5-TLC Tag Team Match-Dudley Boyz v Edge&Christian v Hardy Boys v DX (Road Dogg/Billy Gunn)..
I loved the three way tag matches Hardy/Dudley/Edge And Christian had back in the day they were simply Epic and add Bad Ass Billy Gunn and Jesse James to that match and it would be quite something.

Match 6-Icon v Icon Match-Hollywood Hulk Hogan V Stone Cold Steve Austin..
This would be a seat filler match but it's quite literally the 2 main superstars from 2 of wrestlings greatest era's

Match 7-Intercontinental Match-Owen Hart v British Bulldog v Ken Shemrock..
This would quite literally be the suprise match of the show and would definatly steal it for me.

Match 8-Hell In A Cell Match-The Undertaker v Sting..
I was literally thinking just sting v taker and im pretty sure this would be the biggest threat ever to Takers streak plus its the match every wrestling fan wants to see.

Match 9-Battle Of The Beasts Eimination Match-Brock Lesnar v Batista v Bobby Lashley v Triple H v Sid Vicious v Kevin Nash v Vader..
It would probably not be the most entertaining match on the card but it would be brilliant the sheer mount of power in that ring would create a special match.

Match 10-Battle Of The Giants-Big Show v Andre the Giant..
It wouldnt be the best match but to see these 2 Ginats go head to head would be great!

WWE Championship Match-CM Punk v Jericho v Daniel Bryan..
I know alot of people want to see this match and its obvious why it would be Epic! 3 of the best overall wrestler's in the history of WWE and by far the best in the buisness today the technical battles in this match would be brilliant and Punk/Jericho could do some excellent Promo's for this match.

World Heavyweight Title Match-The Rock v the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels..
I cant literally recall these 2 fighting eachother in the past if im wrong please correct me below! but i do believe that if given the chance alot of you would pick Rocky v Michaels as a must see match the Promo's would be immense and the rivalry would be brilliant

Well there you go guys my 1st blog! hope you enjoyed the read and please rate,comment and tell me your opinions good or bad.

dont be to harsh its my first time

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  1. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    One Word: EPIC! Hopefully we'd get the Shawn Micheals(Attitude Era) for reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaallly juicy cutting edge promos. Good job Bro! This card would be worth $60!

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